Ghost or Intruder Sex Part 2.

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With the tech’s assurance that the cameras would now record, Alexis hoped that her mystery lover would arrive to pleasure her soon. The day had been a long one so she wanted to settle into bed early that night. She took the new novel she had been wanting to read to bed with her. She undressed and slid beneath the sheet to read.

As she started reading she realized why the book had been deemed an erotica. When she reached page three of the story the steamiest sex scene was beginning. The female in the book had gone to a club to have a couple of drinks to unwind from her day. The mystery man in the book had watched her from afar all evening. When the female went to leave and reached her car, the man had walked behind her. He grabbed her from behind and instructed her not to try to look at him.

He raised the female characters skirt over her perfectly rounded ass cheeks. She must be a very naughty lady Alexis thought because the lady was not wearing any panties in the story. The lady could hear the man’s zipper being pulled down she begged him not to hurt her. He told her to hush and promised her that he would make sure that she would enjoy every second of it. He told her he wasn’t trying to take advantage of her and he wasn’t going to rape her.

The mystery book man told the lady that if she wanted him to stop at any time all she had to do was say so and he would stop. He told her he had watched her since her arrival at the club. He complimented her not just for being a beautiful woman but for being so self-assured. The lady of the book was by no means a small woman, she had curves some would even call her overweight.

The mystery book man reached the front of his lady’s body and began to massage her oversized breasts. He rolled first one nipple then the other between his thumb and forefinger. He let his hand glide across her stomach down to the large triangle of fun. Once his hand had found the mother land he waited to see if she gave any response before he went further. She did give a response. She let her own hand glide over his urging him to continue. He followed her lead then and let his fingers enter her pussy. He slid two fingers inside of her and circled her insides.

That was all it took for her to want more, she pushed her ass back into his crotch. She wanted to feel his cock inside of her right then and there. He wanted to wait, he wanted her to enjoy their coming together. He wanted her to cum for him and he didn’t like to rush a woman to an orgasm. The lady however was not having any of the waiting game. She took hold of his cock and guided it into her pussy. As the purple head entered her she let go of his cock and pushed back even more.

Alexis was enjoying the book already and was only a few pages into the story. She could hardly wait to see where the book took the story. She also could barely stand reading of this lady’s encounter when she wanted her own encounter to happen. It was a night that Alexis wanted more than most nights. She was in the mood to be fucked and this story she was reading wasn’t helping her horny mood.

As Alexis continued reading her steamy story she let her hand find its way to her own pussy. She played with her small landing strip over her snatch, at one time she had debated shaving it all off. She had left it because she liked the way it made her pussy look in the mirror. As she read more of the characters story she let her hand slide further down her pussy. She trailed the outer lips slowly letting the anticipation build.

As her characters fucked longer and harder standing there in the parking lot of the club, they had begun to grow an audience. Single men, groups of women together, and couples all started gathering around to watch this couple that didn’t seem to care the others were there. They fucked one another as if they were the only two people around. As the crowd started to cheer them on, the mystery lover smiled at them and fucked his lady even harder.

Alexis was finding it harder to concentrate on reading, she had let her fingers rub her clit and she was getting very turned on herself. She wanted to keep reading to see how this encounter ended, yet she wanted to bring herself to an orgasm. It would be hard to concentrate on her orgasm if she was into the story, and it would be hard to concentrate on the story as she got closer to her own orgasm. She decided to try to keep reading until she just couldn’t wait any longer to cum.

The lady in the story wanted to turn to see her lover’s face, but he kept her face forward by having one hand twisted into her hair. He pulled her head back to facing the front every time that she tried to turn to look at him. He would pull his cock partway out of her each time. After he got her facing forward again he would shove his cock as deep as he could in her pussy. After so many times she gave up on trying to see what he looked like.

It must have been a good twenty minutes after the crowd had begun to watch that a car pulled into the parking lot. The mystery man didn’t notice the car he was far too into fucking this woman to care. The crowd however parted and started to walk away when the driver of the car walked up to see what the crowd was looking at. The crowd was surprised when the officer didn’t try to stop what was going on right there in public. In fact he stood there with the biggest grin on his face. The crowd gathered around the cop looking at his face then looked back to watch the couple that was still going at it like two dogs in heat.

The mystery man knew he wouldn’t last much longer at the pace they were going. He pulled his cock out of his lady and would slide it over her pussy when he felt too close. He would lean down and kiss her back and let his free hand rub her clit before he would put his cock back in her hot pussy.

This went on for another twenty minutes or so, the cop was standing there watching this couple in heat. From time to time the cop would even whistle at them. He was having a hell of a night watching this couple. Some of the crowd had left and others had joined in to watch. Finally he knew his lady was getting closer to a massive orgasm so he sped up his hand on her clit and he fucked even harder. When she could take no more she let go of the biggest orgasm she had ever accomplished in her life. She screamed out as she rode that orgasm to the hilt. The man finally could cum too. He bucked into her as hard as he could a few times as she finished her orgasm and he finally shot his load deep into her pussy.

Once he finished he lay over her back and told her thank you for not making him stop. She thanked him for letting her have the best orgasm of her life. He told her not to look at him as he pulled out of her and pulled his clothes back into place. He handed her a handkerchief to clean herself up with. As he turned to look at the crowd he finally noticed the officer standing there. He asked if they were in trouble, he even said that it wasn’t the lady’s fault he had talked her into it. The officer shook his head no then walked back to his patrol car.

Alexis could wait no longer herself she needed to cum. She had let three fingers fuck her pussy for the last ten minutes. She wanted to cum and she wanted to do it now. Alexis laid the book on the bed next to her and focused on bringing that orgasm home. She fucked her pussy as best as she could all the while thinking about her own mystery man. She would much rather feel him inside her instead of her fingers. When in a pinch though you learn to make do. She squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples as she rammed her fingers in and out of her quivering pussy.

Alexis could feel her own orgasm building, she closed her eyes and remembered the feel of her man’s cock inside her. She also found herself thinking about that scene in the book. There was something really hot about getting fucked in such a public place and even hotter about having an audience watch. She thought about how she would have reacted in that woman’s place, would she have let that man fuck her like that right there in the parking lot? Of course she would, after all she was letting either a ghost or an intruder fuck her right here in her own home. She never once told him to stop or to get out.

Her mind went back to feeling her own mystery man’s cock in her for that very first time. She remembered how he had made sure that she came first. She remembered feeling his tongue flicking her clit as he made her cum so hard she thought she wouldn’t be able to stop cumming. That was all she needed, remembering the way he had ate her pussy that first night sent her over the edge now. She cried out as she came all over her hand.

Alexis fell asleep still remembering that wonderful night her lover visited the first time.

Alexis woke up the next morning thinking about the book she had been reading. If it was that hot only three pages in, what would the rest of the book hold? She had no time to try to find out this morning as she had to get moving for work. The rest of the work week was going to be exhausting, they had many clients’ accounts all coming due at once. It was her job to meet with each client to get a feel for if they were going to extend their accounts with the company. The company she worked for was an advertising company.

Alexis had worked for the company Stillwater Advertising for five years. She had been with the company for two years on the night she was attacked on the street. She had just gotten off work and stepped outside. She had only walked a block from work when a man attacked her. He had come out of nowhere and shoved a gun in her face. He used his free hand to pull her into the alley. He was wearing a mask in the cold weather and hadn’t looked out of place.

He shoved her face first into the brick outer wall of the building that started the new block. He stuck the handgun in the waistband of his jeans while he undid the button and zipper on Alexis’ slacks. He yanked both her slacks and her panties down in one swift movement. Alexis begged him not to do what he was about to do. He undid his own jeans and took the gun and shoved it back into her face.

He shoved his cock inside her and kept calling her a bitch and a slut. He told her over and over again that she was getting fucked because she wanted it more than he did. He told her that she always looked at him with that look in her eyes, that she wanted him to fuck her. After just a couple of minutes Alexis no longer heard what he was saying, she blanked out what was happening to her. She didn’t want to remember it, she wanted it to be over.

When the man finished raping her, he ran from the alley but not before telling her that if she went to the cops he would come to her apartment and kill her. That told her right there that he knew where she lived. She had done like he told her and had not gone to the cops. She never reported the rape. She told her boss that she had been attacked and asked that she be allowed to leave from then on before dark. Her boss had agreed and had her take a week off work with pay to get her head back into the game.

She hadn’t been able to tell her boss of the rape itself just that she had been attacked leaving work. He was kind enough not to ask if she had been raped or not. During that week off work, she thought many times about what her rapist had said. He had told her that she always looked at him with that look in her eyes. That had to mean that she knew him. Who was he though? She thought about all the men she saw often, all the clients she worked with and the other employees that she was around daily. Was it one of those men?

It had taken Alexis almost two years to put the rape behind her. It took that long to stop looking over her shoulder every time she came out of work. She still couldn’t bring herself to date anyone. She was always wondering if her rapist would somehow work his way into her life again. In the last year since her mystery lover had been coming to her at night, she had wondered if he could have been the man who had raped her. After the first few months of her mystery man visiting she put that thought out of her mind. He didn’t smell like the man who had raped her.

Besides the smell factor this mystery man always made her feel good about their encounters. He always made sure that she enjoyed him fucking her, he never put her down. No this man was soft and kind even loving in the way that he fucked her.

Work was going slow this week since there was so much to do. The week was turning out long in more ways than just work. Her visitor hadn’t been there since the cameras had been fixed three days before. She was starting to miss him again. It seemed that she was thinking about him more and more as the days passed. When he had first started visiting her, she didn’t think about him much between his visits.

A year later though and she couldn’t go a day without thinking about him. She often wondered when his next visit would be. She found herself wondering if he was real or her imagination. Then there was memories of his visits, the way that he made sure that she reached orgasm every time that he was inside of her. The memories she had of the way he let his tongue dart in and out of her pink flesh. She could almost reach orgasms just remembering his touch.

Finally the work week was over and the weekend lie ahead of her. She planned on reading as much as possible on the time off since she hadn’t been able to read much all week long. She ate a light dinner that Friday night and then settled down to read. She had only gotten to the start of the second chapter this week due to work. She wanted to be able to finish this book before the weekend ended.

There was one thing she loved about this book, it was the fact that it held her interest and kept her ready to cum all through the book. Scene after titillating scene was hotter than the one before. The main characters had an attraction and connection that she had never seen between two real people before. Even though the female character hadn’t been allowed to see the face of the man that was taking her to new heights, she still felt like he was the one she was meant to be with forever.

Alexis had never known that kind of bond before. At least not until her own mystery man had entered her life. For some strange reason there was a part of her that felt like this man was supposed to be in her life. How could she make him understand that she needed this to be more than what it was to this point? How could she explain that she needed them to be more of a normal relationship than they are currently?

Alexis read two chapters before putting the book aside to sleep. She wanted to make sure that she left time for him to come to her if he wanted to that night. She drifted off to dreamland with hopes of making her mystery man her permanent lover. If he came to her that night she planned on asking for more. She wanted to be able to see him, to touch him.

She felt him inside of her, she wondered if she were dreaming again. She reached out to touch him to see if he were there. She knew that he was really there when he told her to not touch him. She knew the routine at this point, don’t touch and do not open her eyes. Since she knew that and she knew what she wanted, she decided to ask him for it. He may decide to never visit her again after tonight, but she needed to know if there was ever a chance of a normal relationship with this mystery lover.

“I need something from you, you have always made sure that physically you have taken care of my needs. You make sure every time that I enjoy the way you fuck me. You make sure that I cum even before you cum yourself. I need more though. I need to be able to see the man that has taken me to heaven so many times this past year. I need to be able to touch you and make you feel good like you do for me. I want to be able to take you and that talented cock into my mouth. I need to know that there will be a next time when you come to visit me. I need to know that you aren’t going to stop coming to see me, that you won’t stop fucking me. Can you do this for me?”

There was nothing but silence after Alexis finished talking. He had stopped fucking her after she started talking to him. She knew he was still in the room she could just feel him there. He wasn’t talking though, it felt like he was staring a hole into her. She had to see if he was going to leave as she opened her eyes like he had always done. Would he stay and let her see him after what she told him?

She opened her eyes and even before her eyes adjusted to the darkness she knew that he had left again. Alexis was heartbroken once her eyes accustomed to the light. She cried herself to sleep that night fearing that she had ran him off. Would he ever come back now? Had she just ruined the best relationship she had ever had?

The next morning Alexis woke up with swollen eyes from crying so long after he had left her. She had no desire to stay home, she couldn’t bear to be in that house with the dark feeling that was over it now. She left the house not sure when she would return. She spent the day out shopping, she took her purchases home to drop them off. She picked up her book she had been involved in reading and a quick nighty that she threw into her purse. She drove down to the hotel that was across town and rented a room for the night. She wouldn’t go home and face the quiet, at least not that night.

The service tech that had fixed her cameras had forgotten the fact that he had her set to record at his house too. He logged onto his computer that Saturday afternoon and saw a file he hadn’t seen before. It was a video that was taken at Alexis’ apartment. He grabbed something to eat and a drink before he set back to watch the video on his big screen television. He wondered if there would be anything good on the video.

The first two hours of the video was taken the night that Alexis had gotten herself off while reading her book. It was what came on the screen after that, something he had been wanting to see. It was about to get really interesting.

What he watched on the screen next was something that he wasn’t prepared for! What should he do? It was clear this woman had no idea what was going on. Should he tell her? How would he explain how he knew what he told her?


What did this tech see on the television screen that made him question what to do? Catch the answer when the final Part 3 of Ghost or Intruder Sex posts next week!


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