About Us

      Proverted Publishing

            Hosted by: Bea Provert & Jay Provert


Bea and Jay married in 2012 and together have four children. While Jay works outside the home, Bea is a stay at home mom. Bea has been writing for approximately six years although until now never seriously.  The two have decided to work together to get some of Bea’s ideas published.

Although Bea enjoys writing in several genres, erotica is where the true passion lies. Romance novels are enjoyable, the heat levels in erotica keep the heart pumping and the temperature rising. Erotica novels also in Bea & Jay’s opinions help to keep the romance alive in couples relationships.

Our novels are not for the shy and awkward people out there. The novels you will read about here and be able to purchase from here, have a “High Heat” level rating. They do not shy away from using very explicit wording in these novels.

Once novels start appearing here for you to read and purchase, there will be ratings on each book. They want to make sure that you understand how explicit a book is before you begin to read the book.


This website is dedicated to our love for hot, steamy and sexy literature. This site will offer short stories for your reading pleasure at no cost to you our loyal readers. We will also share links to where you can buy our hot erotica books. Our website is not for children and should not be viewed by such. We will be adding posts one to two times a week, more when we have the extra free time to do so.

Again we are sharing our love of erotica here for everyone that loves to read a hot erotic book.