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The Naughty List

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      The day started wonderfully. I showered and went downstairs to rummage the kitchen for something to eat. I was famished and needed food. As I came downstairs I smelled hot coffee and something wonderful. I walked into the dining room to see the table had a huge breakfast spread out across it. […]

Ghost or Intruder Sex Part 3– Finally Revealed

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Fucked from behind

  The tech had no idea what to do about what he had seen. If he told the lady she would be furious for him spying on her. If he went to the cops, he would surely go to jail for something. If he did nothing and this woman was hurt, could he live with […]

Large or Small???

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Large or Small Breasts?

Large or Small??? Okay guys, this question is for you! We have already talked about the size of a man’s cock being important to women. So my question to you men is this; how important is the size of a woman’s breats? Do you prefer large breasts? Or do you like women with smaller breasts?? […]

Ghost or Intruder Sex Part 2.

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Ghost or Intruder Sex Part 2

  With the tech’s assurance that the cameras would now record, Alexis hoped that her mystery lover would arrive to pleasure her soon. The day had been a long one so she wanted to settle into bed early that night. She took the new novel she had been wanting to read to bed with her. […]

Ghost or Intruder Sex?

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Ghost or Intruder Sex Part 2

My eyes fluttered as they strained to open. I knew he was here but where? As my eyes opened I caught a small glimpse of what I thought was him. Maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. I knew he had been here it couldn’t just be my imagination.  I let one […]

Your Opinion and Info on WIP!

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        Work In Progress!!!   Well I figured it was time to let a very few details out about my work in progress (WIP). Of course the first point I want you to know ( and you should know if you read this blog) is that it is an Erotica Book! Secondly […]

Red Room of Fun?

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        A couple of years ago my husband took me to pick out a vibrator for the first time since we had been together. He was about to be deployed overseas and the toy was to be my saving grace with sex until he was able to come home to me. I […]