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Red Room of Fun?

Posted by BJ Proverts on November 10, 2013 with No Commentsas ,

BDSM room





A couple of years ago my husband took me to pick out a vibrator for the first time since we had been together. He was about to be deployed overseas and the toy was to be my saving grace with sex until he was able to come home to me. I picked out a couple of others while he was deployed to add to my toy bag.

Today I have a small selection of toys, some I love more than others. Some we use together. There are still many types of toys that I have not included in the toy chest though. Some I would love to get, others I have stayed away from for various reasons.

The whole 50 Shades thing got me thinking though. What would I have done in Anastasia’s place? Would I have been that ready and willing to jump right into BDSM? I don’t know that I would have been up for that.

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Size… Does it Matter???

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Size...Does It Matter???



We are all guilty of it, everyone says that size doesn’t matter when it comes to the size of a man’s cock. We are all liars! Okay maybe not everyone is a liar. I will admit that I however am when it comes to this subject. I have told a few that their size wasn’t important.


Not only is size very important to sensation, it is also very important to the eyes. I mean come on ladies, you won’t have your eyes bugging out if the man you are with has a tiny dick. We are not nearly as visual as men are when it comes to picking our mates.

However we do like to see a big size tool in their jeans. Our eyes get bigger, we lick our lips and we dream right then of what it will be like to feel that huge cock inside of our pussy. When we get that first glimpse of his cock, we are either in awe of the size, or we want to run the other way.

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Mike’s Fantasy Was Next

Posted by BJ Proverts on October 12, 2013 with 1 Commentas , , , , ,

Stacy is a woman that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for just that. She and Mike had been together for a little over a year when they started really discussing their fantasies with each other. Why had they not talked about them before that? It was quite simple in Stacy’s eyes. […]

Fuck or make love?

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This post was first published on my Blogger blog located @   Do you only make love or do you fuck?  What’s the difference mean to you?  Let me start off by giving some detail of who Mrs. Provert really is.  I met my husband a couple of years ago. We met during the […]

Soul Mates?

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I first published this on my Blogger Page @   So you met that person that makes every fiber of your soul burn with desire.   Is it love? Or maybe it may just be lust. How do you know when its more than just purely physical? Is his body such a turn on […]