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Chapter 7 is written!

Posted by BJ Proverts on March 26, 2014 with No Comments

Chapter 7 just got finished! I am super excited that this book should be ready on time! I can’t wait to get it into the hands of my beta’s. Hope you are all ready soon.

Beta Reader sign up!

Posted by BJ Proverts on March 20, 2014 with 7 Commentsas

Are you interested in becoming a beta-reader for the stories I am working on for books that will be available for download on this website? Do you have time to read what I send you and give you honest full feedback about the story you are sent? Can you give the story your full attention to get it back to me with your feedback and any mistakes you see?


If you can answer yes to the above questions then please sign up here in this thread with your email address and I will send you the first of your beta stories. Now please understand that the story is not complete and you will receive parts of the story as I get them finished. You may receive several emails or up to ten or so for one book. As you finish each part you sent you will be required to send back your honest feedback and corrections.

If you receive a part and do not send your feedback to me within 4 days, I will assume you are no longer interested in being a beta reader and you will be removed from the list of beta’s that I send to.

When I send the first part to you I will include questions that I need you to answer about the story line. You will need to send the list of questions along with your answers back to me in 4 days.


Sign up here if you want to beta read for this website. I need your email address to mail you the first of many beta stories!

Important Please Read

Posted by BJ Proverts on March 13, 2014 with 2 Comments

If you plan to read The RoomMate Chapters 1-4 you need to read them very soon. I will be pulling them from the website on Sunday 3-16-14. The reason that I am pulling them down is that this story The RoomMate has taken on a mind of it’s own. A story that I had guessed would be a small short story is turning into a novel.


Once I have completed the whole story and that includes making changes to Chapters 1-4, you will be able to purchase the whole e-book here on my website. At the rate this story is now going (I have written over 14,000 words since yesterday) I should be able to have the story completed by the end of March. Then of course the edits will kick in and I will have the completed story for purchase and download by the 15th of April if not sooner.


The new version of chapters 1-4 will only be available in the e-book. I promise to keep my prices low so everyone can afford them.


So if you want to read the first version of Chapters 1 through 4 now is the time to get to reading them!

Contact Info for all sites!

Posted by BJ Proverts on March 4, 2014 with No Comments

I thought it would be good to have all the information on where to find us in one place. So here is the info you will need to find us on the web! The following information is located on our Contact Page on site.   Feel free to find me online! B.J. Provert website: Facebook: […]