Ghost or Intruder Sex?

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My eyes fluttered as they strained to open. I knew he was here but where? As my eyes opened I caught a small glimpse of what I thought was him. Maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. I knew he had been here it couldn’t just be my imagination.

 I let one hand reach for that spot between my legs, I knew he had been inside my pussy but I had to feel the evidence myself. Once my hand had made contact with the outer lips I knew I had been right! He had been here! He had again been inside of me just as I knew he had been.

My mystery man had been coming into my room and into me for over a year now. I had never been able to get a look at him. Every time that I went to open my eyes, he was gone before I could adjust to the darkness. I even thought I had heard him talk to me a few times. I could have sworn that he had told me to leave my eyes closed or he would have to leave.

 Each time he came to me, I had been asleep. Each time he was there seemed like I had been woke from a dream. Only with these dreams my pussy ended up soaked from his seed. Could it be that my dreams were just so vivid that I myself was roaming hard enough to cum all over myself? Could it be that this mystery man was able to fuck me without waking me until the very end?

I was starting to think that I was losing my mind. I needed to find out if this was real or if I was really losing it. How do you try to catch what you could only describe as a ghost? If it were a ghost would it show up on video? If it were someone that had been somehow breaking in, would I be able to handle seeing how he entered time after time? And what if it were all in my mind? If it were just a figment of some imaginative portion of my mind, it surely would be time to sign myself into a mental hospital.

 Alexis decided to try a video camera store to see what they suggested. She also would visit a local ghost hunting company to see if they had any suggestions for her. She wouldn’t tell any of them that she felt like the ghost had been having sex with her for over a year. They would only look at her as if she were completely insane.

 The camera store helped Alexis pick several small camera’s that would be able to pick up video in the dark room. They were small enough to not be noticed in case her mystery lover was in fact a live specimen. Before she headed to her appointment with the ghost hunters she took the camera’s home and set them up.

 Spirits Alive Ghost Hunters was only a few blocks from Alexis’ house. She passed it every day going to and from work. She had thought several times over the last year about stopping in to speak to someone about her mystery lover. She was still afraid that they would think her insane. Why would they though? After all they had to believe in ghosts or they wouldn’t be in the business they had begun.

 Alexis walked in on unsteady heels. She was nothing but a bundle of nerves as she introduced herself to the receptionist. “Alexis McCall here to see someone, I forget who. I have an appointment though. Maybe this is just a waste of their time, maybe I should just leave.”

The receptionist smiled and shook her head no. “There are no wastes of time when you come here. No matter how small you think a problem may be, we are here to listen and to try to help you as best we can. Your appointment is with Mark. Please have a seat and I will let him know you have arrived.”

 Alexis was far too nervous to sit down. She paced the small reception area looking at the photos of what appeared to be ghosts. There must have been fifty or more photo’s each showing a different location name and date under the photo. It looked as if this company had been doing this for a very long time.

 Alexis wasn’t really wanting them to investigate her home. She certainly didn’t want them to be in her home when her late night date with whatever he was showed up. She wasn’t wanting to chase him away. She wanted to understand how it could even be possible for a ghost to have sex with her. Was it possible and if so, how did he choose her and why had he chose her? How long could this go on for?

 Finally the receptionist came back into the room and motioned Alexis to follow her down the hall. Along the way there were more photos lining the hallway. Faint and in some vague almost see through images of what could only be described as ghosts. Some appeared to be walking into walls and others from the walls. Some showed images of the ghosts behind living people and some looking directly into the face of the person being photographed.

 As Alexis walked into the office Mark stood and extended his hand. “Welcome to Spirits Alive! I’m Mark owner and lead investigator. I understand you have some things you would like to ask about spirits. Before you begin though I would like to ask you something. Is this meeting strictly to gain information or are you looking for investigators to determine if you have spirits in your home?”

 Well he certainly knew how to get straight to the point, didn’t he? Alexis wanted information for sure. She already knew she didn’t want any interference with her special guest. She rather enjoyed feeling him there with her. She hadn’t had a date with a man in three years, not since her attack that night on the street.

 “Honestly at this point in time I am only looking for information. If you can’t help me with that I will be looking elsewhere.”

 Mark shook his head, “Please don’t get me wrong I have no problem sharing information with you. Please tell me, what brings you here for information on spirits.”

Alexis took a deep breath before she explained what she was most interested in knowing. Is it possible for a spirit to have sex with a living body? If it was possible how long would be a normal time frame for the spirit to stay interested in that living body?

 Mark waited a moment once Alexis had finished her questions.

 “First yes there is a phenomenon known as Spectrophilia. Basically what that boils down to is a fetish in which people have a sexual attraction to ghosts. In religion there are what are called succubus which is a demon that takes on the female form to seduce men. There is also the incubus which is a demon taking on a male form to seduce and try to impregnate females. As for length of time, that could vary I would suppose. Could I ask, what makes you ask about this?”

 Alexis knew he was going to want to know the why of her question. She wasn’t going to give him the answer he was looking for though. There was no way she would let him call the men in the white coats from the mental hospital. She was enjoying this mystery and the sex that came from him. It had been far too long since she had been able to feel a man’s cock deep inside of her.

“I have only been curious as to if it were really possible. I am working on a story and wanted to be sure to get the facts as straight as possible.” Alexis stood and extended her hand to Mark. “Thank you for your time and the information you provided me.”

 Mark took her hand and told her, “If there is ever anything else I can do for you, please know you are more than welcome to stop back by or even call and we will try to help you”.

As Alexis drove through the streets of Highland, New Jersey toward her home, she thought about the answers that Mark had provided her. There really was such a thing as a ghost having sex with a human! She knew she had to be right all along. There had never been any sign of anyone breaking into her street level apartment. No doors had been breached and the windows always appeared to be closed.

 She walked to her front door to let herself into her apartment. The entryway wasn’t much to look at, it was rather dull really. The grey paint on the walls in the entry hall did nothing to welcome anyone into her home. She checked her answering machine as she always did, there was one missed call. She pushed the button to hear the message as she walked into the living room.

 “Ms. McCall this is Mark from Spirits Alive. I just wanted to tell you again if there is anything, anything at all that we can do to help you, please let us know. Trust me when I tell you that we have heard pretty much all there is to hear when it comes to spirits. Anyway call if you need anything.”

 Alexis walked to the machine and deleted the message. She didn’t need his help, she had all she needed. She had the cameras that she had just installed before the appointment with Mark. The next time that her mystery lover came to her, she would finally know once and for all if he was a spirit or if someone was getting into her home.

 She finished up her evening with a nice romantic book. There was nothing more calming than reading of another’s romantic and sex life. She tried to read at least two chapters a night in whatever romance novel happened to be in reach. She was finally about to finish the current novel. She couldn’t wait to read the next one, it was an erotic tale of a woman that was having a sexual affair with someone she had never seen the face of.

Alexis finished her book of the night and headed to bed wondering if her mystery man would grace her with his presence that night. She never knew when he would come to her, it was not usually on any certain days. He might show once or twice a week or it could even be weeks between his visits.

 This night as was the case most nights, Alexis drifted off to sleep hoping to be able to feel her secret lover’s cock inside of her. She wanted so badly to feel him thrusting into her. She could swear at times that she could feel his warm breath against her skin. She longed to feel his tongue gliding across her nipples and down her stomach. She wanted to have his lips touching hers in a kiss that would leave the dead breathless.

Alexis must have fallen asleep with those thoughts in her mind. When she opened her eyes the sunlight was streaming through the open drapes. She felt disappointed that she had not been awaken from the feel of her lover as he pounded into her wanting pussy. She reached down to feel if he had been there. She was dry, and heartbroken at the same time.

Days passed by and turned to weeks. Her mystery man had not visited her since the night before she had installed the cameras. Alexis was beginning to worry that he knew about the cameras and wasn’t going to come back again. She also wondered if he had tired of her after the last year of visiting her.

 Would he ever come back to her? She thought many nights about taking the camera’s back offline. She hoped that she had not offended him in any way. As she readied herself for bed one evening, she hoped even harder that he would come to her that night. It had been so long now and she needed him. She needed him as much as she hoped he needed her.

She settled into bed with her book of choice and read until she tired. She laid the book down and extinguished the bedside lamp. She closed her eyes with her last thought of the mystery lover. A few hours later she was awakened by the feel of her lover as he plunged deeper into her pussy. She wanted to open her eyes to try to see him, but she knew he would be gone by the time her eyes adjusted to the dark. Instead she smiled and she reached for him. She wanted to pull him closer.

 He whispered in her ear, “Don’t. Don’t touch me. Let me love you. Let me make all the tension you have felt these last week’s melt away. Open yourself to me and give in to what you feel. But please don’t open your eyes and please don’t touch me.”

 Alexis did as this wonderful lover asked of her. She closed her eyes tighter knowing that she would finally see for herself on the video if this was a ghostly spirit or some man that had made his way into her home. She let this lover take her on heights she had not experienced in many years. She could feel his cock gliding in and out of her. She could feel his hands on her skin as he let his hands trace along the curves of her flesh. She could feel his lips as he brushed her lips so softly. She could even feel his tongue as he flicked her nipples softly.

Before she knew what was happening, her dream orgasm came to an end. He was gone again! She opened her eyes knowing full well that he wouldn’t be there. She was soaked, her pussy was letting his cum run out of her. The sheets between her thighs was soaking wet. She had no energy left so she just lay there letting her hands trace over the curves he had been tracing not so long ago.

When the morning light shined its beautiful light through her windows, Alexis realized that her window was open. Had she gone to bed with that window open last night? Oh last night, she remembered that her mystery man had been there. She wanted to find out once and for all if he was man or spirit. She jumped from her bed and ran to the living room to her computer. She went into the program to watch the video. There was nothing there! Not even one second of video had recorded since she had gotten the cameras.

 What in the world had she done wrong? Had she forgotten all this time to turn the cameras on? Was the software just not recording the footage to disc? She checked her hard drive and found that there was still no footage at all. She was heartbroken to say the least. She was no closer to finding out if her lover was a spirit or not.

 Alexis thought as she got ready for work that morning. What could have gone so wrong with the cameras? Well the only way to find out was to have someone come in and check things out for her. She called the camera store where she had bought the equipment, she explained to them what had happened. They agreed to send someone over to check out the video equipment and would only charge her for a service call since she had installed herself.

 That evening after work she went straight home to wait for the service technician to show up. She was a bit worried about the need to explain why the cameras were only set up in her bedroom. Would the tech look at her strangely? Well if he did that would be his problem. She was not going to explain herself in her own house.

 When the tech finally showed up almost half an hour late, Alexis was pretty upset with him. She showed him to the cameras and to her computer in the living room. She went to the kitchen to get something to eat as she waited while he checked everything over. He finally came into the kitchen twenty minutes after he had arrived.

 “The reason your equipment didn’t record was that you had not set the software in the computer to record on the correct frequency. I have fixed it for you, you shouldn’t have any further issues with it. I need you to sign this work order and I can be on my way.”

Alexis signed his paper and put on there that he had shown up half an hour late. She showed him to the door and locked up behind him. She didn’t notice that he had added another ip address that the video would also now record to. The tech had included his ip address to receive the video at. He was curious as to why this single woman wanted to record just her bedroom. He was also intrigued that a woman that seemed quiet and kind of shy would want to video herself in bed.


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