Beta Reader sign up!

Posted by BJ Proverts on March 20, 2014as

Are you interested in becoming a beta-reader for the stories I am working on for books that will be available for download on this website? Do you have time to read what I send you and give you honest full feedback about the story you are sent? Can you give the story your full attention to get it back to me with your feedback and any mistakes you see?


If you can answer yes to the above questions then please sign up here in this thread with your email address and I will send you the first of your beta stories. Now please understand that the story is not complete and you will receive parts of the story as I get them finished. You may receive several emails or up to ten or so for one book. As you finish each part you sent you will be required to send back your honest feedback and corrections.

If you receive a part and do not send your feedback to me within 4 days, I will assume you are no longer interested in being a beta reader and you will be removed from the list of beta’s that I send to.

When I send the first part to you I will include questions that I need you to answer about the story line. You will need to send the list of questions along with your answers back to me in 4 days.


Sign up here if you want to beta read for this website. I need your email address to mail you the first of many beta stories!


Was the story hot enough?