Anal or Wrong?

Posted by BJ Proverts on October 30, 2013as , ,

Let’s have a serious discussion here. I would like to hear from the ladies that are here reading this. Do you enjoy anal sex? Have you ever even tried anal? If you haven’t yet had anal sex, what is keeping your from it?


From the men here reading this I’d like to know, do you enjoy fucking your lady’s ass? Is your lady willing to have anal sex? If not what is her reasoning for not wanting to? If you are the one that says that you don’t like it or won’t try it, what keeps you from it?

I was one of those ladies that always felt that anal sex was wrong. I always believed that was an exit only area. Then I met my wonderful husband. He taught me slowly that anal sex could and would be very pleasurable. You know what? He was right! I have had some of the most intense orgasms from him fucking my ass.

I love feeling his hard cock slipping in and out of my ass.


So leave your comments for me here, let’s have a conversation about this subject.


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