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A Bit Quiet

Posted by BJ Proverts on January 31, 2014 with 4 Comments

I know I am being a little quiet. I apologize for that. I am working on a Novella that I am going to be…. Sending to a PUBLISHER! I am hoping that the novella will be accepted by the publisher and get signed.

Everyone please think nothing but good thoughts for the publisher to accept the story. I will post a little bit about what the story will be about. I just won’t be able to post the story here. I will however keep posting other stories here for everyone to read.

I promise to also get to work on the next story for this website.

Until then… cum hard!

Heard Not Spoken- Final Part 5.

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Heard Not Spoken

“Tanya what is that machine? It takes up the whole corner of the room. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Tanya wanted to answer his question, but she would much rather show him instead. She was worried though that he would be grossed out by what she showed him. She was afraid that he would leave never to return again. How could she explain to him that she had found a new love with sex? How could she tell him that after her whole adult life to that point, that she was finally able to enjoy sex?

“Tim, it’s a machine that let’s women enjoy sex more. As you saw for yourself it just got here today so I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. The lady at the store where I ordered it said a lot of women that are exploring their sexual wants more love the machines. I thought I would give one a try. Then I met you last night so I kind of feel silly for having this thing. It’s also a turn on too because what a better way to explore a hotter sex life than with someone that turns me on like this.”

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Heard Not Spoken Part 4!

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Heard Not Spoken

The trio took two cars back to Tanya’s place. Tammy rode with Tanya so that they could talk. Tim had the whole drive to her place to think about what he was getting into. He had almost convinced himself that the whole situation was a bad idea. He pulled his truck in behind Tanya’s car into the driveway. He sat and watched as Tammy jumped out of the car and ran to the driver side of the car. She jerked the door open and helped Tanya out. Tammy pulled Tanya close to her and pulled Tanya’s top up to show off the perfectly rounded globes of Tanya’s breasts.

Tammy bent to take one breast into her mouth. Tanya leaned her head back while she cradled Tammy’s head in her hand. Tim sat in his truck watching the beautiful sight of the two women without a care for who else could be watching. Tammy let a hand trace its way up toward the sweet spot that Tanya’s skirt was hiding. That was when Tanya snapped back to life and pulled Tammy back up and put her top back down.

Tanya walked over to Tim’s truck. She slowly opened the driver door. She stood there with a smile that melted Tim’s reserve. She reached down slowly and grabbed the hem of her top. She pulled the top up inch by inch. First her stomach came into his view then her rib cage. When her breasts came into view Tim was in awe. For a woman of her size, not that she was obese, her breasts were large and perfect. Tanya pulled the top all the way off over her head. She let her hands massage each breast before she turned and slowly walked to her front door.

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Writing Today

Posted by BJ Proverts on January 15, 2014 with No Comments

I am writing today in hopes of getting the final Part 4 finished for Heard Not Spoken. Please bear with me as I work to get it completed before the weekend.

Heard Not Spoken Part 3!

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Heard Not Spoken

As soon as Tanya and Lyle woke on Saturday morning, Tanya rushed Lyle out. Friday night had been fun but enough of one man, especially Lyle. She didn’t even like him all that much but he had been what she needed to test her theory. She planned out her day and what she needed to […]

Writing Day!

Posted by BJ Proverts on January 9, 2014 with No Comments

I am feeling better today than I have in a week! So that means that I get to work on Heard Not Spoken Part 3! I hope to have it accomplished by tomorrow night and posted by Saturday morning!   Thank you for keeping an eye out here while I recouped. I promise you will […]

New Design!

Posted by BJ Proverts on January 8, 2014 with 3 Comments

Could you let me know here what you think of the new design? If you have been here before let me know what you think of this design versus the old design. Just post here to let me know!