Ghost or Intruder Sex Part 3– Finally Revealed

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The tech had no idea what to do about what he had seen. If he told the lady she would be furious for him spying on her. If he went to the cops, he would surely go to jail for something. If he did nothing and this woman was hurt, could he live with himself knowing he might have been able to stop it from happening to her?


He finally made the decision to wait until the next day and make a surprise visit to Alexis’ house. He wanted to be able to check on her and the only way he could think to do that was to make the excuse that he wanted to check on the status of the work he had done. He went to bed that night very worried of what he might find when he arrived at her home.


Alexis woke the next morning at the hotel she had spent the night at. She remembered why she was there as the morning fog lifted from her mind. She was very upset with herself for having asked for more than what her mystery lover seemed to want. Why was it that she was good enough to fuck but wasn’t good enough for more? Why did she need more? After all this was the best relationship she had ever had.

She decided maybe she should head home and just get on with her life. If her mystery lover came around again she would just tell him that she was finished with the way things had been, and that if he didn’t want to give her more then he should stop coming around. She needed to have a man in her life that wasn’t afraid of making her happy out of the bedroom too.


Alexis checked out of the hotel and headed home. The entire way there she thought about the last night that her mystery lover had come to her. She was loving the feeling of having him inside her, and she more than likely had picked a really crappy time to confront him about needing more.


When she arrived home the tech from the video surveillance store was knocking on her door.


“Hello Miss. I need to check on the equipment to make sure that everything is still working properly. It’s part of the service once we get everything set up. It’s just to make sure no wires have come undone as well as to make sure that everything is being recorded correctly. It should only take a few moments to check. Is this an okay time for you?”


Alexis smiled and let him into the apartment. The tech headed into the bedroom to check on the cameras. He knew they were working okay but he had to make this visit look good. He talked to Alexis as he looked at all of the wiring for the system. He tried making small talk with her. That didn’t seem to get her talking so he asked what any normal guy would.


“So are you single?”


Alexis wasn’t all that surprised at his question as she used to be asked that same question all the time. In the last three years she may have been asked only twice.


“Yes I am single. Unlike a lot of women out there I do not settle for the wrong man, and it takes a very good man to be able to make me settle down at all. Besides I guess I’m just not the marriage type. I mean relationships are one thing but marriage isn’t for me. I have far too many friends that are married and their sex lives suck. Sex is too important to me to give up so I just stay single.”


Wow, Alexis was shocked that she had just talked about sex with this strange man standing in her bedroom. Why in the hell had she just said all that? He had only asked if she were single, he didn’t ask her to marry him!


The tech just laughed and shook his head in agreement. He knew exactly what she meant because he could never picture himself settling down with just one woman. He loved sex and preferred to have as much sex as he could get. Getting married in his mind meant giving up sex forever. His one married friend had told him over and again that once he had gotten married his wife stopped wanting sex.


The tech told her he needed to check on the software before he could be finished with the checkup. So he headed into the living room to check it out. Alexis took that time to change her clothes. She had wanted to change when she got home but the tech was in her room so she had waited. Now that he was in the other room she hurried to change into a pair of jeans and t-shirt.


Sitting in front of her computer the tech watched as Alexis changed clothes. Her body was not perfect, she had extra weight on her. She carried herself as though she was the most perfect woman in the world and he was quickly falling in lust with her. He wanted to be able to touch those curves. He watched as she took her bra off. He would give almost anything to be able to nuzzle his face between her breasts.


He jumped when she called out to ask if everything was okay with the system. He told her yes everything seemed to be in order as he quickly closed the cameras from the screen. He had just gotten them closed when Alexis joined him in the living room. She thanked him for coming to check everything out then asked if she needed to sign his work order. He told her there was nothing to sign this time.


She walked him to the door as he kept wondering if he should tell her about what he had seen on the video her cameras had recorded. He decided not to say anything and hope for the best. This video was still upsetting to him.


After locking the tech outside, Alexis settled in to read more of her new favorite book. The book started off hot and had only gotten hotter as the words on the pages flowed. The woman in the book had finally been allowed to see her mystery man. He was fairly good looking but he had the body of a Greek god. The muscles seemed to want to burst out of his arms. The most remarkable thing about the book man though was his smile. The author of the book had explained his smile in such vivid detail that you could swear you could see him smiling through the pages.


As the day wore on Alexis was getting more into the book in her hands. The male and female characters in the book agreed between each other that they would continue their first encounter together. They decided they would keep fucking in public while making it seem as though they had never been together before. Plus they wanted to make it seem as if they had never met. There was just something completely hot about that type of situation.


The more that she read about the story in front of her, the more she wondered if she should have just let her own relationship with her mystery lover continue the way it had been the last year. She wanted to see him, to be allowed to touch him too. Could she live with never being able to see him?


Alexis read until the late evening then drug her tired body to bed. She didn’t even think about her mystery lover as she crawled into bed that night. She was so tired after spending the night before at the hotel. She never seemed to sleep very well when not in her own bed.


Alexis woke to someone’s voice.


“I know you want more from me. I wish I could give you what you need. If I were to let you see me, you would never let me come back. I enjoy having my cock buried deep in your pussy and feeling you cum all over me. I love knowing I can make you happy for the short time that we share together. I will give you a little more, but you have to respect my wishes too and keep your eyes closed. I will let you touch me if that will make this better for you.”


Alexis reached out to feel her lover for the first time. As her hands made contact with his warm skin she heard him say, “I am not what you thought I was, am I?” Her hands made full contact and ran over his skin. This was the first time that she had let her mind believe that he was a real man. Right now that didn’t even matter to her. She wanted to feel him in ways that she had never been allowed to before.


Alexis rolled her man over onto his back and kissed her way down his stomach to the rock hard cock that had pleased her so many times in the last year. She kept her eyes closed as he had instructed her to do. She made her way to his love rod and slowly traced its length with her tongue. She felt him shudder at the contact, then she traced around the head of his cock. He grabbed the back of her head and tangled his fingers into her hair.


She was about to take his cock into her mouth but waited until he gave her the only sign she would want. He pulled her head against his crotch as hard as he could. That was the only sign that she needed. She opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth in one fast movement. She went about halfway down his shaft before going back to the head. She swirled her tongue around the head twice before taking his whole length into her warm mouth.


She could feel him hitting the very back of her throat and still wanted him deeper. She got a better position and let him slide as far down her throat as he could get. He must have been a good eight inches long and she was loving every inch of him. She had perfected her skill of blowjobs years ago. She knew what to do when to make him last a long time. She also knew that she didn’t want this to take forever because she wanted him in her pussy too.


She bobbed up and down on his shaft over and over. Each time she would circle the head of his cock with her tongue before taking him all the way down her throat. She felt him shuddering and knew he was going to cum really soon. She knew what to do from there. She grabbed him by his balls carefully and waited just a minute for the next cue. She let her index finger release his balls and slide into his asshole. From there he was putty in her hands, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He shot his first stream of hot cum into the back of her throat.


She swallowed as much as she could as fast as she could. He was still shooting stream after hot stream and she couldn’t swallow fast enough. She finally pulled off of his cock and let the last little bit of his cum shoot in the air. Since her eyes were still closed she couldn’t see where it had landed on his chest. He lay there for a few minutes after that exhausting orgasm.


Alexis knew that he had enjoyed her lips around his cock. She loved giving a man a blowjob almost as much as she loved having a man’s cock buried in her pussy. Alexis was still horny as hell. She wanted to feel his cock buried inside her but knew he needed a little time to recover. She reached over to her nightstand and pulled out her favorite vibrator which she handed to her lover.


He was all too happy to oblige her needs. He turned the vibrator on and ran it from her nipples down to her pussy very slowly. He was very careful to not touch her clit just yet. He let the vibrator do its thing all around the outer lips of her pussy. He also let it trail over the inside of her thighs. He knew she wanted to feel the vibrator in her pussy. He wanted to make her wait just a little. He let the fake cock make her quiver on her outer lips again.


Alexis was raising her hips to meet the vibrator so he took that as an open invitation. He leaned closer to her pussy and the next time she raised her hips he let his tongue dart out to touch her clit. That sent electricity straight through her pussy. She craved that contact and reached for his hair. She pulled his face into her mound, she wanted to feel his tongue eating her pussy. The lover tossed the vibrator aside and let his tongue give her the pleasure she was needing.


He played with her clit with his tongue, sucking her clit between his teeth and gently biting at the small nub. Alexis was in heaven as he had always made her be. She pulled and squeezed on her nipples as she waited for him to let his tongue slide into her pussy as deep as it could go. She wanted to feel him eat her out NOW!


He knew her body and how much she could take before she screamed out in pleasure. He gave into her body’s desires and slide his tongue into her waiting pussy. As soon as his tongue entered her she came all over it. She cried out, “Please, please fuck me. I want to feel your cock in me NOW! I want to be able to touch you as you fuck me.”


He wasn’t ready for that just yet, he knew that she would cum two or three times more before she had to have him inside her. He replaced his tongue with two fingers in her pussy and went back to teasing her clit. He nibbled that little nub, then licked it with the tip of his tongue all while finger fucking her pussy. He knew where her g-spot was and he used that to his advantage. He curled his fingers upward and rotated them around and around as she started bucking her hips against his hand, he tapped his fingers against her g-spot.


That tapping sent her over the edge in a mind blowing orgasm. She screamed out and came all over his fingers before he replaced them with his tongue again. He loved tasting her juices so he shoved his tongue as far into her as he could make it go. She pulled his face into her pussy and wrapped her legs around his head. She fucked his face until he finally pulled away. His cock was rock hard again and he needed a release.


He flipped her over onto her stomach and positioned her ass in the air. He wanted to be able to get the deepest he had ever been inside of her. He kneeled behind her and angled his cock into the opening of her dripping pussy. He leaned forward and whispered into her ear.


“You love it when I fuck you hard don’t you?”


Alexis did love it when he slammed his cock into her hard. “Yes, fuck me harder than you ever have. Fuck me like the slut I am. I want to feel that big cock of yours fucking me. Fuck me and don’t stop until morning.”


He had no problem fucking her hard, hell he had no problem fucking this beautiful woman anytime she wanted it. He would fuck her every night if he could do so without her figuring out who he truly was. He knew if she figured it out, he would never get the chance to fuck her again. He put all of that out of his mind for now. There was a hot pussy in front of him that needed to be filled hard.


He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he slammed into her waiting pussy. Over and over again he pulled almost all the way out before shoving his full length into her harder each time. He got a good rhythm going and asked Alexis if she was ready to feel his seed pouring into her.


“Don’t you dare cum yet! I’m not ready, I wanna cum with you… make me cum all over that huge cock.”


He knew what to do to get her ready, he pulled his cock completely out of her pussy. He slide three fingers inside her and found her g-spot. He tapped that spot over and over again, listening as her breathing got faster and faster. When he heard her breathing speed up and her pussy started to contract around his fingers he stopped tapping the spot and rubbed it instead. Alexis started panting between trying to speak to him.


“That’s… it… I’m gonna…cummm… fuck me NOW!”


He tapped her g-spot a couple more times before he pulled his fingers out of her and slammed his cock into her. He fucked her as hard and fast as he could. He gave her a little warning before he let his cum shoot into her. “Ok baby, I am about to load you up!”


Alexis responded with, “Yeah lover, fuck me… make me squirt my hot cum all over that cock inside me. Fill my pussy up with that hot seed you have inside you.”


That was all she wrote, he could take no more. He groaned loudly and plunged forward hard as he let his load release. Alexis also let loose, she could feel her own cum leaking from her pussy as it coated his cock. He collapsed onto her back and stroked her hair.


“Thank you for that. You are a pretty hot fuck. I don’t know that I have ever been with a woman that could squirt her cum the way that you do. I appreciate the fact that you kept your eyes closed the whole time too. I know that has to be hard for you to do.”


Alexis wanted to say something that would make him change his mind and let her see him. What could she say that she hadn’t already said to him though? She didn’t want to ruin the moment of afterglow by saying the wrong thing.


“It is hard not to look at you. I would love to be able to look into your eyes as we cum together. I miss being able to look deep into the eyes of the man that fucks me. Thank you for letting me at least touch you though. That really meant a lot to me. Tasting you for the first time tonight was such a treat. After having you fuck me for over a year now, it really was special that you let me touch you. Lay here with me before you leave please. I want to lay on your chest as I fall asleep.”


How could a man pass up the chance to have such a beautiful woman lay on his chest? How could he deny her that simple pleasure after she had given him so much this past year? He couldn’t think of one little reason to deny her what she asked of him now. He laid down on the bed and wrapped his arms around her as she curled against his side. This was a simple thing that even he had to admit he missed.


Alexis awoke to the morning sun beaming into the room. She opened her eyes knowing full well that he was gone again. The room was empty of any other person. She still smiled remembering the night before. She had been able to touch her mystery lover for the first time. She had tasted his cock in her mouth, she had felt his cum running down the back of her throat all for the first time ever. Maybe he would let her see him one day soon as well.


Then she remembered the cameras! She could finally see him, even if only on video. After last night she knew he was real and not a ghost that was seducing her during this year. She had to admit to herself that she was a little disappointed it wasn’t a ghost. There was something hot about the idea that someone from the other side found her sexy enough to come back time and again for a good fuck.


There was also something hot about a man that came into her apartment and fucked her over and over without her knowing who he was. It was also a little on the creepy side that someone had been able to break into her home with her hearing him. She had to admit that it did seem strange that she was turned on by a man that had basically been a rapist when he came to her the first time. Hell it was pretty much rape until last night. He had came over and over again without her knowing when he would come in.


He fucked her and left her each time without letting her see him. Last night felt different though. He had let her touch him, hell he let her suck his cock. Last night finally felt like a relationship in a strange way. She was able to enjoy her lovers taste. Now she had to see him and she could not wait until he was ready for that. She needed to see for herself on her cameras what this man looked like and how he kept getting into her home. Then she needed to decide what she was going to do about him.


Alexis showered and made a pot of coffee then settled down in front of her computer. She started the video from last evening just as a knock came at the door. She waited until she saw her lover on the screen before she got up to answer the door. She paused the video and opened her front door. Standing there in front of her was the man that was on the screen! Her lover was standing there in broad daylight right in front of her!


She started to open her mouth until his hand reached up and covered it to stop her from saying anything. He pushed her into her apartment and shut the door with his foot. He told her not to scream and he would let her go. He said he just wanted to talk to her to explain. She shook her head in agreement and he uncovered her mouth.


“Alexis, look I know you saw me just now on the video from the cameras in your room. I have dreaded this day since you installed them. I knew I was going to have to explain at some point why. It was either explain to you now or stop coming to you at all. This is going to take some time to explain.”


Alexis was shocked that he knew about the cameras and that she had just seen his face on the computer screen. She was pissed that this man had been watching her and that he had been breaking in time after time. She was also intrigued that he was here in front of her to explain himself.


“First let me explain how it was that I came here the first time. I had seen you many times at that little cafe down the street. Your beauty and the way you carried yourself turned me on from the first time I saw you. I wanted to approach you that first day in the cafe. Just as I started to get the nerve up to talk to you, a friend of yours came in and sat with you.”


“I followed you home after I had seen you the fourth or fifth time. I needed to see where you lived. I wanted to just knock on your door and tell you how beautiful I thought you were. I never dreamed that things would go the way they have since last year. I watched your house for three months. I never really saw anyone come over except an occasional girlfriend I guess.”


“Then one day in the cafe I was sitting behind your booth. I overheard you talking to one of those girlfriends about how your last relationship had ended because he had been physically violent with you. I heard you tell her that you couldn’t trust a man again and that you didn’t want to be in a relationship again for a long time. I couldn’t wait any longer you see. I needed to be able to be with you and help you build trust in men again. I needed you to trust me so that hopefully this day could one day happen.”


“Not the explaining how I came into your apartment to fuck you. I wanted to have your trust that I would come back again. I wanted you to trust that I would not hurt you. I wanted to make you feel good. The only way I knew how to do that was to be able to fuck you. I didn’t know how to make that happen at first. Then I talked to the owner of this building. He said I could use the apartment above yours for my office. I told him I would think about it and let him know. He gave me the key to it so I could look it over.”


“One night I was over doing some quick work and I heard you down here. I knew what you had to be doing because I heard your moans. I sat there listening until you fell asleep that night. I have to admit I even got off listening to your moans. I wanted to be what was making you moan that way. So the next night was my first night coming in here. That night I came in through the ceiling in the closet. There is a spot that leads straight up to the apartment above yours. I stood there watching you sleep.”


“I wanted to fuck you right then, but I was scared that you would feel like you were being raped and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt you. So that night I just watched you. I left before morning going out the same way I had come in. I sat upstairs and thought about you all day. When I finally had the nerve up I let myself back in and sat on the end of your bed. You had gone to sleep that night nude. I could see all those wonderful curves without clothing to hide them away. You were stunning. Sitting there I got a massive hard on. I could not wait any longer.”


“I walked over to the edge of your bed and knelt down. I took your beautiful breast into my mouth and sucked your nipple. In no time it was hard and you were moaning. I let my hand slide down to that sweet pussy you have. I rubbed your clit as I watched the smile forming on your face. I decided that it was then that I had to have you. Even in your sleep you were a wanting woman. I slide my fingers inside your pussy and you started responding right away. I whispered to you not to open your eyes and to not touch me. I asked if you understood and you shook your head yes.”


“That night all I did was finger fuck you and suck your tits. I was afraid to climb on top of you to fuck you at that point. I didn’t want you to scream, at least not because you felt that you were being raped. After you came for me many times that night I let myself back out of your apartment. About a week after that I needed to be inside of you so I came to you again. That night there was no doubt in my mind that I had to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock. When I let myself in I undressed before I ever touched you once. After undressing I walked to you and let my fingers find that sweet pussy. I slide them inside of you and you moaned, you pressed against my hand.”


“I told you no touching or looking and I climbed on top of you. As soon as I slide my cock into you I wanted to cum. I forced it back and made sure that you came first. When you came all over my cock I lost it, I shot a huge load into you. Before I snuck back out, you asked me to come back to you again. From there on out every time I came to see you, I asked you if you wanted me to fuck you again as I got ready to leave. Each time you told me yes. It didn’t feel like I was raping you, it felt like I was making love to a woman that wanted it just as much as I did. It felt like you wanted me as much as I still want you.”


He waited to see if Alexis was going to say anything at this point. He was scared that she would call the cops and use the video against him. Alexis thought long and hard about what she had just heard him tell her. She wanted to tell him that it was all okay that she wasn’t upset with him for the way that he came to her time after time. She also wanted to scream at him that he had raped her time and again. She wanted to yell that he had broken into her home. What came out of her mouth that morning surprised even her.


“I just need to know one thing. Now that I know what you look like and you have let me touch you. Now that we are talking about what has happened over the last year, are you at least going to tell me the name of the man that I have come to need in my bed?”


He looked at her with pure surprise on his face. He was shocked that was the only thing she wanted to know at this point. “My name? You want to know my name? After everything else that I just said to you, all you care about is my name?”


Alexis knew he was shocked because she was too. Was his name as important as the why? “Yes, I want to know the name of the man that has taken me to heaven so many times. I want to know the name of the man that was able to make me trust men again. I need to know the name of the man that I have fallen in love with.”


He still had the look of surprise on his face as he finally answered her.


“Hello baby, my name is Steven. Steven Mitchell McCray. You just said that you needed to know the name of the man that you have fallen in love with. You love me?”


Alexis smiled and curled onto his lap. “Yes, I love you very much Steven Mitchell McCray. And now I am going to kiss the man I love.”


She leaned in to give this man that had turned her life upside down for the past year the first kiss she had ever shared with him. When she pulled back from him she smiled and told him thank you.


“Whatever are you thanking me for?”


“Thank you for showing me that some men out there are still trustworthy.”


He thought about everything she had said since he finished with the explanation. He couldn’t believe that she was in love with him. He thought he was the only one that could be in love. He had known for over six months that he was in love with her. That was the reason why he couldn’t just stop coming to her once she installed the cameras.


“Alexis baby, I love you. I have loved you for the last six months. Marry me, let me take you in my arms and fuck you for the rest of our lives.”


Alexis smiled and had only one answer to give. “Yes”


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