Heard Not Spoken Part 1

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Heard Not Spoken





Tanya woke that morning the same way she did every morning. She was always tired in the mornings. It had always seemed like she never got enough sleep. As far back as her very young years she never felt rested. Her parents were concerned about her as a child, they had her at many different doctors over the years. No one ever understood or could figure it out. Tanya had gotten rather used to feeling exhausted all the time.

That winter morning when she woke was no different or at least it seemed no different. She was still very tired. She pulled herself out of bed and scurried off to the steamy shower. Not much made her feel so relaxed but a steamy shower at least made her feel better. Her shower was a large size walk in with no door. It was great because she could walk into one end of it, make her way through the various showerheads then straight out the other end of the shower. Her large walk-in closet was at the exit end of the shower. She could go from shower straight into the walk-in closet to dress for work.

Dressed for work she made her way through the family room into the kitchen. She loved having such a large house because it gave her the open feel of a loft. With the space of a huge house she was able to roam through without stubbing a toe on furniture. She fixed herself a small breakfast omelet with ham, sausage, and bacon. She glanced at the clock above her breakfast bar. She had twenty minutes before she would have to hurry off to catch the Number 12 train to work.

She enjoyed her job at the Lampton Theater for Performing Arts. She had worked there since she was nineteen, she still had a hard time with the fact she had been with them for fifteen years. She loved her job every bit as much as she had when she first began there. It was her job to talk to perspective clients to try to get new shows for the town of Lampton, Ohio to enjoy. Theater was a high class time on a small budget indulgence that people here enjoyed.

Tanya glanced quickly at the clock as she walked to the sink to rinse her plate. She had just five minutes before she needed to leave. She rushed around the house grabbing her briefcase, her purse and searched for her keys and cell phone. Finally she was running out of the door two minutes behind schedule. She knew that meant she would have to hurry so that she wouldn’t miss the train.

As she boarded the train she took the only seat left available in the car she was currently in. She always brought a book with her to read to occupy her time. She had read three pages when a nagging voice kept saying something. Tanya tried to tune whoever it was out of her mind. Why the hell did she care about the person’s grocery list? She did wonder why the person was talking about what they needed to pick up from the store out loud on a train full of people.

Before she knew it she was listening to someone else talking about a party they were planning for their ten year old son. Someone else was talking about their work history. Tanya glanced around to see why all these people seemed to be talking above one another. She could still hear voices but no one seemed to be moving their mouths’. She must just not be looking at the right person at the right moment.

She looked out the train window to see where they were, her stop would be next. She was happy to be getting off that train. It had never bothered her before, today though it was very irritating to her. Tanya hurried along the quick four blocks to work in the freezing cold winds.

Finally at her destination, Tanya opened the door to the building and stepped inside. She started to thaw out immediately upon entering. The wind was insane, a few times she saw people around her outside stumble as they too tried to fight the wind for every step. She was glad to be out of that mess. As she made her way from the reception area toward the back offices she said hello to those she knew well.

She noticed as she approached some people she could hear them talk, but again mouths’ weren’t moving at all. She wondered if everyone’s mouths’ hurt from the cold wind. Tanya walked into her office and closed the door. She needed a few moments to herself away from the crazy scene of non-moving mouths’. With her door closed she could hear nothing from the outer office. She jumped when her phone rang. She put the phone on speaker as she took her coat off and got her things ready for the day. Her assistant wanted to know if she needed coffee that morning or to just go straight to the meeting with the big boss.

“Coffee first please then meeting. Has Mr. Rowen gotten in yet? Oh one more thing before I forget, Ms. Hines will be coming in around two this afternoon from The Nutcracker. Could you make sure to get me from meetings about 1:30?”

“Yes Ms. Sorren, Mr. Rowen is here and I will get you from the meeting at 1:30. I have made a note and will have your coffee right there.”

Sheela was a wonderful assistant, she took very good care to make sure Tanya had everything she needed throughout the day. She also had a brilliant head on her shoulders. Tanya always loved listening to Sheela’s ideas to get certain clients hooked with the theater.

Just as Tanya got ready to head from her office Sheela was waiting just outside the door with Tanya’s coffee. Sheela handed a folder to her along with her coffee. She smiled then hurried back to her desk to work the phones. Tanya smiled and quickly made her way to the conference room. There was a big meeting with the producer of the hit show “Ohio Orchestra”. The show had always packed the theater in Lampton. They had been doing a show with the theater for the last eight years.

This year they had talked about going with a new theater in the next town over. Middleton, Ohio had been trying to steal shows from Lampton since they opened their doors last year. Tanya was not about to let that happen, she just needed a little something to be able to bring this one home.

Mr. Rowen was already waiting in the conference room. Tanya smiled and asked how things looked for the meeting from his end.

“So far Tanya I see us getting the contract for a two week show. I wish we could get the contract for the full month. Four shows instead of two would be ideal. Have you come up with anything that might help us get the whole thing?”

Tanya couldn’t tell him that she hadn’t thought of one single way to keep Middleton from getting part of it. Instead she had decided to tell him vaguely that she would handle it as always.

“Mr. Rowen, you know that I always manage to pull off the impossible. This year will be no different, I will let it play by ear and make a move before we get shut out. I have worked out the financial aspect of playing here. It seems to make the play a sizeable profit by being here the whole month. Let’s just see how this goes.”

Lyle Morrison was shown into the office by Sheela. Mr. Rowen shook hands and asked how the family was. Tanya waited her turn, when Lyle turned toward her he smiled. He looked her up and down. He took her hand in his and kissed it softly.

“Ms. Sorren it is a pleasure to see you looking so beautiful as always.” Lyle sure knew how to charm her. What Tanya heard next made her laugh. “I sure wish you would have dinner with me just once.” Tanya had been watching him, his lips hadn’t moved either.

Tanya showed Lyle to his seat. She wanted to get this meeting underway. There was a lot of things to go over. She wanted to first talk about how wonderful it had been working with the Orchestra and Lyle for so many years. She wanted to point out that every year they had collaborated, the show sold out every time. The main thing they needed to discuss was what percentage the theater would take of the sales. That was after all how they made their money.

As Tanya cleared her throat to start the meeting, Lyle said something that had caught her off guard. “I would love to bend her over this table right now. Damn she is sexy as hell with that blonde hair twisted into a swept bun.”

Tanya damn near choked on the coffee she had taken a drink of. What the hell was he saying things like that in this office for? Why hadn’t Mr. Rowen stop him and tell him that was uncalled for here? Then she realized that she hadn’t seen his mouth move then either.

“Excuse me for a moment gentlemen. There is something I need to see to before we proceed here.” Tanya hurried from the room before her boss had a chance to try to stop here. She needed to talk to Sheela to find out just what in the world was going on around here. Why were people talking without moving their mouths’?

“Sheela, my office now please!”

Sheela knew that tone of voice, it meant there was something major going on. She followed Tanya to the office.

“Ms. Sorren, what is wrong?”

“Sheela can you talk to me without moving your lips? All morning long I have heard people talking only to look at them and their lips not be moving. Am I going insane here or what?”

Sheela looked at Tanya like she had already lost her mind. How do you tell your boss that she is going Looney?

“Sheela I am not going looney, but I sure feel that way!”

Sheela’s eyes grew larger. How did Tanya know she had thought the word looney?

“Ms. Sorren, I never said you were looney. Okay so I thought it a moment ago with your questions to me. I never said it out loud to you!”

There it was, the only explanation that there was to the whole mouth not moving issue. Tanya was hearing everyone’s thoughts. How could that have happened though? You couldn’t just wake up one morning and be able to know what everyone around you was thinking. Things like that just could not happen at all. So what other explanation could there be? Tanya wanted to test the theory out.

“Thank you Sheela maybe that is exactly what is going on. Don’t say anything to me now. Just think whatever it is that you would have said to me. I have to see if this is really what is going on.”

Sheela did as she was asked to do. “Ms. Sorren I think maybe you need a rest. This time of year always gets busy and you work far too hard. If you need anything else please let me know.” That was all Sheela thought silently.

Tanya smiled and almost jumped out of her pumps. “Sheela you are wonderful! Thank you I know I need a rest and after this season is over I am going to take one. I need to get back to the meeting. Thank you again!” Tanya ran out of her office and back to the conference room.


“I apologize for the delay gentlemen. Let’s get this meeting going here shall we?”


The two men shook their heads in agreement. Lyle was staring at her again. Tanya didn’t care let him stare. She now had a secret weapon and she knew exactly how to use it to her advantage.

“Lyle as you know we here at the Theater have always treated you and the Orchestra with kindness and treated you both fairly. We have only asked in return that you remember us every year when it comes time to renew the contract. This year is no different, we love the relationship that we have had with you and the Orchestra for the last eight years.

It is important to us that our relationship continue. It is to your benefit as much as it is to ours’. We here at the theater hold long term relationships in high regards. We know that we give you the highest percentage of the sales because it is important to us that you understand that we will treat you all with the utmost respect that you deserve.

This year we are only asking for a half percent higher than we did last year. In exchange for that additional half percent, we have expanded the theater an extra one hundred seats. We would ask that you and the Orchestra agree to a full month contract. Playing four shows here with us instead of the two that you have talked about. We understand that Middleton has a new theater there that would like you to play the other two shows with them.

This shows that our theater not only brings in higher turnouts but it also shows that per seat the show makes more money than they could at Middleton.” Tanya handed each man sitting before her the top graph from her folder.

“As you can see with the extra seating this year you stand to make a large profit. We understand the need to expand as well. We would like to add on to out theater here, which we can do and will have ready for the next season’s shows.”

Mr. Rowen glanced toward Lyle to gauge his reaction to what Tanya was saying. Lyle wasn’t the least bit into the graph in front of him. He preferred to look at the beautiful woman in front of him. Lyle was smiling the whole time Tanya had talked to them.

“If you have dinner with me, let me take you to my place for a really good show then I will place the whole month into the contract with you here”, was all Lyle seemed to want to think about.

Sheela knocked on the door then poked her head in. “Ms. Sorren it’s 1:30 your other meeting will be here in just a moment.” Sheela hurried back out the door as soon as Tanya thanked her. Tanya turned her attention back to Lyle.

“Lyle, I am afraid I need to cut this short this afternoon. However I can have the contract ready for your signature this evening. I could meet you at Loughs’s for dinner to go over them before you sign if you would like.”

Lyle’s eyes lit up! He was more than ready to have dinner with her, hopefully his other wish would come true too. He would love to be able to bend her over to give her a show she would never forget.

“I’ll pick you up here at say 5:30? We’ll ride over together for dinner and contract signing. I need to of course get the approval of the Orchestra before I sign.”

Tanya smiled and winked at Lyle then left the two men standing there. She needed to get prepared for the other meeting. Sheela had done wonderful as always in getting her at precisely the right time.

“Sheela thank you for the reminder of the next meeting. Could you also make sure I am ready to leave here at 5? I have a dinner meeting with Lyle tonight at Loughs’s. Do you have the folder for The Nutcracker yet?”

Sheela nodded her head and handed the folder to Tanya.

If all went well Tanya would have about fifteen minutes before she would need to hurry to the meeting for The Nutcracker show. She loved the Nutcracker play. She had seen it many times as a child. This meeting should go easily enough. The lady she always met with, Ms. Hines, was a sweet lady that looked far too young to be in the position she was in. As VP of marketing Ms. Hines was a mere twenty-four. She also had a smoking hot body, not that Tanya would ever tell her that.

Ms. Hines must be around 5′ 6″ and soaking wet she might weigh 115 pounds. To most she probably looked sick because she was so tiny in the waist. Her small waist made her breasts look that much more out of place on her. She must wear at the very least a D cup. Her dark brown hair was a stark contrast to her very pale skin and her green eyes seemed too joyful. Still any time that Tanya got to spend with Ms. Tina Hines, was time that Tanya stayed wet between her legs.

Tanya and Ms. Hines always met in Tanya’s office. It was smaller, much more intimate that the conference room. Although there was a window on her door, the walls were not made of glass. So they were afforded privacy to chat as much as they wanted. Tanya also secretly wished one day there would be more than chatting going on in the office. Tanya had never felt this type of attraction to a woman before but there was something about Tina Hines that made Tanya’s juices flow.

Tanya pulled herself from those thoughts just as Sheela opened the door to let her know the client was in reception. “Thank you very much Sheela, could you give me five minutes then send her in?” Sheela nodded then closed the door behind her. Tanya wanted to make sure that all was ready. She ran to the ladies room then freshened up. She had just sat back at her desk when Sheela showed Ms. Hines in.

Tanya stood, “Thank you Sheela. Ms. Hines could we get you anything?” Tina asked for a water before turning to smile at Sheela. A moment later Sheela was there with the drink. She closed the door on her way out.


“Ms. Hines it is so good to see you again! You are looking well, how are things?”


Tina Hines smiled, “Things are going well Tanya thank you for asking. I assume everything is good for you as well?” Tanya agreed that everything was fine for her. The two did the yearly dance of how much the theater would take of the sales for the new season. Tanya explained that the new year was only seeing a half percent rise in theater cost. Tina nodded in agreement.

“I assume you will take care of having the contract drawn up? Or have you already done that again this year?” Tina laughed because she knew that Tanya was normally ahead of the game by having the contracts ready for the meetings.

“Yes I have your contract right here, if you are ready to sign we can get all of this out of the way.”

Tina stood to lean over the desk to read the contract. Tanya walked around the desk to the other side of the room to get two glasses and a bottle of champagne. She always liked to celebrate a contract signing with the signer. When she turned toward the desk she couldn’t help but notice that Tina had a very short skirt on and didn’t appear to be wearing any panties.

Tanya could see a slick pink slit that glistened with the light hitting it just right. She stood there licking her lips as she dreamed of tasting the juice that was running from the small opening in the slit. As she stood there, Tina shifted her weight from one leg to the other letting them open just a bit wider. Just that small movement gave just enough of a view change that Tanya could then see Tina’s clit poking out.

Tanya walked very slowly toward the desk not taking her eyes off of Tina’s pussy. That view was enough to make Tanya melt right then and there. Tina must have felt eyes on her, she turned to face Tanya. Tina’s cheeks were flushed a red tinge highlighting each one. Tina looked gorgeous standing there flushed and her pussy dripping beneath her skirt.

Tanya held up the glasses and champagne. “Let’s toast another year of working together!”

Tina walked the two steps that had been separating the two of them.  She took the glasses from Tanya, waited for the bottle to be opened. She held both glasses in one hand. With the other hand she reached up to run her hand through the front of Tanya’s hair. She let her hand slide behind Tanya’s ear as she leaned forward and kissed Tanya on the lips.

Tanya was shocked! Being shocked didn’t mean dead though. She kissed Tina back, parting her lips in invitation to Tina’s probing tongue. She moved the bottle from between them and pressed herself against Tina’s lean frame. She could feel Tina’s breasts pressing against the fabric of her bra. Releasing those breasts from their cage would be a sinful pleasure that Tanya would love to partake in. She wrapped her free hand behind Tina’s head entangling her fingers into Tina’s hair. She leaned in further and deepened their kiss. She wanted Tina to feel the hunger Tanya was feeling.

Tina broke the kiss and took a step back. Her eyes almost glowed with a hunger she hadn’t felt in months. The office was not a conducive environment to a romantic interlude. At any moment any one of a number of people could walk through that door. It would not be business smart to let someone walk in to find two women in a passionate embrace.

Tanya was disappointed that the kiss had been broken off. She did understand though, maybe Tina regretted it already. She didn’t want there to be awkwardness between them, so she spoke up. “Tina I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me. I have never done anything like that before, please forgive me.”

Tina smiled and blushed at the mention of it. She had never kissed another woman either. What she really wanted to do right then and there was to lay Tanya back across the desk and taste the juices that she could smell. Even though she knew that they couldn’t get involved in that sort of thing she still wanted to be with Tanya.

Tanya poured their glasses and they toasted to another successful year together. They didn’t speak of the incident at all and they parted ways without a repeat performance. They were both disappointed that the outcome of that meeting wasn’t as mutually stimulating as they wanted.

Tanya sat in her office wondering if things could have gone the other way. Had they not been in the office at the time, how far would things have gone? She wondered if they would have ended up in bed together or just getting down and dirty on the floor somewhere.




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