Becoming an Elf Mommy

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Sexy Santa




Late the second night, one of the elves climbed onto my stomach. He wrapped one foot into the chain attached to my clit. He took the other two parts that were connected to my nipples and used them like the reins on a horse. He was riding my stomach while pulling all three “reins”. Other elves kept with the licking of my clit and pussy and nipples. It was a weird yet pleasant feeling. I was on overdrive and needed to cum, I needed to cum now damn it!


All of a sudden I saw light again. Someone walked into the room but I was far too involved with these elves to notice who had come in. Whoever it was hadn’t shut the door because someone else was standing in the doorway watching everything. I didn’t have to wait long to see who had come over to the bed. When Santa sat down next to me the little elf rider on my stomach let go of the reins and jumped down.


The elves all scurried from the room and the person at the door came in and closed the door behind them. Soon Mrs. Claus was sitting next to my other side. It was Santa that spoke to me this time.

“Ho Ho Ho there young lady. I see you are enjoying the elves. Mrs. Claus has heard good things from the elves about their time with you this far. I would like you to allow the Mrs. and I to spend some time in here with you before the elves come back to look after you. Would that be all right with you?”


I had no idea what was about to happen but so far other than some pain, everything else has been hotter than hell here. Who would have known that the North Pole could be this erotic and hot? This certainly was no child’s Christmas dream of Santa and Mrs. Claus. I knew I needed to answer Santa.




Mrs. Claus leaned forward and took my nipple into her mouth. She flicked it and then bit into it. The pain was back but this pain was different. Her simple bite was felt in my pussy. I raised my hips in the air hoping she would pay it some attention too. Santa’s hand found my clit while his Mrs. continued attacking my nipples. Before long his wife stood up from the bed and began to undress. I was shocked! Who would have thought these two magical beings would be into sex like this?


Once the Mrs. had undressed she pulled something out of the table beside the bed. I hadn’t seen what it was because Santa was working his tongue over my clit. Seconds later Santa stopped his buffet on my clit. Mrs. Claus took the place where Santa had left. She licked my clit a couple of times then ran her pointed tongue into my pussy.


The Mrs. raised my leg into the air and shoved something inside of me. I looked to see what it was. Mrs. Claus had strapped a long thick dildo onto her waist and was fucking it in and out of me! Mrs. Claus was fucking me like a man would! I didn’t have much time to think about how odd this scene was.


At the pace this was going I wouldn’t be able to hold out very long before I would cum. I met her thrusts and begged her for more. I needed to feel a release soon. I begged her not to stop. Santa was sitting next to me watching his wife fuck me. It was weird to say the least. I didn’t care how weird it was though, I needed to cum.


“Do you want to cum Crystal?”


“Yes Santa I need to cum. I need to cum now! Please let me cum.”


Mrs. Claus stopped fucking in and out of me. I started to cry. I needed this damn release! I wanted to cum more than I had ever wanted it before. I reached for Mrs. Santa hoping she would again shove that dildo back inside my very wanting pussy.


“If you want to cum you have to ask the Mrs. to fuck you. Beg her! Fuck that dildo that she shoves into you. Do this for me, and tomorrow I will make you forget any other that you have ever fucked before. I can make you cum for hours. I can make you shoot hot cum across the room in amounts more than any normal man can. I can make you feel my cock in you all the way to your throat just from being inside your sweet pussy. Now beg the Mrs. for that dildo and to let you cum!”


I couldn’t believe everything that Santa had just said to me. What language from such a polite man! I wasn’t going to need to be told more than once. I wanted that fake cock fucking me again and I wasn’t shy. I knew to beg for what I wanted.


“Mrs. Santa I want to feel that dildo back in my pussy. I want to feel you fuck me with it. I want you to fuck me hard. I need to be fucked. Santa is right, I am a Ho! Please please let me cum! Please fuck me the way you like to be fucked!”


That was all the Mrs. needed to hear. Santa shook his head yes and the Mrs. started fucking me hard. All it took was a few more thrusts from that hard plastic cock and I was a goner. I felt cum running out of my pussy in what seemed to be gallons. Once it was over I must have fallen asleep. I never saw either of them leave the room. I also never saw the elves return.




I woke to what must have been morning. The elves were all in the room, there must have been fifty elves and they were all touching me everywhere they could make their hand fit. Elves pulling chains, elves licking nipples, elves shoving things in and out of my pussy. There was even an elf laying on my stomach with his head pointed at my pussy, he was licking my clit while things were pushed in and out of my pink hole.


Mrs. Claus came into the room and raised her dress. She climbed on top of me and made her way up to my head. She sat right on top of my mouth and told me to eat her! Well I listen to my elders so I pointed my tongue and shoved it right into the elder lady’s pussy. I ate and ate her pussy. I had figured that she would cum fast since Santa was so old and probably couldn’t last all that long.


Boy was I wrong! Mrs. Claus lasted longer than I thought I could last. My tongue was getting sore and tired. I let my tongue have a break from eating her hole and paid my attention to her clit instead for a bit. It was a good change of pace and it did the trick. Mrs. Santa started grinding against my tongue. She was about to cum and I knew how to send her over the edge. I raised a hand to her pussy and shoved three fingers inside her hot hole.


Mrs. Claus screamed out as she came all over my hand. She kept coming and I traded my fingers for my tongue. I tasted her sweet juice running all over my tongue and down my chin. She sure came a lot! The door opened and the elves all scurried away. Mrs. Santa stayed next to me as Santa climbed onto the bed at my open pussy.


He twitched his nose once and he lost all of his clothes. He twitched his nose a second time and I watched as his cock grew to be what had to be a foot long. He twitched his nose a third time and his cock was in my pussy and out my mouth all at one time! I couldn’t believe that he could fuck me at the same time that I could suck his enormous cock!


He thrusted into me over and over and over again. I don’t know how long he had been thrusting into me. It was long enough that he twitched his nose quite a few more times. Each time that his cock disappeared from my mouth, he would twitch his nose again. I came at least six times before Mrs. Santa started pulling on the chains that were still attached to me.


With each pull of the chains I came harder than the last release. Elves came and went from the room with each open door I could tell the time of day had drastically changed. I began to wonder if Santa could fuck for twenty four hours straight. Just as I would start to wonder if my pussy was going to be very sore after this fuck session, Santa would twitch his nose and I felt all wet again.


Mrs. Claus came and left the room many times. Each time she re-entered the room she had something with her. A couple of times it was feathers and she would use them on my clit and my nipples. Other times she had toys. No not the kind Santa would leave the children of the world. These were the kind of toys that women love. A well placed vibrator at just the right time and I would shoot cum all over the wall behind Santa or all over the ceiling.


Time went on and finally Santa double twitched his nose. I felt something warm in my mouth. It took me a moment to realize that Santa had just shot his hot cum into me. I didn’t know how he was supposed to get me pregnant if the cum had made it all the way out of my pussy and into my mouth. I swallowed all of it the best I could but when Santa cums in you, there is zero chance of swallowing that load.


Mrs. Claus was there to lick the cum from my chin as it ran out of my mouth. Santa wasn’t finished it seemed. He was still coming inside my pussy, thankfully it was no longer entering my mouth. When he finally pulled his cock out of me I wanted to see it.


“Santa, may I see the cock that has been inside of me so long today? I am amazed at the talent you have for fucking women. I wish all men could fuck the way you do. I have never felt so satisfied in my life.”


Santa smiled and helped me to sit part way up so that I could see. His cock had not shrunk at all. If it had shrank at all, then his cock was larger than I had thought. I wanted to have that cock in my mouth. There was no way in hell it would fit in my mouth without killing me though.


“Santa, I know what I want for Christmas this year. I want that huge cock back inside my pussy for Christmas! I want to feel all that cum shooting through me again. I want you to fuck me again.”


Santa grabbed his large belly. “Ho Ho Ho, you are certainly a new Ho aren’t you! My magic only works once on any woman. Well any normal woman that is. Mrs. Claus is the exception to that rule. I need to leave you right now, I am needed in a few other rooms over the next few days. The Mrs. will keep an eye on you and the elves will tend to any needs you have. Please stay laying down. My magic seed needs three days to make the new elves.”


With that Santa left me there. I fell off to sleep still with the memory of that magical cock inside me. When I finally woke up Mrs. Claus asked if I was ready to get out of bed.


“I thought I had to stay laying down for three days?”


She smiled and told me I had been asleep for the last five days. She looked at my stomach and smiled again. I looked to see what she was smiling about. My stomach was huge! Oh my grief, what the hell had happened while I was asleep? Santa came into the room as all the questions started coming to me at once.


“Well how are you young lady? Do not worry the elves are all fine. You have done magically well! You are giving us eight new elves! I have never had a normal woman give so freely of her body the way you did and still are. The Mrs. has been the only woman to give more than six elves at one time. You are a very special lady indeed. May I also tell you that it was a pleasure to fuck such a sweet pussy. You proved to be the best fuck I have ever had next to my lovely wife. It is a shame that the magic only works once. I would love to have the pussy to fuck often.”


Mrs. Claus laughed and said she too had enjoyed my pussy, both tasting it and fucking it. She said she was going to be sad to see me leave. Santa helped me from the bed and led me out of the room I had been kept in since arriving here. He gave me a tour of the home and the toyshop. I was surprised to see that there were in fact two toyshops. One that was where they made the children’s toys. The other toyshop was where they made toys for women. There were vibrators of all shapes and colors as well as every length you could ever want.


Some were long and thin, others thick and short. Still others were thick and long. None could have held a candle next to Santa’s huge cock. Some of the new ones they were making you could push a button on them to make them even longer. Now this was a place I would love to work. How cool would it be to have to try out each new possible design?


I had to know, so I finally asked Santa.


“Santa, why did the elves all keep me hyper aroused for the first two days I was here? Why didn’t you just fuck me right off?”


Santa gave that belly laugh he is so well known for.


“All normal women need a few days’ time to get used to being aroused so much. Because once I shove my cock into her, she will cum more than she ever has. If her pussy isn’t prepared the right way, it can be too much for a woman and she will pass out. The woman must be conscious for the magic to work. We have found that the only way to have everything go right, is to keep a woman ready to cum for days.”


“Santa, how long will it be before the baby elves are born? Will I be here long? If it is a long time that I have to be here, can’t you please fuck me again? At the very least can’t I have the elves getting me off? I really need to cum again, and after the other day with you finger fucking myself to get off just isn’t the same.”


Santa said he would see what he could do to help. He also told me that I only had another week before the tiny little elves would be born. I was a little disappointed that my time here would then be up.


I watched other women all walking around in a daze. Each of them seemed like they were walking zombies. They were looking around without really seeing anything at all. I asked Santa about why they seemed catatonic. He explained that is what happens to most women after they had been fucked by him. I asked what made me so different, why wasn’t I semi alive like the other women?


“Ho Ho Ho Crystal, it seems you are not such a normal woman after all. Most women I bring here to be elf mommies stay passed out for the whole two weeks they are here. Most of them also only give birth if we are lucky to two elves. You my dear are very different, almost as much so as my lovely Mrs.”


I was taken back to my temporary room and left alone for a while. When the door opened again I was surprised to see a long line of elves all running into the room. Santa was right behind the last of the elves.


“Crystal, you asked to be fucked again. My magic will not work, it never has except with the Mrs. more than once. I will however let you enjoy the rest of your time here with us. These elves are here to make sure you are pleasured in every way. Mrs. Claus will come in from time to time and fuck you with one of many different strap-on’s that we make here. For the next week you will spend every moment having your nipples sucked, bit and pulled. Your pussy will be licked, eaten and fucked. If you make it through this next week still awake and still aroused, then you and I will talk again. Enjoy… Ho ho ho!”


Each of the elves that had entered right before Santa took their places on the bed and on me. I’m not sure that any part of my skin could be seen without hands on it. Tongues, lips and teeth became my new normal. I felt pure bliss as each elf that took their place at my pussy didn’t leave it until I came as much as he could make me.


Mrs. Santa came into the room four times during that next week. Each time she brought a new strap-on with her and Santa joined her in the room. The Mrs. would eat my pussy and have me eat hers. She would lick and bite my nipples and then she would fuck me as hard as she could with each toy. Santa remained hands off and only watched as his wife pleasured not just myself but herself as well. She let me on top of her once and let me fuck her with the strap-on she had brought in with her that time.


I enjoyed my time with the Clauses very much. When the day arrived that I was to give birth I was in tears all day. I knew that it meant I would be taken back to my home in Florida. I didn’t want to leave this magical place. I didn’t want to leave without being fucked by Santa one last time. When I felt the first contraction I screamed out in pain. Santa ran into my room.


“Ho Ho Ho Crystal it is time. Now watch very closely as I make your pain go away.”


He twitched his nose once and the first elf appeared on the bed next to me. He twitched again and the second baby elf was lying next to the first. Twitch after twitch each baby was brought into this magical kingdom. Before I knew it all eight babies were lying next to me on the bed. Santa had been right, the pain was gone. I still cried. I was heartbroken that I would now be made to leave here.


Santa sat down next to me and wiped away my tears as they fell.


“Crystal please don’t cry. This is the way it must be. I can’t keep every woman that has ever wanted to stay here. If I did that Mrs. Claus would be forever mad at me. Ho Ho Ho. Not really, I want to commend you for being able to handle a full week of the elves and my wife fucking you. You never passed out, you never slept. You did cum more times than I have ever known any woman to do. You keep showing me that you are no normal woman. You have made my job of keeping the elf population up so much better this year. I enjoyed having my cock inside that sweet pussy. I will miss being able to feel your pussy tightening around my cock.


I will let you stay here one more night. Tomorrow you must go back to Florida and back to your life. I will send the elves back in if you would like some more time to cum before you take your leave from here. Before I do that is it okay with you if I try something first?”


“Yes Santa you can try anything with me you would like. I just need you to do one thing for me after you finish whatever it is. I need to feel you inside of me just once more please. If nothing else I need to feel your tongue in my pussy. I would love to feel your fingers exploring the insides of my pussy too.”


Santa smiled and bent down. I wondered what it was that he wanted to try. He twitched his nose just above my pussy. He raised up with one eyebrow slightly raised. He smiled then bent back down to my pussy. I closed my eyes as I felt his tongue slide over my clit. I let myself fall into heaven again. Santa shoved fingers deep into my pussy and licked my clit until I came hard enough that he was happy with the result.


After I came Santa quickly left the room. When the door opened the next time, Santa was there with the Mrs. Mrs. Santa told Santa to show her, she wanted to see it for herself. Santa bent back over my pussy and Mrs. Claus got very close to it too. Santa twitched his nose again. When they both raised back up the Mrs. was beaming and Santa was almost cherry red.


“I just don’t believe it Santa. Her pussy sparkled and shined the brightest light! I saw her pussy close just as if she had never given birth! What on Earth could that be from love?”


Santa smiled even bigger than normal.


“That means my dear wife that Crystal here is just like you! Her pussy closed like that meaning she can give birth the more magical elves and the magic will work! The sparkle and the light shows that her pussy is meant to give birth to magic. That means my love, that if you and Crystal are both willing Crystal could be fucked again and again just like you! That means I can fuck her as hard and long as she wants. The longer and harder the more elf babies she will have!”


Mrs. Claus smiled deeper than I had seen her the whole time I was here. She nodded her head in agreement before turning to talk to me.


“Crystal dear I know you have not been looking forward to going back to your life. I know that you enjoyed tremendously having Santa’s huge cock deep in your pussy. I also know that you have been begging to feel his cock in you again. You and I could be so very close, and I could have the chance to fuck you with the strap-on many more times. What do you say? Would you like to live here at the North Pole with Santa and me? Would you like to keep being an elf mommy?”


Mrs. Claus bent down and kissed me deeply. When she finally pulled her lips from mine she found a nipple and licked it while I answered her questions.


“Santa, Mrs. Claus there is nothing more that I would love to do than stay here and be fucked over and over by the both of you. I am honored that you even asked me to stay. I do love feeling that magic cock in my pussy. Mrs. Claus I had never been with a woman before but I have enjoyed it very much with you. May I think a little while before I give you a final answer? I have a life that I thought I wanted back in Florida and I have to decide if I am willing to give that life up.”


Santa shook his head yes and he and the Mrs. left me to think. I paced my room over and over. What was I going to do? If I told the Clauses no that I needed to get back to reality I would never again feel the amazing feelings I had felt these past two weeks. However if I stayed here for the rest of my life, I could have Santa’s cock as often as he was willing to fuck me. There was another plus to staying here. I would be able to enjoy having sex with a woman and the elves.


What should I do? I called out for Santa and he appeared before me very quickly.


“Santa, is it possible for me to go back to Florida and think about my choices? I think it might be easier to really think if I am not here in this magical place. Being here I am afraid that I am being influenced by the magic of this place. I wouldn’t need long, I would be able to make up my mind faster there I think.”


Santa agreed to my going home to think. He gave me one month to make up my mind. He said he would visit me on Christmas Eve to find out my choice. No matter what I were to decide he would be fine with my answer he assured me.




I spent the next three days back in Florida thinking harder than I had ever thought before. I still had questions for the Clauses. I needed to know if I went back to the North Pole with them if I would ever be allowed to come home again. Would I be able to call my parents at all? What would I do there besides fuck and get fucked? Would I be allowed to roam the place? Would I be able to help in the adult toyshop?


I wondered how Santa would know when I had made a decision. When I was sure that my mind was made up, I waited for Santa to contact me again. I wasn’t sure how long that would take but I knew that he would know my decision soon. I still hadn’t went in to my job but I had called Mitch to let him know the delay was due to an illness. We agreed that I should take some time off to get well before I embarked on my new position.


One week after I had returned to Florida Santa kidnapped me again. This time I wasn’t held in a dark room or tied to a chair. Instead I was shown into the living areas of the Clauses home. I was made comfortable before they both asked at the same time what my decision was.


“Santa, Mrs. Claus I would love to spend more time here with you both and the elves. I completely enjoyed the time I was here. I loved being kept on the edge of orgasm. More than anything else I enjoyed being fucked by you both. I also enjoy my life in Florida, I love my job. I am eager to get back to work. I am just as eager ti be back in the bed with you both.


So my question and my decision about this is this. Can there be an equal medium? Can I spend time at home, and still be allowed to come here to be fucked to make me an elf mommy again? Could we spend the month or two before Christmas here together? Could we spend that whole time together in bed together? Also could the elves stay a part of it?”


Santa and Mrs. Claus looked at each other with wonderment in their eyes. It was as if they were asking each other with their eyes if that could work. After a few moments it was Mrs. Claus that spoke up.


“Crystal dear we would love to have you here for more of the magic of the North Pole. How do you suggest that it work the way you are asking? How would you explain to your boss and job that you would have to take every year at the same time off from work? I’m also curious if once a year would satisfy your desire to have Santa’s huge cock inside you. I am concerned that throughout the year you, Santa and I would want to be able to fuck each other again. Then what do we all do? Do we just deal with that desire? Or do we bring you back here for a few days throughout the year in order for us all to enjoy being fucked?”


Santa shook his head in agreement to what his wife was saying.


“I agree with her here Crystal. I don’t know that once a year would be enough for any of us. While you were here, I enjoyed listening to your moans as the elves stimulated you for two days. I very much enjoyed watching my wife fuck you with those strap-on’s. Not to mention how incredible it felt to have my cock buried deep inside of you. I loved watching my cock go in and out of your mouth while I was fucking your pussy. I don’t know that once a year would be enough for me.


If that is all you are willing to do then I supposed that it must be enough. I will just hope that throughout the year you need more too.”


With that decision made the three of us moved to the bedroom for one last fling before I would return to Florida for the next year. They both made me want to stay there, to stay in their bed with a cock buried in my pussy while the Mrs. used her strap-on to fuck me in the ass too. Still I needed to get back to reality. I had to return to work and my life. Knowing that I would be back in this magical place again next year would have to hold me until then.


When Santa took me back to Florida his last parting words to me were not Ho Ho Ho. Instead he looked at me and smiled before saying, “The naughty list is for more than naughty little children. Adults can make the naughty list too, and that is not something to be ashamed of. Be naughty.”




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