Fuck or make love?

Posted by BJ Proverts on September 30, 2013as , , ,

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Do you only make love or do you fuck?  What’s the difference mean to you?  Let me start off by giving some detail of who Mrs. Provert really is.  I met my husband a couple of years ago. We met during the city fireworks show. I had my children with me and he was there with his dad and step-mom. We talked pretty much all evening. It was great! He made me feel like a teenager in heat. He made me laugh and feel special all at once.

There was one thing I noticed about him pretty quickly into our chat that night, he seemed to have a fairly large package! I wanted right then to rip his clothes off and see for myself if it was as large as what my mind was picturing it to be. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that right then since my kids were with me.

Before we parted ways that night he gave me his cell number and his email address. Well stupid me typed the number wrong into my cell phone. Thankfully he had an email address that I would never be able to forget! After getting the kids home I went right off to email him.

I thanked him for the very nice time and asked him if he would like to visit the lake with me sometime. We ended up setting up a meet for the next afternoon. I picked him up at his parents home where he had been staying for several months. We drove out to the lake and talked as we walked around the large area. We talked for hours and then went back to my van.

Oh sitting in my van that day turned out to be the best choice I had ever made. I finally got to see exactly what size of a package he had been hiding from me the night before. To this day I am still very thankful that he was blessed with such a beautiful cock. I absolutely love it! It curves in just the right way at the right point to hit my g-spot damn near every time we fuck. He certainly isn’t lacking in size either!

I have been married before; 14 years actually. He was older than I was and didn’t understand the difference between fucking and making love. Matter of fact he couldn’t believe I even used the word the first time I told him I just wanted him to bend me over and fuck me. Well after years we called it quits and went our separate ways.

I am thankful for the fact we divorced, had we not have I wouldn’t be married to this wonderful man that I am married to now. My husband gets what the difference is between making love to me and fucking the hell out of me. I have learned in the last 10 years that I prefer to be fucked than made love to. There is nothing better than having that cock slamming into my pussy as hard and deep as he can possibly get!

Don’t get me wrong there is a time for making love. I just prefer to be fucked most of the time.  So I sat here tonight wondering how many other men out there don’t get the difference between the two? For the ladies what is the difference to you and which do you prefer?

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