Heard Not Spoken Part 2

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Heard Not Spoken





The rest of the afternoon was all work. Tanya needed to get a couple of other contracts ready for meetings with other shows. Those contracts all needed to be ready for Monday morning, since it was Friday she didn’t want to have to work on them over the weekend.

Tanya lost all track of time and before she knew it Sheela was sticking her head in the office letting her know that it was 5 pm. Tanya hadn’t noticed it was getting so late. She had to hurry to get out of there to get to dinner with Lyle. She couldn’t afford to lose that account because she was late to a meeting.

Tanya walked into Lough’s with Lyle by her side. She had never been into Lyle much but there was something different about him that night. He looked much different out of the office. He also seemed to be very much the gentleman. He was opening doors for her and he pulled out her seat when they were shown to their table.

The waiter took their drink order, Lyle ordered a bottle of wine. They talked for the first few minutes about the contract. Lyle informed her that the Orchestra was fine with the newest changes of the year. As they waited for their food to arrive at their table, Tanya started having the problem of hearing voices without seeing the mouths’ move again.

She thought that Lyle had been talking to her as she had checked her phone for messages. When she looked at him his mouth wasn’t moving. That’s when she remembered that for some reason she could read thoughts. She listened more carefully to what she was hearing him say when his lips weren’t moving.

“I would give anything to take you home and fuck you standing next to the front door. You are so hot!”

Tanya couldn’t suppress the smile that crossed her face. She knew he had the hots for her, she had known that since she met him. She silently wondered if she should make his wish come true. Since the whole thing with Tina earlier that day she had been aroused. No that wasn’t right, she was more than just aroused. She was downright turned on.

Throughout dinner she leaned a little closer when he spoke to her, she laughed a little different at his jokes. While they had their coffee after they finished dinner she took a shoe off and ran her foot over his leg. When she did it the first time Lyle about spit coffee across the table at her. She had just smiled at him. Lyle thought maybe she had too much wine.

By the time they were ready to leave the restaurant Tanya was ready to climb all over Lyle. She was turned on worse than she had been all day. Lyle’s thoughts weren’t helping her horniness subside. All he had been thinking about through dinner was seeing her naked and fucking her silly. His thoughts kept her aroused all night.

Lyle drove Tanya home and walked her to the door. They said their goodnights. Tanya turned to unlock her door and Lyle turned to head back to his car. Tanya turned the handle to open the door then turned back to find Lyle half way down the walkway. She still wanted to have sex that night. There was no way she could let him just leave and miss the chance at an orgasm.

“Lyle can you stay and have a drink with me? I do hate going in alone all the time. Tomorrow is Saturday and the night is still early. I could make us a snack and we can sit and talk a while.”

Lyle had turned to listen when she started talking to him. By the time she stopped talking he was standing inches from her face. He smiled as he looked into her beautiful eyes.

If it means I have another chance to fuck you tonight, then hell yes I will come in for a drink.

“I would love to have a nightcap with you Tanya. I’m not much of one for going home alone either all the time.”

The pair walked into the house and Tanya showed Lyle to the kitchen where she prepared drinks. She opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. She took the bottle with her as she showed Lyle to the den. She excused herself for a moment to change into something more comfortable.

Lyle started a fire in the fireplace and laid a blanket he found across the space in front of the fire. Tanya walked into the room wearing a very sexy all lace barely covering her ass nightie. Lyle felt her presence behind him and turned slowly to see her walking toward him. He wasn’t able to believe his eyes. There Tanya was standing in front of him looking even more beautiful than he had ever thought possible.

She walked to him and took her glass of wine from his hand. She glided past Lyle brushing against his shoulder as she made her way to the fire. She slid her foot across the blanket Lyle had laid out. She bent down to her knees and patted the spot next to her. Lyle stared at her a moment then took the seat next to her. They talked a little about various things.

“I love a nice warm fire even when it’s not cold outside. Could you pour me some more wine?” Lyle reached for the bottle while not taking his eyes off of Tanya. He started pouring the wine for her as he watched her running her hand across her chest.

This is getting interesting now. Go on baby girl, show me you want me.

Lyle set the bottle back down and leaned against the sofa to relax. He watched Tanya as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she swallowed a drink from her glass.

“Mmmm I love this wine. So Lyle we have known each other a long time and I have no idea anything about you other than work. Are you married? What about a family? What do you like to do outside of work?”

What I like to do is please women when I have one in my life. What I would like to do right now is bury my cock inside that little pussy of yours.

“I’m not married never have gotten that far. No kids, my family isn’t from here. There are lots of things that I enjoy other than work. Like you though my life pretty much revolves around my career. I’d love that to change and someday I hope it will.”

Tanya listened to Lyle talking but couldn’t stop thinking about his thoughts before he began talking. Oh Lyle, you are going to get one wish tonight. She shifted in her seat just enough that the hem of her nightie had raised up her thigh. It was just high enough to show she had not put a thong on.

“Lyle if you had one wish that you could have fulfilled what would that wish be?”

That’s easy! I would lay you down right here on this blanket and make you happy to be a woman for the rest of the night.

“I guess I had never thought about that. What about you? Do you have some secret wish you would want fulfilled?”

“Oh yes I do! Sometimes telling others of a wish you hold makes the wish not come true though.”

Tanya leaned closer to Lyle and brushed her lips against his neck. She sat her glass of wine on the table next to them. A soft moan escaped from Lyle’s lips. He loved the heat that was coming off of Tanya. He didn’t want to spook her away so he sat still and let her do what she was comfortable with.

Tanya raised onto her knees and turned to face Lyle. “Don’t move Lyle I want to try something out, don’t talk either. Anything you think or want to say, just think it. Do like you did today in the meeting when you thought about bending me over the table in the conference room to fuck me.”

Lyle couldn’t have said anything if he had wanted to. How did Tanya know what he had thought earlier in the day? How much of his thoughts did she know? Did she know about his wish a few moments ago? Maybe he had given off some sort of a signal that she had been able to pick up on. Maybe she wanted him too so she had guessed what it was that he wanted. Then again maybe she was only hoping that those things had been in his mind.

I don’t really care if she is reading my mind or if she just hopes that it is what I want too. Either way if it means that I get to fuck this gorgeous woman, then she is more than welcome to think what she wants. Hell if she would let me move I would bend her over the sofa right now and pound that pussy of hers.

Tanya laughed and moved to straddle his lap. She leaned forward to get her wine glass which put her breasts right in front of Lyle’s mouth. He wasn’t about to let that chance pass him by.  He leaned forward just enough to be able to trace her nipple with his tongue. Tanya leaned away from him causing her to spill a small amount of wine. “Shit!”

Tanya ran to get a cloth to clean up the mess. She tossed Lyle the cloth and told him to get busy. “You are the one that moved when I told you not to move at all! So you clean up the mess! Clean it now before it sets in my blanket.”

Lyle worked to quickly clean up the wine mess so that the mood wouldn’t be spoiled. He wanted to get Tanya back to where she was going a few minutes before. He had wanted to fuck her for the last few years. Now he didn’t want the chance to pass him up. He finished cleaning the wine with no stain left to see.

After finishing the wine stain removal Lyle sat back down on the blanket. He waited to see what Tanya was going to do next.  He paid attention to the fire so that Tanya wouldn’t know he was waiting for her to continue. He hoped that if she was in fact reading his mind that he could keep his thoughts on the fire and not on her. Unfortunately that wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be.

Tanya is just as hot as this fire is. She was just starting to let her heat warm me when I screwed up and spilled the wine. I hope that she still wants to try whatever it was that she was about to try. I still want to bend her over the sofa and take her sweet pussy from behind.

Tanya couldn’t help but smile about Lyle’s recent thoughts. She thought about it for a minute and realized she really could be just as hot as a fire. He had irritated her by spilling her wine but she still wanted to make a good night out of her new ability.

Tanya decided that she would continue where she had left off. She walked over to where Lyle was sitting on the blanket. She stood above him and smiled a sexy little evil smile. She took her little nightie off and stood there while Lyle stared in disbelief that she had just undressed. She thought now was a really good time to see how well this new ability of hers was going to help her in her job.

“Lyle you know I hate having to have meetings every year just to wind up the same way, with a contract signed for the year’s show. So I was hoping that we could agree to just skip the meetings for the next two seasons after this one. I thought maybe we could just go ahead and agree to signing next year and the year after’s contracts now. I’ll make it worth your time if we can just get that little detail out of the way now. What do you say?”

“Uh yeah sure I guess we can do that. I should talk it over with the orchestra first but I don’t see that it would be a problem.”

Tanya wasn’t impressed with his answer so she decided to help him make up his own mind. She knelt down in front of him and ran her hands over her breasts. She stopped long enough to pinch each nipple just out of the reach of his tongue should he let it dart out again. She thought if she toyed with him just a bit that she could get what she wanted out of him.

She let her hands slide down across her stomach slowly inching closer to her pussy. She raised one hand to Lyle’s mouth waiting for him to understand she wanted him to lick her hand. He took one finger at a time and let it slide into his mouth wetting each finger in turn. When he finished the last of the fingers on that hand Tanya let her hand slide to her pussy.

She let her fingers play with her clit for a few minutes before she started her way further south. She let one finger slide into her pussy. She didn’t start to finger fuck herself right away. Instead she just slid her finger in circles teasing not only herself but Lyle too. She looked into his eyes and gave an evil smile with lust filled eyes.

He reached toward her wanting to feel what she was feeling for herself. She smacked his hand away then reminded him he was not allowed to touch or move until she told him to. The second finger slid into her pussy and she kept up with the circle motion. She was enjoying feeling fingers just exploring her that way. As she let the third finger enter her pussy she raised her hips to meet it. She laid back to give herself more room.

Tanya moaned when her third finger entered her waiting pussy. She was beginning to enjoy feeling herself this way right in front of Lyle. She wanted to feel him inside of her after all the thinking he had done about fucking her standing up or bent over the sofa. She just wasn’t quite ready for him to participate yet. She wanted to turn him on by only allowing him to watch her first.

She had Lyle stretch his legs out in front of him so that she could lean backwards against them. She raised both her legs and set one foot on each of his shoulders. Being in that position let Lyle see every move her fingers and her pussy made. She clenched her pussy muscles tight around her fingers and then slowly began to finger fuck herself. Shoving her fingers into her pussy as far as she could get them then withdrawing them again gave Lyle a great view. She could feel his excitement against her as she put on a one man show.

The orgasm that kept trying to take hold of her was going to be mind blowing. Each time it got too close Tanya would back off from playing. She wrapped her legs around Lyle’s head and pulled him in closer to her. It was time to let Lyle in on the action before she exploded in one massive orgasm. She only said one thing to Lyle for him to know that it was okay for him to join in.

“Now Lyle, now you can move.”

Lyle wasn’t one to need to be told more than once. He leaned into Tanya’s waiting hot pussy and smelled the sweet aroma. He loved the smell of a woman’s scent, a mixture of sweetness along with the smell of need and want. He could tell Tanya wanted him and her scent told him that she needed him as well. He pointed his tongue and dove into her pussy head on. His tongue was his guide into the depths of her soul.

Lyle brought her to two orgasms before she had enough of the tongue action. She wanted to feel a hard cock buried inside her pussy. The only thing to decide was how he would take her. She gave him a wink and got down on all fours then winked at him again. As if to ask him without words she stood up and leaned over the sofa looking back at him and smiling.

Lyle smiled back at her letting her know that he wanted to take her in that very position. He stood behind her admiring the view. He loved seeing a woman’s pussy peeking out from behind her when she was bent over that way. Tanya’s pussy was shaven smooth, which gave her pussy the chance to glisten with her juices.

That pussy sure looks fuckable like this. Smooth and wet just the way I like my pussies to be. I know it will be damn good and tight just by looking at it. I’m looking forward to feeling that pussy wrapped tight around my cock. Your pussy is going to milk every drop of cum out of me tonight. I won’t stop fucking you until every drop is buried in that hot pussy.

Tanya looked back at Lyle waiting for him to enter her and smiled at him. She reached one hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. She had to keep herself hot enough that his taking his time wouldn’t make her cool off any. She wanted to feel the purple head of his cock spreading her pussy open. She shook her ass at Lyle hoping that he would stop staring and start fucking her.

“Come on big boy, shove that cock inside me! Oh, wait just a minute.” Tanya turned around to face Lyle. She kept rubbing her pussy as she knelt down in front of his crotch. She pulled his zipper down and quickly pushed his pants down to his ankles. She looked in awe of his cock that had to have been around seven inches long. He wasn’t all that thick but he made up for that with a cock head that would normally be seen on a man with a nine inch cock.

Tanya took hold of the shaft of the cock staring her in the face. She ran her tongue along one side then the other. She started at the base and worked toward the head. She stopped short of the head with each lick. Once she had gotten the shaft nice and wet she directed her attention to the large purple head. She closed her mouth into an “O” and took the head into her mouth. Once the whole head was inside her mouth she stopped going further. She let her tongue circle the head a few times.

As Tanya circled the head of his cock Lyle moaned a small sigh. When Tanya let his cock head pop out from her mouth it caught him off guard. He had expected her to go to town sucking the full length of his rod into her mouth. Instead she let the head pop out and sat there looking at his cock like she was in love.

Just suck this huge thing into that sexy mouth Tanya. I want to feel the warmth of your breath and the slickness of your mouth on my cock. I want to be able to fuck that beautiful mouth of yours before I shove this cock inside that pink pussy. Now take my cock and let your mouth fuck it like you need it!

Tanya laughed out loud as she did just what he wanted her to do. She shoved his cock into her mouth all the way to the bottom. When she hit the base of the shaft she ran her tongue along one side before she pulled his rod part way out again. She spent the next ten minutes sucking his cock for all she was worth. The whole time she worshipped his cock she paid tribute to her clit and pussy. She alternated between rubbing her clit and shoving as many fingers as she could into her snatch and letting them substitute his cock.

Her fingers became a poor alternative for his cock and she was tiring of sucking his cock. She pulled his cock from her mouth and let it make a loud popping sound as it escaped from her lips. She stood up and put her dripping wet fingers to Lyle’s lips. She stood there as he inhaled her scent, she gave him a pleading look. She wanted him to taste her juices off of her fingers, which he did willingly.

Lyle spun Tanya around to have her face the sofa. He shoved her head lower putting her into the position that he wanted to fuck her in. He got her ass in just the right position and took his place behind her. He grabbed both of her hips and placed the head of his cock at the opening to her waiting pussy. When he had her steady, he leaned forward at the hips to let his purple head just inside of her opening.

Tanya had enough of the waiting and playing game! She wanted what she had let Lyle come into her home for. She wanted his cock inside her pussy and she wanted it right now! She shoved her ass back against Lyle making his cock lurch hard into her pussy. She felt that hard shaft hitting its depths. She would never tire of feeling a man’s hardness buried deep inside her.

She loved feeling the fullness inside her. There was no way to explain to a man how full having his cock in her could make a woman feel so full.  At the same time of feeling full Tanya also felt a warmth that no man would ever feel. A man’s cock rubbing your insides as it glides into your pussy feels a thousand times better than having a woman’s hands wrapped around his cock. Every nerve inside a woman’s pussy feels electrified at once.

Tanya wasn’t one to play games, she wanted to be fucked hard. She leaned her head back and pushed her ass against Lyle again. He took her lead and grabbed a hand full of hair in one hand. With his other hand he reached around the front of her and found her clit. He rubbed her clit in circles then pinched that little nub. With every pinch he gave to it, Tanya felt electric volts running through her straight to her pussy. She knew at the pace he was shoving in and out of her and the torture he was showing her clit, it wouldn’t take long for a massive orgasm to overtake her.

Tanya had to give Lyle credit for his stamina. He had been fucking her at super speeds for over thirty minutes. He wasn’t letting up at all; if anything he was picking up his speed. He was pulling almost all the way out of her steaming pussy then grabbing her around the neck and shoving himself all the way into her as hard as he could. He would let go of her neck and attack her clit again. Rub… pinch…rub…pinch. Occasionally throwing in a flick of his fingers against her clit. Each time he flicked it, Tanya screamed out her need for him.

“Fuck me god damn it! Fuck me harder. Shove that little cock of yours into me and make me feel it! Is this what you call fucking a woman? Don’t you know how to make a woman feel your cock? Is it so damn small that no woman can feel you inside her pussy? You wanted to fuck me! Now fuck me! Fuck me hard! Harder!”

Lyle loved hearing Tanya talk to him that way. He loved hearing that she wanted to be rammed harder with each thrust. He was more than willing to oblige her in any way she wanted. He fucked her for another twenty minutes before Tanya needed a position change.

They used the sofa to their advantage. Lyle had Tanya on her knees leaning over the armrest of the sofa. He took his place back behind her again. This time he wasted no time in getting back to what they both desperately needed. He lunged his cock back into her pussy as hard as he could. With the new position he was able to get more leverage to steady himself. It gave him the chance to play with her tits. He did love to tease her nipples and this way let him have that chance.

They changed positions again after a few minutes. Tanya wanted to be able to control the timing of the thrusts and she wanted him as deep as he could get. She got him up and had him sit down on the sofa. She straddled his lap and pointed his cock right back at her pussy. She sat down hard on his shaft which let his full size enter her in one movement. It felt so good to her having him filling her insides up that way.

She rode his cock through two orgasms of her own. She was beginning to wonder if he was taking those little blue pills. He had lasted longer than any man that she had ever been with before. He was fucking her as hard as he could in that position but he wasn’t able to get much room to move. He raised her off his cock to her protests. He needed to be able to have the room to fuck her pussy hard. He would never reach his own orgasm if he couldn’t fuck her harder.

He got her on all fours and entered her from behind. He shoved into her pussy and played with her clit. He wanted her to get another orgasm in before he shot his full load into her. At this angle he would be ready to explode soon. It never took long for him to cum when he had a woman doggy style. He smacked her ass and stopped playing with her clit. He smacked her ass again and pulled her hair. He leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

“Is this what you like? Do you like having my cock buried in your pussy? Do you like being fucked hard like this? Can you feel me now you dirty girl? I bet you want to cum all over my cock don’t you? Guess what, I want you to spray your cum all over the sofa. Drip my cock with your juice and let it shoot out of your pussy. If you spray your cum all over like a good little slut I will reward you by filling your pussy with my cum.”

Tanya wanted more than anything else to cum again. She reached down to her clit and rubbed as fast and hard as she could stand. Her moans got louder and her body started to shake. She knew her orgasm was coming on fast and she wanted to be able to spray all over his cock. She had only came like that once in her life and there was no guarantee that she could do it again. She really wanted to though because she loved how it made her feel.

All of a sudden just as Tanya was getting closer to that elusive orgasm, Lyle pulled his cock out of her pussy. He shoved against her ass hole with the purple head. He didn’t give her time to protest at all. He pushed forward and felt the pop as the head made it into her puckered hole. Tanya let out a yelp to his invasion of her never fucked before asshole. He didn’t move once the head was in, he gave Tanya time to adjust to his cock invading her that way. In a few short minutes the pain was leaving her from having something shoved into her ass like that. Once the pain started leaving her she pushed against Lyle without realizing that she had.

Lyle took it to mean that she was okay with him continuing his assault on her back hole. He pushed forward again letting more of his cock into her once virgin hole. Tanya still groaned with the pain of his cock inside her that way. Each time he pushed forward he would wait for the pain to leave her face before he went further.

Tanya could feel when he was all the way inside her ass. He stopped moving at all while he waited for her to let him know it was okay to go on. She stayed there waiting for the searing pain to stop. She had tears rolling down her cheeks when she nodded her head that he could go on. He made small moves in and out not letting his cock come close to pulling all the way out of her ass.

After a few minutes of deep thrusts Tanya was okay with the feeling of him being inside her ass. She met him thrust for thrust and even began to moan her pleasure at the newest sensation. Lyle knew that it meant he could get back to fucking her harder. He did just that, he pulled out all but the head of his cock then shoved back into her ass. Each time he shoved back in he would slap her ass cheeks with his hand.

Tanya had never dabbled in pain of any kind when it came to sex. So that had all been new to her, new wasn’t always a bad thing she was learning. He slapped her ass and made her tell him how much she wanted him to fuck her asshole harder. He told her time and again how much of a dirty little slut she was.

“You like getting your ass fucked don’t you slut? You like having my cock sliding in and out of your brown hole don’t you? You know you want me to fuck this little asshole of yours every day don’t you? You are more turned on than you have ever been all because my cock is banging your asshole. Tell me to fuck your ass my slut. Tell me you like me fucking you in the ass!”

Tanya couldn’t believe what she was about to tell this man.

“Yes you asshole! I love feeling your cock buried in my asshole! I want to feel your cock fuck my ass harder than you are! Tear my asshole up with your cock. Slap my ass! I want to feel you slapping my ass, fucking my ass, and your hands around my throat! Fuck me you son of a bitch! Fuck my ass!”

Lyle was so fucking turned on that he didn’t know how much longer he would be able to last. Her asshole was gripping his cock like he had never felt before. He loved feeling her asshole tight around his shaft. He could feel himself bottoming out in the farthest reaches of her ass. He pounded into her with a passion he had not felt in years. With each thrust her ass gripped his cock and brought him to the edge of his own orgasm.

He reached to her front and grabbed her throat with one hand while the other found her clit. He flicked her clit and squeezed it. He would pat her clit every few thrusts. He was getting to the point of no return. He was about to explode deep in the bowels of this woman’s ass. He was trying his best to have her cum at the same time he did.

Tanya couldn’t wait for Lyle to cum, she had to cum and she had to let it go right then. He was pounding her ass and flicking her clit while he had his hand wrapped around her throat and she was loving every single second of it. She wanted to cum and she was about to do so when Lyle started pounding her ass even harder. A split second later Lyle tensed up and Tanya began to shake. Tanya felt Lyle’s load way up in her ass. She also felt her own cum shooting out of her pussy, she let her hand play in her juices. She watched between her legs as her juices rushed out of her pussy hitting the edge of the sofa.

Lyle collapsed onto Tanya’s back and he watched her as she came to the end of her orgasm. He laughed and smiled like she had never seen him do before. Tanya collapsed onto the sofa and curled into Lyle’s arms. She was satisfied in so many ways. She had never had sex that good in all the years she had not been a virgin. She felt complete and happy with how things had turned out with Lyle.

Tanya drifted off to sleep in Lyle’s arms with the thought of what she could find to do to use her new ability the following night.


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