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Sexy Santa








Most of my friends had stopped believing in Santa when we were seven. I was a bit of a late one, I stopped believing when I was nine. I remember that year as if were yesterday instead of twelve years ago. It was 1988 and I wanted more than anything else a new pair of roller skates. There was no way that we could afford them, dad had been out of work and my mom was having a hard time just paying the bills.


When mom took me shopping at the mall with her that year, I stood in line and asked Santa for that one gift. Santa told me he would try his best to make sure my Christmas morning was special. As we left the mall that day I told mom that Santa had said he would try to get my gift. She asked many times that day what I wanted, what had I asked Santa for.


I couldn’t tell her what I wanted because Santa wouldn’t bring it for me if I told anyone. Instead I wrote in my diary what that special gift I had asked Santa for was. I tried my best to keep mom from finding out so I found a new hiding spot for the diary. Christmas moved closer and I was sure I would get what I wanted.

I told all my friends that Santa was bringing me new skates for Christmas. They all laughed at me and told me I was silly for thinking that Santa was real. They told me that year moms and dads were Santa. I went home crying many times because I thought they were just being mean. Mom did her best to make sure that I knew Christmas not about what gifts we received. I knew that but was still certain I would get my wish.


Christmas morning I woke up extra early and ran downstairs. I yelled over and over that it was Christmas morning. Mom stumbled from her room rubbing her sleepy eyes. She had worked the night before at the diner where she waitressed. Dad came out a minute or so later saying it was too early for me to be awake.


I was too excited though and wanted to unwrap my gifts. Finally they both gave in and we began the tradition of un-wrapping all the colorful packages. Present after present I opened then tossed aside as I kept looking for that one from Santa. I wasn’t disappointed in the gifts I had opened, I loved them all. Still there was one I wanted and had to find. I just knew it was there in that pile of gifts somewhere.


As I pulled my last gift from under the tree I knew this must be the one. This one had to be from Santa. The cute little tag on the top of the package said it was from grandma and grandpa. I hoped that someone was just playing a trick on me and changed the tag. I pulled off the last of the wrapping and opened the box that had been covered. When the box came open I reached inside and felt my heart crush. It was clothes.


I told mom and dad thank you and ran back to my room. I closed my door and threw myself across my bed in tears. Dad came in to check on me a few minutes later. He leaned down and asked what the tears were for.


“I asked Santa for something special. He told me he would do his best to make Christmas morning special for me. I have opened all my presents and there was nothing there from Santa, especially the one thing I asked for. Why daddy? Why didn’t Santa bring what I wanted? He has always brought me what I asked him for. Maybe my friends were right, maybe there is no Santa!” I threw myself back across my bed.


Dad tried his best to soothe my tears. He told me over and over that maybe what I asked for was too big of a gift for Santa to bring.


“All I asked for was a new pair of roller skates! They aren’t big at all. He brought me a bike last year and that was way bigger than skates!”


Dad thought for a minute before he told me to sit up. He had the most serious look on his face. He said it was time he told me a story. A story about Santa and Christmas.


“Long time ago before anyone had heard of Santa children were happy to get a new piece of clothing to keep them warm for Christmas. Some children would only get a single piece of candy to enjoy as their gift. Some even got a toy, usually a doll. Others got a shiny new penny that they would use to buy a piece of candy or save away.


As the years have gone by and children have heard about Santa, every kid tells him what they want for Christmas. Each child hopes that they will get what they wanted. Parents do their best to make sure each child has a Christmas they will never forget. Parents and Santa came to realize that children have no idea what the season is supposed to be about. It’s not about what you or anyone receives. It is about the gift of giving. What one can do for others, is what this season should be about.


I know you are upset that you didn’t get what you asked for. There are children that woke up this morning without even one gift in their homes for them. Some children have no tree while others have no home at all. Santa can’t bring every child a gift, there is just no way for one person to do that. So Santa may not be real as your friends have told you. Santa is in your heart. It is the act of giving that makes one Santa.”


I could not believe what dad was telling me so I asked him.


“Dad, are you saying that Santa isn’t real? If he isn’t real then who have I always asked for a gift?”


He explained to me that those were just parent helpers that would tell the parents what the child wanted. The parents were the ones to get the gift as asked of Santa. He asked me that cold morning what I had asked for. I pulled my diary out and handed it to him opened to that page. He nodded his head and then he asked if I was going to be okay. I would be.


That was the day I stopped believing in Santa.




Here it is 2000 and I have grown up and past all of the magic of the holiday season. I work hard every day like most everyone. I don’t have my own family there just never seems to be enough time to do the whole dating thing to meet anyone. The idea of children never really crosses my mind unless my mom brings it up on the phone.


I moved from my childhood town of Shamokin, Pennsylvania when I turned eighteen. I headed off to college to make something of myself. So I moved to Hamilton, New Jersey. I tried to make sure to call home every week. Some weeks I just didn’t have the energy to have the same conversation with my mom.


“Crystal honey is that you? I am so happy you called. Do you remember Shannon’s son Eric? I just talked to Shannon, she told me Eric just made partner at his firm! You should make a visit home so you can run into him. His mom told me he had a huge crush on you when you two were younger. That is the kind of man one settles down with. You aren’t getting any younger you know, it’s time you settle down and have a family.”


Every week the conversation went something along those lines. Mom was always trying to get me to go out with the son of one of her friends. Mom was having that need to have grandbabies. I told her every time that I was not ready to try to settle down. There was still so much that I wanted to do before I had children.


It was just this year that I got the job I had always wanted. I was finally a writer! Sure I had taken a job with a magazine instead of writing novels. I was only a step away from doing what I really dreamed about, becoming a published author. All I needed to fulfill that dream was a publisher willing to take a chance on one of the two novels I had written so far.


Every publisher I had sent a copy of my manuscript to had turned me down. Either it wasn’t the type of story they were looking for at the time, or they just weren’t publishing new authors. I held onto hope that my novels would get picked up by the right publisher to help me tell my stories. I just knew that one day I would be a real author!


Working for WhoKnew magazine was interesting and a challenge. The magazine published stories of the unreal nature, things people never thought would happen. Things that no one had ever believed were the perfect type of stories.


It was just beginning to get to the cold season in New Jersey, Halloween was only around the corner. The magazine needed me to head to Florida next month for the opening of a new office there. I would be in Florida working to get the office open until the spring. I was looking forward to the opportunity to show my bosses that I was not only capable of doing it, but that I was the person for the job of head editor.


A week before leaving New Jersey I called home to let mom and dad know that I would be living in Florida for at least the next seven months. Mom wasn’t very happy with the idea, but tried to sound supportive. Dad was thrilled with the idea. He had told me before it was time for me to take my life in my hands instead of mom’s. I was looking forward to the warmth, although I had to admit being that warm for the holidays didn’t seem right.


By Halloween day I had been packed several days so I was finishing up getting utilities shut off for the time I would be gone. My phone rang early Halloween afternoon, when I answered my boss asked if I was ready to board the flight out of there. We went over a little work related information I would need when I walked into the soon to be new office building in Frostproof, Florida.


The name of the city I was moving to always made me chuckle; Frostproof; I guess I would be there the perfect time of year to see for myself if it really were frost proof. My flight was scheduled for 8:03 am the day after Halloween. This would be my last night in New Jersey for the next several months. Not being the partying kind I headed out for a nice quiet dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant.


I watched from the warmth of my booth as the children hurried by in their quest of candy to fill their bags. I ordered my all-time favorite dish on my last night there, chicken alfredo. The chef had a wonderful seasoning he used that made the dish melt in one’s mouth. I savored every bite knowing tomorrow would mean I wouldn’t taste this wonderment for quite some time.




My flight was late coming in and I hoped that it wouldn’t land late as well. I hated flying, I never could seem to relax on a plane. There was to be a car waiting to carry me to my new home the company had acquired for me. The moving company had delivered my things two days ago and I looked forward to being able to get things unpacked.


Standing next to the baggage claim carousel was a man in uniform holding a large poster with my name on it; Crystal Kinley. I collected my bags and the handsome gentleman driver carried them to the waiting limo. I was starting to feel like a princess. Everything had been taken care of for me. The arrangements for the move, the movers, the new house, the limo and driver had all been arranged by my boss. The only thing there had been for me to take care of was canceling my utilities and pack.


The driver began the long drive to the house as I watched out the windows to get a feel for the new city. It didn’t seem like it was November the first here. There was no cold air, or people bundled up in heavy coats. There were no decorations of the upcoming holidays lining the streets. I didn’t notice one house along the way that had Christmas lights up yet. This was going to take time to get used to.


The car slowed turning onto a very nice residential street. The houses all seemed to be homes that a family of eight could fit nicely in. Each one had its own special look and feel to the exterior. I watched in awe while house after house passed by. I waited to see which street we would turn down next. Instead the limo pulled into a driveway of the house at the very end of the street. He came quickly to the left rear door and opened it for me. I stuck my head out and asked if this was my new boss’s home.


He chuckled and shook his head no.


“Welcome to your new home madam.”


As I climbed out of the car I looked on in disbelief. I was going to live in this huge house for the next six months or more? It seemed as if my boss had gone overboard when I told him I would need a comfortable home. He had gone beyond comfortable and bordered on extravagant.


The limo driver grabbed the luggage from the trunk and started up the walkway toward the house. I stood there watching the driver bound up the path. I looked from the driver back to the house itself. The exterior was a beautiful white, there was green trim around the windows and the front door trim. The beautiful french doors were a lovely golden brown.


The driver placed a key in the lock and turned the handle to open the door for me to walk through. He had been given instructions to make sure I was safely inside before he left. I walked into the oversized entryway. There was a huge chandelier with crystal teardrops that hung from the ceiling. It was very beautiful inside this house.


I still couldn’t believe that I would be living here as long as I was in Florida. Off to my left there was a grand room that turned out to be the entertainment room. It must have been what most people call the family room. It seemed like it went on forever, there was a huge fireplace that looked to be made of diamonds. As it turned out they were crystals but not diamonds. Through the family room one entered into the grand dining hall. The table that lie ahead of me seated eighteen.


The dining room opened into a massive chef kitchen that was grand enough to be in the White House the President of the USA lived in. It was stocked with everything one could ever need to fix a fabulous meal. Off to one corner of the kitchen I saw a closed door. Once opened the door led me into a pantry that could have held enough food to be considered a supermarket.


I kept exploring the downstairs of my new home away from home. I quickly found the office, a bathroom, the laundry room, and what seemed like a party room. After looking through all the downstairs I headed back to the entryway to head up the long staircase that would take me through the rest of the house.


There were five bedrooms besides the master suite. The upstairs held six bathrooms, another office as well as a room with nothing more than one chair inside. I wondered what that room was for and if the decorator had forgotten about the room. As I descended the stairs to the first floor a phone rang somewhere in the house. I ran from room to room looking for a phone.


I finally made my way into the family room and glanced quickly around. “Where the hell is the phone? Please don’t hang up whoever you are! Hello where is the phone?” I guess saying hello worked because I heard my boss laughing at me.


“Mitch is that you? Where are you? Where the hell is the phone and how am I talking to you when I can’t find the phone?”


My boss laughed again before he cleared his throat.


“Calm down Crystal, the house is all futuristic. All you need to do is say hello in order to answer a phone call. To hang up you need only say disconnect. How are you liking your new home this far? I take it your flight went well.”


I began to explain the flight was fine but late, the house was incredible although way to over done for one person. Mitch and I talked for a while before he told me to expect the decorator in the next day to spruce the place up for Christmas. The decorator was coming, that reminded me of the room upstairs with just a chair in there.


“Mitch it’s the strangest thing here. There is a room upstairs with no decoration at all, the only thing in the whole room is one arm chair. I just cannot think of what the room was used for. Well it does have one other thing in there, it has a beautiful fireplace. Matter of fact this house has four different fireplaces. There is also a swimming pool inside the house in its own room! This place must be costing an arm and a leg to put me into for the next several months.”


Mitch told me the room was a special room but didn’t go into detail. We talked about the inviting pool room. When I asked how much this place was setting him back every month he laughed again.


“I own that house Crystal. I bought it last year when I decided to expand into Florida. The only thing besides utilities I pay out every month is the help I have employed to keep it all nice and cozy. Look I need to run, got some things to get finished here tonight. Have a good night and enjoy the house. Remember next Monday is your first day at the new office building. Until then, have a great time.”


I spent the next two hours unpacking some of my belongings. Before long I grew tired and realized jet lag must finally be setting in. I decided to call it a night and finish unpacking tomorrow. I managed to find my way back up to the master suite. I pulled own of the gowns I had just unpacked out from the chest dresser. I was too tired to shower before bed, so I planned to take my shower early morning instead.


Part 2


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