Heard Not Spoken- Final Part 5.

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“Tanya what is that machine? It takes up the whole corner of the room. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Tanya wanted to answer his question, but she would much rather show him instead. She was worried though that he would be grossed out by what she showed him. She was afraid that he would leave never to return again. How could she explain to him that she had found a new love with sex? How could she tell him that after her whole adult life to that point, that she was finally able to enjoy sex?

“Tim, it’s a machine that let’s women enjoy sex more. As you saw for yourself it just got here today so I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. The lady at the store where I ordered it said a lot of women that are exploring their sexual wants more love the machines. I thought I would give one a try. Then I met you last night so I kind of feel silly for having this thing. It’s also a turn on too because what a better way to explore a hotter sex life than with someone that turns me on like this.”

Instead of jumping right into bed the two of them laid there talking about sex and what each of them wanted out of an active sex life. They talked about what they had tried sexually in the past and what they would like to try in the future. They even talked about things they were curious about but were afraid to try. At the end of their talk they both learned that although they liked the idea of bondage they were both scared to try it. They also talked about the machine and if they would ever try it out.

Tim had been completely honest during their talk. He told Tanya that he had often thought about the woman he would be with also being with another man at the same time. He admitted the idea was a turn on but he was worried that the woman might decide that she preferred the other man. He explained to Tanya that the idea of the machine would give him the ability to watch his lady being fucked by “someone” other than him without the worry of the other guy being better.

Tanya admitted to Tim that she was turned on at that point of the conversation because she had often wanted to be able to be with two men at once. She also explained that she was nervous about it because she had no idea if the man she wanted more than anything could handle watching her with anyone else. She had thought that she would get rid of the machine when she finally met the right guy. She had just not given thought that she would meet him so quickly after she ordered the machine.

They even talked about the way Tanya had brought Tim home the night before along with Tammy. Tim tried to explain why he hadn’t gotten into the sex party while Tammy was there. He explained that he wasn’t into women that fit into Tammy’s physical size. He liked having a woman with curves and he liked the way the curves made a woman look. He told Tanya that he had been interested in her from the time she walked into the bar. Yes part of it was because she fit into his need of curves but it was also the fact that she seemed so confident when she walked in.

Tanya even told Tim that she had chatted with him because of the fact that he didn’t have sex on his mind when he looked at her. She had liked the fact that he wanted to keep her protected from the vultures that were always there. It helped that he was hotter than hell in Tanya’s book too.

Tim was glad that he had aroused Tanya’s inner sex goddess. With all the talking they had been doing he was getting turned on to the point that he didn’t want to talk anymore right then. He knew they needed to get to know one another better. This wasn’t the time that he wanted to talk though. He needed to finally be inside of Tanya, this morning had not gone the way he wanted it to. He felt bad for getting upset at her for something that she was not able to control. It wasn’t her fault that she could read people’s minds. In a way he decided that it was kind of hot. After all how sweet was it that she was able to have a relationship with someone that wasn’t always thinking of getting her in bed from the first second they saw her. It was also very humbling that she had chosen to take him home with her, because she wanted him to fulfill a fantasy she had. He had every intention of doing just that but he also wanted to fulfill her life. He wanted to be the man that she needed and wanted in her life. He wanted to be able to make her every wish come true.

Tanya wanted Tim to make love to her right then and there, she was tired of all the talking. She had been horny that morning when all hell broke loose. She was afraid that she had ruined any chance of him wanting her after she revealed that she had been able to read his mind. She didn’t know how long that ability would be with her. She did wish that it was gone so that it wouldn’t interfere with her life or her relationships.

Tanya leaned into Tim to kiss him when he smiled after her last confession. She wanted him to take her right then and there. If he was going to leave because of anything she had told him she would rather he do it then before she had a chance to start getting serious about him. Tanya brushed his lips with hers. When he didn’t pull away, she leaned her body against his. She wanted to see if he was going to leave. She wanted to see if he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Tim had gotten tired of the waiting game. He wanted her then, he moved his body to be on top of Tanya’s. He kissed his way down her neck to her chest. He loved on one breast and then the other. He began kissing his way down her stomach, then he stopped and smiled an evil smile. Tim jumped up from the bed and dragged the machine closer to the bed. He reached into the bag next to the machine and pulled out several boxes of toys that were to be put on the working end of the machine. He looked at each one and tossed it to the side when it wasn’t one that suited his fancy at the time.

He finally came to one toy that he smiled about. He opened the box and put the toy onto the machine. He took some cleaner and made sure the toy was clean. He then took a small amount of lubricant and applied it to the end of the toy. He pushed the machine one last time to line it up closer to the bed. He found the right handle and lowered it to just above the bed level. He wanted this to be everything she had hoped it would be.

Before he turned the machine on he walked back to the bed and licked Tanya’s waiting pussy. He couldn’t wait to watch her being invaded by a machine. He also wanted to be what got her turned on first. If it was just the machine that turned her on she wouldn’t need him there at all. He let his fingers enter her. He curled them just inside her pussy as he found her g-spot easily. He rubbed then tapped her sweet spot until she started to beg him to take her.

He climbed off of the bed and walked behind the machine. He flipped the switch on. The hum of the motor was quiet but could be heard. Tanya was moaning and rubbing her breasts as she waited for Tim to get everything ready with the machine. He grabbed her by her legs and pulled her toward the machine’s arm. He found two scarves in her top dresser drawer and tied one to each ankle. He took the other end of each and tied it to the bedpost on the bed.

He smiled at his handiwork. He walked back to the machine and flipped another switch that activated the mechanical arm. The arm started moving closer to Tanya’s pussy. She laid there watching it and licking her lips. Tim sat on the foot of the bed next to her left leg. From where he had sat down he was going to have the most perfect view of the machine violating her pussy. Tanya began to moan her displeasure at the slow pace the machine was inching closer to her. She wanted something inside of her and she didn’t want to have to wait for it. Tim used the remote control for the machine to speed it up just one notch. The machine moved forward a bit faster. Before Tanya could prepare for it, the machine was at her pussy lips.

In one quick move, the machine was inside her. Tanya was already enjoying how it felt. It felt like a man would yet totally different too. The machine moved faster than a man would when he first enters a woman. Yet the machine wasn’t moving in and out of her too fast. It was still going at a fairly normal speed. It felt like a man as far as filling her pussy up. The vibrations it gave off as it thrusted in and out of her was different for sure.

If only a man’s cock could vibrate that way, Tanya knew she would never have a need for a machine again. Since they don’t vibrate that way, she knew she would never let her machine go. From that day on she knew that she wanted this machine to be a part of her sex life. It was an amazing feeling to be full and to feel the vibrations that this machine was sending through her.

Tim watched as the machine moved in and out of her. He watched as her pussy gripped the toy that was causing her so much excitement. He watched as Tanya tried to raise her hips to meet the machine’s thrusts. He pushed the button on the remote again, speeding up the machine’s action. Tanya started moaning louder as the feeling of being filled to the max continued.

Tim let the machine work its magic on Tanya’s pussy for about twenty minutes. He watched as Tanya had cum several times. Her breathing was short and fast. He knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again. He knew that he couldn’t take much more of just watching her. His cock had grown harder the longer he watched her enjoying the feelings the machine was giving her. He needed to have a release, and he didn’t want to have the release alone. He switched the machine off and readjusted the arm.

He climbed on top of Tanya and slipped his cock into her pussy replacing the machine that had been there just moments before. He began fucking her pussy, starting out slow. He didn’t want to cum too fast. He wanted to let Tanya have a feeling of being completely filled up. He switched the machine back on. Tanya looked him in the eye questioning what he was doing.

When she felt the machine’s toy press against her asshole she had a look of horror on her face. She shook her head no. Tim kissed her letting her know that it would be okay. He waited before he pressed the button on the remote. When Tanya nodded her head yes he pressed the button. The machine’s arm moved forward again. The toy started entering her once virgin hole. Tim was careful he paused the machine allowing Tanya time to adjust to the size of the machine.

Tanya nodded her head to let Tim know it was okay to let the machine go in farther. She had never had anal sex before. This was going to be a whole new experience for her. She was scared that it was going to hurt. The look on Tim’s face let her know that if she needed him to stop the machine, he would. He had the machine turned on very slow. He would let it go in a little way then stop the machine. As she adjusted to the size and the pain level, he would turn the machine back on to enter a little more.

When the machine was all the way in, Tim started to fuck her again. Tanya started to enjoy the way Tim was making love to her. She began to arch her back with the thrusts, her breathing sped up again. She knew she would cum again soon at the rate this was going. Tim turned the machine’s thrust up a bit faster. Tanya was getting fucked by not just this man on top of her but by a machine that wouldn’t stop until someone told it to. Tanya hoped that neither one would stop anytime soon. She dug her nails into Tim’s back as she felt her orgasm building. Tim used that as his next speed increase sign. He turned the machine up another two levels. The machine started buzzing louder, and the pounding in her ass started to pound her harder.

Tim couldn’t wait anymore. He saw the look of an orgasm on Tanya’s face, he knew she was ready then. He used the remote to turn the machine up to the last level of speed. He could feel the machine against his cock inside of Tanya. It was quickly bringing him to his own orgasm. At this fast pace he was going to blow his load before Tanya. He picked up his own pace. He needed her to reach her orgasm too.

Picking up his pace wasn’t such a good idea. He felt it before he could do anything to stop it. His load boiled up, and he spewed his hot cum into the depths of Tanya’s pussy. She felt Tim explode and that was all that it took. Her orgasm came just after his. When Tanya began to shake Tim turned the machine off. He knew she didn’t need the vibration in her ass while she came as hard as she was shaking. He kissed her and slowly let his cock slide out of her.

He rolled off of the top of her and got up from the bed. He slowly pulled the machine away from the end of the bed. When the toy on the end was most of the way out of her ass, Tim looked at her to see if she was ready for him to take it out. She shook her head yes and he pulled the machine the rest of the way out of her. After he moved the machine away he untied her legs from the bedposts. Tim took her into his arms when he climbed back onto the bed. He kissed her forehead and held her tight. They drifted off to sleep smiling in their own versions of bliss.

When they both woke the next morning, they sat down for a long talk about what was going to happen in their future. For once Tanya couldn’t see what was on Tim’s mind. She asked him to think about something, anything. Nothing it was a blank stare she got from him.

“Tim, what were you thinking about? I couldn’t hear a thing.”

“Love I was thinking what it is going to be like waking up to you every morning after having a great night of sex for the rest of my life.”

Tanya knew then that her ability was gone. She also knew that Tim was right, every night having sex that great with Tim was going to make her the happiest woman alive.


  • BJ Proverts says:

    Thank you very much once again for the input Cole! The story is moving nicely in the right direction I think. It has more dialogue in future chapters than in the first few. Keep an eye out, I fell behind on my writing last month so things have been delayed a bit. The final few chapters should be ready for Beta before too much longer.

  • Cole says:

    Yes. . A little more dialogue from Tanya, a little more sex talk would be nice during the DP. Surely, she was out of her mind with pleasure and must have been begging for more, or explaining that this was the greatest thing ever! The love growing between the two is apparent and appropriate.

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