Heard Not Spoken Part 3!

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As soon as Tanya and Lyle woke on Saturday morning, Tanya rushed Lyle out. Friday night had been fun but enough of one man, especially Lyle. She didn’t even like him all that much but he had been what she needed to test her theory. She planned out her day and what she needed to accomplish before her evening test run. She vowed tonight would be more exciting than last night had been.

First thing on her to-do list coffee and breakfast. She decided on something fast to eat, a croissant. She was standing at the sink washing her plate as she finished her last bite. She hurried with the last sips of coffee and rinsed her cup out.

Next on her list of things to do was head to a clothing store she had passed a few times. Normally she would just walk right past this store. She had never been able to see herself wearing barely there tops and way too short bottoms. For tonight’s fun this was exactly what she wanted to wear. Low cut see through tops that would hug her every curve seemed to fit her mood.

She hurried through the streets to the shop. She had no time to watch the cars pass her by and wonder where the occupants inside were in such a hurry to get to. She had her own agenda that lovely day. She had to pick out at least three new outfits. Why three? It was only one night. She had decided on three because at the last moment a woman never could decide which outfit looked best.

Finally facing the shop in front of her she was suddenly nervous about going in. What kind of women visited these types of stores? She stood there almost frozen into place as the door opened and a beautiful lady roughly five years older than Tanya walked out. The older lady smiled and winked at her. That smile warmed Tanya’s nerves just enough to reach out to grab the door from the lady.

“Enjoy! They have such a wonderful selection in there. I can never decide on just one outfit. I picked up five new ones today alone! My husband is going to love all these new prizes I picked up!” Before Tanya could respond the lady trotted off down the sidewalk. Tanya smiled at the sight of that lady almost running toward what must have been home.

If that lady could go in there and hold her head high as she retreated from the store, Tanya could as well. Finally getting the nerve up, she walked into a new world of fashion. There was rack upon rack of stunning clothes. There were racks of skirts that looked small enough to be bandannas. Racks of completely see through lace tops looked out into the store from one side of the giant room.

Further into the store there were tables with panties and bras. Other tables with stockings galore were straight ahead of Tanya. All along the back wall were fitting rooms with chairs in front of each. That must be where men would wait while their wives and girlfriends tried on one after another of the barely there outfits.

Tanya noticed that off to the left of the fitting rooms was another room. She walked into that room and found it to be filled with leather clothing. There were tops and bottoms that were short and would surely fit snuggly. She walked around the room to see what all the offerings were in there. As she walked toward to main store room, she noticed another room in front of her. That room had a closed door with a sign that read, “18 and older ONLY”.

Tanya was curious as to what the room might hold. She looked around the main store front before she gained the courage to check out the private room. Tanya pushed the heavy door open just enough to squeeze into the new room. The room looked larger than the main store had. There were tables everywhere holding all kinds of equipment. There were vibrators, dildos, strap-on’s and much more. There were cock rings, whips, and hand cuffs. So many toys were stuffed into that one room Tanya was sure you could spend the day in just that area alone and not see all there was to see.

Sitting on the floor along the wall of that toy room was large machines with toys attached to them. Tanya was intrigued at the sight of them and wondered what they were. A saleswoman walked into the room and spotted Tanya eyeing those machines. She walked over toward Tanya and stood facing the machine in front of her.

“These are what we call fucking machines. Each machine has a brand name but to us they are all the same thing, fucking machines. We have machines that have a lot of settings and some that are only controlled using an app on one’s phone. Have you had the pleasure of using one of these lovelies?”

Tanya knew what the woman was telling her, she had seen these things online before. She had never used one nor had she ever wanted to.

“No…no I have never used one before. Aren’t these for women that have no partners?”

“Oh honey no. These are enjoyed by all kinds of women. We have customers that are single buy them but we also have couples come in together to buy them. They can be lots of fun! If you enjoy being pushed through orgasm after wonderful orgasm even after you think you can handle no more, this is a machine you should invest in.

You will have stronger and more intense orgasms with these machines. They don’t let your heightened arousal diminish. Your pussy will stay turned on and hotter than hell. You will juice like you have never came before. I haven’t seen you come in here before, so I assume that you are new to our store. Can I help you find something or can I interest you in a quick video on these machines?”

Tanya thought about it for several moments before she could even put together an answer. She was there to buy a few outfits, she had no intention of buying toys when she entered the store. After looking over the selection of some toys she thought they may come in handy for future encounters.

“I’ll pass on the video of the machines. Thank you for the offer I will however take a few toys today.”

The saleslady helped take Tanya’s toy selections to the counter while Tanya continued looking for outfits. Tanya chose a few outfits and headed over to one of the fitting rooms. There was a small gathering of men sitting in the chairs waiting for their ladies that must have been trying on clothing. Tanya chose a room and slipped inside, she pulled the door closed as she dropped the new items onto the bench.

She began to undress by removing her blouse. She let the silk material of the light yellow blouse slide over her shoulders and down to the floor. She turned to face the bench as she unfastened the button on her slacks. She slide the pants over her rounded ass and bumped the door as she bent to take the slack from her ankles.

Tanya bent to decide which outfit to try on first. She felt her ass hit the dressing room door but was certain that it was closed so went about getting an outfit to try on. She chose the last outfit she had picked up. It was a black swede type material top that was short enough to barely cover her midriff. The skirt that went with it was made from the same material and should be just short enough to cover the bottom of her ass cheeks.

She pulled the top on and realized that she would need to go braless with this top because the way it was cut it would show the whole top half of each cup. She pulled the top back off. She pulled first one bra strap from her shoulder and then the next. Once each strap was hanging there, she unclasped the hooks in the back. She let her bra fall to the floor as she picked the black top from the bench. She turned to face the mirror on the door so she could see just how she looked in the new top.

That was when she noticed a small amount of movement from just beyond the door. She didn’t want it to be obvious that she was aware of the movement so she just glanced up with her eyes. She noticed two men that were trying to push one another over looking into her fitting room. She almost wanted to die right there until she heard one of their thoughts.

Dude I’ll bet you anything that she won’t take off her panties in there. If I am right you have to ask her out. I you are right I will be the one to ask her out. We’ll see if either of us have a chance to fuck that pretty thing today.

Tanya smiled and pulled the top over her breasts slowly trying to prolong the men’s enjoyment. When she had the top on she loved how it looked and how it made her breasts stand out and up much better than normally. Tanya pulled the skirt over her ass and turned her backside toward the mirror. She noticed that there was a visible panty line that she just could not go with. She reached under the skirt and slowly slide the panties down her legs.

The men were still watching her, the blonde turned to the darker haired man next to him and laughed. They high fived each other and Tanya hadn’t even shown anything. She sat on the bench in the dressing room and put on a pair of stockings. She always loved the way stockings made women’s legs look but she never cared for garter belts. This time she wanted the stockings but had chosen a pair that wouldn’t need the garter.

She raised the skirt over her hips and pulled one stocking on. She let her eyes wander upward as she pulled the second stocking on. The guys were watching her very intently hoping for a good view of the pink flesh between her legs. She wondered for a moment if she should give them a brief view. Without coming to a decision she found herself opening her legs just enough that the guys if they were paying attention would see the view.

One of the guys licked his lips so she knew he had seen what she had intentionally showed off. Tanya stood up after putting on a pair of heels and looked herself over in the mirror. She had to admit even to herself that for someone of her size she looked pretty damn hot. She had never been one to be happy with her larger size, today though she was happy that she was able to look good in these types of clothes.

She quickly changed from the first outfit through the other two. She wanted to get what she came to get and get home. All of the focusing on the guys sitting in the chairs had made Tanya want to cum. After the last of the outfits she changed back into what she had worn to the store. She grabbed those items that she wanted to buy and headed for the front counter.

As she walked closer to the counter the saleslady from the toy room walked over to her. She nodded and smiled as she looked over the clothing choices Tanya had made.

“Are you certain I can’t interest you in one of the machine videos? I think you would be just the perfect candidate for one of our machines. You seem a little on the timid side with a wild side that is raring to be let loose. There is something about you that I haven’t been able to pick out what it is. I am usually pretty good at figuring customers out. You have me stumped as to what made today the day you decided to stop in here.”

Tanya smiled about the comment of wondering what made her stop in on this day.

“You know I think I might be interested after all to see one of the videos. Do you have one I can purchase to view at home? I’m in a bit of a hurry today I have much to do tonight.”

The lady nodded her head yes. She reached over to the shelf on the wall and handed it to Tanya. It was a fairly plain cover on the DVD case. It only had the words “Machines We Love” on it with no picture at all. Tanya carried it and the clothes to the register and checked out. As she started to leave the store the dark haired man from the sitting area approached her. Tanya sucked in her breath afraid of what this man was about to do.

“Ma’am I noticed that you tried on a few outfits in there and was wondering if you might be interested in going out with me sometime. I know it seems forward of me but I thought I noticed you looking at me in there. If I am off base I apologize for the assumption.”

Tanya shook her head no and rushed off without saying a word to the man. Maybe she had gone too far in showing her pussy to those men. She didn’t know what had come over her but she had enjoyed letting them have a quick peek at her that way. She started to have second thoughts on what she was planning to do that night with her new ability. Mind reading seemed like she could have a lot of fun with it. What if she got into a ness that she couldn’t get herself out of though? She had been raped by a stranger once, how could she live with herself if she were the one to lead a man on like that?

Once at home Tanya was still having second thoughts about going out that Saturday night. She was nervous about what could happen if she changed her mind. She was also nervous because this was so not her. She had never done anything like that before. On the other side of that coin though she had done almost the same thing last night with Lyle. That had turned out pretty damn well, she had enjoyed herself and he seemed very pleased with how things had turned out. He was a little disappointed that she didn’t let there be a replay before he left that morning.

Tanya decided to take a long warm bath and wait to see how she felt closer to time to get ready to go out. If she was still worried she wouldn’t go but if her nerves had calmed down by then she would have the time of her life. She did after all still want to know if she would be able to get any man she wanted even if his thoughts weren’t on getting her into bed.

She laid in the bathtub thinking about how she had felt knowing those two men had been watching her change. She had almost felt a sense of pride that they were watching her when there were many more women there that were in much better shape than she was. They had sit there after trying to push one another out of the way and watched the whole time that she spent trying clothes on. They had stared at her overly plump breasts and had licked their lips when she let a small glimpse of her pussy be seen.

She was still turned on by the fact that they had watched her change when she came out of the tub. She laid the towel on her bed when she remembered the video of the machines. She raced through her home to the living room and picked up the video. She raced back to her bedroom and popped the video in the player as she sat on the edge of the bed debating which outfit to wear that night. Yes, she had decided that she had to go through with the plan she had made. She needed to know she could do it and she needed to know that what had happened to her in the past really was in the past.

As the video started there was a skinny blonde woman that walked onto the set. On the set when she walked on was not much of anything. There were a few chains hanging from the ceiling and then there was this fucking machine sitting in the middle of the room. The blonde walked to the machine and ran her hands down the machines legs.

The video went on with the blonde walking to the front of the machine. She wasn’t wearing any clothing and her body seemed almost too perfect. Her breasts were high tight and perky, her stomach was flat with no hint of stretch marks at all. Her ass was tight and perfectly rounded. Hell even Tanya wanted to be able to fuck that blonde goddess right then.

A man joined the blonde on set. He walked to the machine and lowered it just a little way. He then walked off set the way he had come onto it. When he came back on a moment later he was wheeling a table into the room. The table wasn’t like a kitchen table it was more like a tall square coffee table. He helped the blonde onto the table and had her sit on her ass. He told her to spread her legs as he walked behind the machine for another adjustment in the height of it.

After the man readjusted the height of the machine he walked back over to the table. The table had straps at each corner. He strapped her legs down first and then her hands. He leaned down and said something in her ear. She smiled at whatever he had said as he pulled a cell phone from his pocket. The camera zoomed in on the screen of the smartphone. The man opened his apps and started one up. The camera zoomed back out and showed the machine now moving. It was eerie to hear the hum of the machine.

The man leaned down and sucked on one of the blonde’s breasts. She did her best to arch her back to meet his mouth. Being strapped down she didn’t have much ability to move. He raised back up and clicked something on the screen of his phone. The machine started moving toward the woman. The man said something to the woman that Tanya wasn’t able to understand. The blonde nodded her head yes and the man clicked something else on his phone.

The camera changed to show the machine and the huge dildo on the working end of it. The dildo was getting closer and closer to the waiting woman’s pussy. Tanya was starting to enjoy watching this video. She could feel the warmth of her own pussy juices starting to leak from her pussy.  Tanya watched as the machine’s dildo arm shoved the head into the pussy that was stretched before it.

The camera angles were great because you could watch the machine in one view and in the next you could clearly see how the dildo was ramming in and out of the pussy it was meant to abuse. The man took a seat just to the woman’s right side which was on the far side of the room. Every once in a while you could see that he was doing something on his phone. In turn the machine would speed up or pull out further and sometimes it would slow way down.

When the woman had her first orgasm the camera view was on the machine but you could hear the woman’s moans get louder before it was nothing more than the hum of the machine. Her next orgasm wasn’t far off from the first one. It seemed to be more intense than the first one had been. The camera man had changed views for this one since it had taken time to build up. The close up shot he took of the machine slamming in and out of her pussy was perfect. You could see her pussy start to contract around the dildo that was working her into a frenzy. When she came you could see her juices running out of her and see it drip from the dildo.

The man stood up and asked the lady if she was ready to stop, she nodded yes. The man took his seat back and turned the speed of the machine even faster. The dildo started moving in and out so fast it was hard to watch the machine anymore. It was easier to watch this pussy and how it reacted to being pounded by this robotic dildo. After three more massive orgasms the man finally turned the machine off and unstrapped the woman from the table. He had to carry her off set she wouldn’t have been able to move on her own. The camera man turned the video feed off.

Tanya had no time to watch the next part of the video. If she were still going to go out that night she had to start getting ready right then. Her own pussy was dripping from watching the video. She went to the bathroom to clean up before getting dressed. When she came back from the bathroom she made a phone call.

“Hello, hi yes I was in there today and purchased a few toys along with a few outfits. There was a sales lady that helped me and directed me to a video. I was wondering if she were still there? She is great! May I speak with her for a moment please?”

The sales lady came on the line quickly.

“Hello this is Susan how may I help you?”

“Hi I think you were the sales lady that helped me in the toy room today. You explained the machines to me? I ended up getting a video about the machines. Anyway I was wondering if you all deliver. Also which model would you suggest for a first time machine user?”

They discussed the different models and which was the best for what purpose. They talked about which ones were adjustable and which could go really fast. They also talked about which ones you could have various sizes of dildos on. When Tanya felt certain she knew all she needed to know even about which could use apps to run, she again asked about delivery.

“Yes we deliver within the city free of charge. The machine comes fully protected in a large crate that is not marked with what it holds inside. Our delivery men carry them in and uncrate them and set them in whichever room you would like it in. Can I help you purchase one and set up delivery?”

Tanya purchased the second most expensive model and set the delivery for the next morning. She also purchased a dozen dildo pieces that would fit that particular machine. Tanya hoped that whoever she had at her home with her the next morning would enjoy using the machine with her. If not she would have him leave and use it herself. Who knows maybe she would bring a woman home with her that would let Tanya use the new machine on her. No matter which way it went Tanya was going to enjoy having that machine from what she could tell of the video. She couldn’t wait to get the chance to finish watching the rest of that movie.

Tanya hung up the phone from ordering her latest toys and ran to the bathroom to clean herself up some. Then she dressed quickly opting not to wear any panties so one less thing would need to come off when she picked whoever she picked to bring home with her.

After dressing she rushed out the door and got the first cab she could get. She gave the driver the address of the club that she wanted to visit first that night. As she walked into the club in her swede top and skirt and come fuck me pumps she scanned the room. There were many men here that seemed to be single.

Right away Tanya started hearing the thoughts of several men. Some were downright crude and others were much more mild in their wanting to screw her. A few looked and thought to themselves how hot she was but then went back to what they had been doing before she had walked in. Tanya smiled and walked to the bar to order a drink.

“Jack and coke please to that table right over there by the dance floor.” She turned and walked to the table she had pointed out to the bartender. She sat her small clutch bag on the tabletop and stood next to the table. A few minutes later the waitress brought over her drink. She reached for her bag but was informed that a man at the bar had already covered her drink.

Tanya snuck a look over her shoulder to the bar where the man was looking straight at her. He held his glass up then turned and drank his own drink. Tanya tried to focus in on what he was thinking but there were so many thoughts being heard that she couldn’t tell which was his. The constant sound of all those thoughts was passing through her mind was making having a good time almost unbearable. Tanya began to wonder if this had been a good idea.

She drank down her jack and coke and headed toward the door. She needed a quieter bar not that this one had been very loud. There were too many people in here all having private thoughts that she could hear. Maybe she would go to another less crowded bar. The man who had bought her drink walked toward her at the door.

“Leaving so soon? I was hoping for at least a dance before you left.”

Tanya almost felt guilty but she had to get out of that bar before she went insane and started talking to the voices she was hearing. “I need to get out of here, it is far too loud in here for my tastes. Thank you for the drink I appreciate your generosity.”

The two parted ways and Tanya hailed yet another cab. This time she asked the driver if he knew of any quiet bars. He smiled and told her he knew the perfect place. They pulled up outside the seediest places in town. Tanya was worried about going to this bar at all. The driver noticed the nervousness pasted on Tanya’s face. He assured her that the inside was much different than the outside. He gave her the old saying not to judge a book by its cover. She thanked him for the ride and the suggestion and paid the fare.

When Tanya walked into the bar she could see what the driver had meant. This place was amazing! It was a complete contrast from the outside. There were maybe twenty five people in the whole bar. The walls were clean and neatly painted. The dance floor seemed new and the bar was exquisite. The dark oak wood was beautiful. The red velvet top of the bar was cleaned with no stains.

There was a tall yet stocky man behind the bar that looked her up and down when she walked in. There were two men sitting at the bar sipping from their glasses until they saw the bartender starring at someone. When they too looked up at Tanya they couldn’t help but stare as well.

Tanya stood there pretending to listen to the music while actually listening to the thoughts of the men that had noticed her at that point. Some thoughts amused her and others just made her want to walk up and smack a few. She heard other thoughts of men she wasn’t sure who the thoughts belonged to as of yet. She walked to a small table that had seats for three and chose the one she would park her ass on.

She listened to the music and tried to guess which man in the bar certain thoughts belonged to. This seemed like an easier plan while she was at home. Here it was difficult to discern which voice of a thought belonged to which man.  She glanced around the room many times wondering if a particular thought belonged to any of the good looking men. There was a thought or two from a couple of different women as well.

Some of the women’s thoughts were about their men looking at the new woman that had just come in. A few of those women were ready to beat the hell out of their men. Those thoughts were pretty funny to Tanya. Not that she wanted the men that were with other women to focus on her. The main reason she found those thoughts funny was because she would never go home with a man that had been there with another woman when she got there. She wasn’t one to break up any couple that was not acceptable at all. Some of the thoughts she was hearing made her ready to try this out again.

“Did you see that hot chick walk in man? Damn if I only had a chance with her I would be on top of the world. Not only is she sexy as hell but she is way out of my league too. I bet she is hot in bed, but I bet she would make one hell of a wife to some lucky son of a bitch.”

“Man I’d hit that sweet ass if I was given a chance!”

Then there were some of the sweeter thoughts going on in this bar too.

“That lady is one beautiful lady. She carries herself with confidence and has curves in all the right places. She is too classy for this joint.”

A young man that was barely old enough to be in a bar walked over and asked what she would like to drink. He told her they have a two drink minimum there. She ordered a jack and coke since it was her favorite drink. She asked for just one to begin but that she would take the second in five minutes. The young man nodded his head and headed back to the bar.

It was only a moment later when another man that must have been in his early thirties walked over with two drinks in his hands. He handed her one and said it was her jack and coke. She smiled politely and glanced to the bar where the bartender shook his head yes. The man at her table introduced himself to her.

“My name in Tim, I don’t think I have ever seen you here before.”

“Nice to meet you Tim, my name is Tanya. This is my first time at this bar. To be honest I have never seen the outside of it before tonight. I asked my cab driver to take me to a quiet bar and well this is where he dropped me off. Turns out he was right, this is such a nice bar compared to the last one I was at tonight. Please have a seat if you would like.”

Tanya listened in as best as she could to hear Tim’s thoughts. She was surprised when his every thought wasn’t about getting her into bed. Instead most of his thoughts were about making sure she was able to have a nice time here and leave here without being bothered by any of the pigs that came in here most nights.

The two talked for a long time before Tim excused himself for a few moments. Tanya watched as he walked to the restroom. She began looking around again in hopes that she would find that perfect guy to take home with her. Tim was a good candidate because sex didn’t seem to be on his mind. Tanya wanted to take home with her a man that wasn’t constantly thinking about sex. She wanted to see if she could turn his thoughts to only sex with her before their time together was over.

Tim made it back to her table with two more drinks in his hands. He had gotten her another jack and coke. A young lady walked over to the table while Tim and Tanya talked. She introduced herself as Tammy. She wanted to know if Tanya would dance to the next fast song with her. Tanya seemed taken aback, but after a short minute agreed to the dance. The very next song was a fast one and Tammy dragged Tanya by the hand to the dance floor.

Tim watched as the two women began dancing. He watched as Tammy grinded her hips into Tanya’s. He watched as Tanya began to get into being humped on the dance floor. The ladies stayed on the floor through the next two songs as well. The dance close and grinded against each other during every fast song. Tammy turned to face Tanya a few times and ran her hands up and down Tanya’s chest, rubbing her breasts over and over again. Tanya leaned into Tammy’s hands enjoying the contact.

Tanya began to think maybe it was a good idea to take home someone that wanted to have sex with her instead of someone who had no thoughts about it. When Tammy began rubbing Tanya’s clit under her skirt Tanya was ready to go home and get fucked. It would be great to take Tammy home with her if the machine had already been delivered. Since it wouldn’t be there until morning though, Tanya needed a man inside of her.

Tanya excused herself from Tammy’s wanting hands and headed back to her table. Once she had gotten to the table she noticed that Tim had already ordered her another drink. She stood next to Tim and whispered a soft thank you in his ear. He smiled politely and turned to look her in the eyes.

“Maybe you have had enough to drink. I would hate for anyone to try to take advantage of such a beautiful woman. Could I help you get a cab?” Tanya had other plans she wanted to take Tim and Tammy both home with her. She wanted to be with a woman but she also needed a cock inside her. She leaned in to ask Tim a question.

“Would you take me home and stay the night with me? I am not drunk but I am horny as hell and I want to feel your cock inside me. I have been tortured all evening by the bulge in your jeans. I need to see it and I want to taste it. If I am not mistaken you would rather enjoy feeling my pussy wrapped around your cock too. So what do you say? Oh and how do you feel about two women together too?”

She wasn’t wanting to wait for an answer. She motioned for Tammy to come over to the table. She then whispered something in her ear when Tammy got to the table. Tammy smiled and said hell yeah!


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