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Heard Not Spoken Part 2

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Heard Not Spoken





The rest of the afternoon was all work. Tanya needed to get a couple of other contracts ready for meetings with other shows. Those contracts all needed to be ready for Monday morning, since it was Friday she didn’t want to have to work on them over the weekend.

Tanya lost all track of time and before she knew it Sheela was sticking her head in the office letting her know that it was 5 pm. Tanya hadn’t noticed it was getting so late. She had to hurry to get out of there to get to dinner with Lyle. She couldn’t afford to lose that account because she was late to a meeting.

Tanya walked into Lough’s with Lyle by her side. She had never been into Lyle much but there was something different about him that night. He looked much different out of the office. He also seemed to be very much the gentleman. He was opening doors for her and he pulled out her seat when they were shown to their table.

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Heard Not Spoken Part 1

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Heard Not Spoken





Tanya woke that morning the same way she did every morning. She was always tired in the mornings. It had always seemed like she never got enough sleep. As far back as her very young years she never felt rested. Her parents were concerned about her as a child, they had her at many different doctors over the years. No one ever understood or could figure it out. Tanya had gotten rather used to feeling exhausted all the time.

That winter morning when she woke was no different or at least it seemed no different. She was still very tired. She pulled herself out of bed and scurried off to the steamy shower. Not much made her feel so relaxed but a steamy shower at least made her feel better. Her shower was a large size walk in with no door. It was great because she could walk into one end of it, make her way through the various showerheads then straight out the other end of the shower. Her large walk-in closet was at the exit end of the shower. She could go from shower straight into the walk-in closet to dress for work.

Dressed for work she made her way through the family room into the kitchen. She loved having such a large house because it gave her the open feel of a loft. With the space of a huge house she was able to roam through without stubbing a toe on furniture. She fixed herself a small breakfast omelet with ham, sausage, and bacon. She glanced at the clock above her breakfast bar. She had twenty minutes before she would have to hurry off to catch the Number 12 train to work.

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Quick question…

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I have a question for everyone that reads my stories here. Do you prefer the stories split into parts when they are long stories or would you prefer one super long post for the whole story?

I know a lot of my readers read from their phones. I had thought that reading from the small phone screens would make scrolling through a 15,000 word story time consuming and a pain in the ass.

Now I am wondering if having to click for other parts might be a pain in the ass as well. I need everyone’s input on this question so that I can make an informed decision as to which way to go. I am working on the story that I had planned on having posted by morning. To get it posted by then, it may only be a partial story like a first post. If I do that then the next post of the story wouldn’t be posted until after Christmas.

I hate the idea of leaving a story hanging over the holidays but I don’t see being able to get the whole story written and edited before then. So please everyone chime in here and give me your opinions.


Thank you all in advance for taking the time to help me with this dilemma.

Heard Not Spoken- Upcoming story!

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Hello sweet readers, I have been frantically working on another story to post before Christmas. I will have the new story Heard Not Spoken posted by 12-20-13. I hope that you will visit often, please leave comments for me on each story you read. That way I can see which stories are getting read and […]

Becoming an Elf Mommy

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      Late the second night, one of the elves climbed onto my stomach. He wrapped one foot into the chain attached to my clit. He took the other two parts that were connected to my nipples and used them like the reins on a horse. He was riding my stomach while pulling all […]

The Naughty List

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      The day started wonderfully. I showered and went downstairs to rummage the kitchen for something to eat. I was famished and needed food. As I came downstairs I smelled hot coffee and something wonderful. I walked into the dining room to see the table had a huge breakfast spread out across it. […]

Before the Naughty List

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              Most of my friends had stopped believing in Santa when we were seven. I was a bit of a late one, I stopped believing when I was nine. I remember that year as if were yesterday instead of twelve years ago. It was 1988 and I wanted more […]