Heard Not Spoken Part 4!

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The trio took two cars back to Tanya’s place. Tammy rode with Tanya so that they could talk. Tim had the whole drive to her place to think about what he was getting into. He had almost convinced himself that the whole situation was a bad idea. He pulled his truck in behind Tanya’s car into the driveway. He sat and watched as Tammy jumped out of the car and ran to the driver side of the car. She jerked the door open and helped Tanya out. Tammy pulled Tanya close to her and pulled Tanya’s top up to show off the perfectly rounded globes of Tanya’s breasts.

Tammy bent to take one breast into her mouth. Tanya leaned her head back while she cradled Tammy’s head in her hand. Tim sat in his truck watching the beautiful sight of the two women without a care for who else could be watching. Tammy let a hand trace its way up toward the sweet spot that Tanya’s skirt was hiding. That was when Tanya snapped back to life and pulled Tammy back up and put her top back down.

Tanya walked over to Tim’s truck. She slowly opened the driver door. She stood there with a smile that melted Tim’s reserve. She reached down slowly and grabbed the hem of her top. She pulled the top up inch by inch. First her stomach came into his view then her rib cage. When her breasts came into view Tim was in awe. For a woman of her size, not that she was obese, her breasts were large and perfect. Tanya pulled the top all the way off over her head. She let her hands massage each breast before she turned and slowly walked to her front door.

Tanya stepped into her living room with Tammy on her heels. Once Tanya got close to the fireplace she turned to face Tammy. Tanya listened for Tim’s footsteps or at the least his thoughts. She heard him thinking that this night could go really badly or could be the most fun he had ever had with a woman. She wanted to make sure that it was a night he would never forget. When she heard his footsteps just inside the front door she told Tammy to kneel on her knees in front of Tanya.

When Tim peeked into the room he saw Tammy on her knees and Tanya standing over her raising her skirt. His eyes lit up at the sight of the two women already starting to get down to the business they had all went there for. He stood at the doorway not wanting to interfere with the ladies. He was content in watching them for the time being.

I don’t know how this is going to turn out but from the looks of what I am seeing already it’s going to be fun! Tanya is beautiful, I can’t believe that she even invited me here. She seems pretty comfortable with a woman too. I wonder if she is going to have Tammy eat her pussy.  Damn just that thought is hot! Get a grip Tim, let these lovely ladies play and just enjoy watching them. I shouldn’t even be here right now, I should have let her come home without me coming over too. I’d like to get to know her better but this isn’t the way I had hoped for.

Tanya laughed out loud at that last thought of Tim’s. She was happy at the bar that he hadn’t wanted sex from her from the moment he saw her. Now that he was here at her house, she wanted him to act like a normal man would. She wanted him to be turned on, she wanted him to join in on the play time. Hell she wanted his cock inside of her.

“Tim sweet man, please tell me you aren’t going to just watch us all night. Come over here please. Lie on your back between Tammy and I. Tammy start licking my pussy, it’s in front of you for a reason. I want to feel your tongue first. This night isn’t a get together, it’s a fuck fest! Now let’s get started fucking! Tim you eat Tammy while she eats me! I want to see your tongue flicking away at her pussy.”

Tanya stood there with a leg on the coffee table next to them and the other planted firmly on the floor. Her skirt had a zipper from the top of the skirt that went down the complete length of it. She was able to remove her skirt without having it fall to the floor. She tossed the skirt onto the couch as she stood there completely naked.

Tammy’s tongue was just beginning to hit the right spot just inside Tanya’s pussy. She had always loved having her clit licked, but there was something even better about feeling a pointed tongue french kissing her pussy. She could have the best orgasms by having a tongue hitting that sweet spot just on the upper inside portion of her pussy.

Tanya watched as Tim laid beneath the ladies and started to carefully lick Tammy’s clit. It was as if Tim was afraid he would hurt her if he enjoyed himself. He licked her clit a few times, then stopped to look at Tanya. When she would smile at him he would turn back to the pussy in front of him and lick a few more times. Tanya began to wonder if he had ever been with a woman before. At the very least she wondered if he had ever eaten a pussy.

“Alright that is enough! Tammy get over on the couch and lay on your back. Tim sit on the floor next to her hips. Tim have you ever ate a pussy before? Soft is nice when you are mid orgasm, but it will never get a woman to an orgasm. It looks like I am going to have to direct this portion of the show. Sit quietly I need to get something, I’ll be right back!”

When Tanya returned to the room she was carrying a small paddle. She noticed that Tammy was looking at Tim but Tim was staring off at the fireplace. Tim just didn’t seem to be getting into the idea of the whole night. She wondered for a moment if she had picked the wrong man. Maybe it would have been better to bring a man home that only had thoughts of fucking her hard. Maybe he wasn’t into women or maybe he was turned off by her or by the fact of two women being together.

“Tim? May I ask you something?” He nodded his head yes as he turned to look at Tanya. “Tim are we turning you off here? Do you not find two sexy ladies a turn on? I ask because you don’t seem to be getting into this at all.”

Oh God no! Of course I am turned on! Look at you, you are so fucking beautiful! I would have to be dead not to be into this. It’s just that, Tammy isn’t a turn on to me. I prefer to have one woman and I like my women to have curves not be a flag pole.

“Tanya, yes I am into this. I just don’t normally go for two women at once. I’m kinda nervous I guess.”

Tanya smiled at Tim’s words but more at the thoughts he had before he spoke. She loved the fact that this man wanted her. She loved the fact that he wanted her to himself even more. She began to worry that he wasn’t going to be able to fully enjoy the night with three of them all playing together. She quickly decided to make sure that she and Tammy played together but that Tim was only playing with her.

She walked over to the coffee table and laid the paddle down. She walked over to the couch and got on her knees between Tammy’s open thighs. With Tammy on her back and Tanya on her knees, Tim had the perfect view of Tanya’s pussy. She glanced back at Tim and watched him lick his lips at the sight of her open pussy. She knew then that he really did want her and her alone. Tanya leaned down to Tammy’s pussy and began to eat that pussy with full vigor. She licked her clit and then dove into her pussy. She used her tongue on Tammy the way she loved to be eaten. She shook her ass at Tim while she ate Tammy. She hoped that he would take the hint and start to eat her pussy. She didn’t have to hope for very long. Tim was behind her in no time and had his tongue shoved into her pussy as far as he could. He pulled his tongue out long enough to lick her clit a few times before he dove back in to licking her pussy. He stayed that way eating her pussy until Tanya pulled away.

“Mmmm that feels really fucking good Tim. Tammy would you mind now if I lay down and you suck my nipples? I wanna feel Tim eating my pussy really good and I need to lay down for it. Tim lover, let that tongue and your fingers fuck me like you want your cock to do! I wanna cum and I wanna spray it all over you.”

The trio swapped positions so that Tanya could lay down. Tammy went to work on the nipples that were now in front of her. She teased and bit and sucked Tanya’s way to bliss. Tim went back to work eating the perfect pussy laying in front of him. He shoved a couple of fingers into the waiting pussy as he licked her clit. He curled his fingers and found that perfect sweet spot just inside Tanya’s pussy. He rubbed and massaged her sweet spot as he made love to the clit above.

Tanya began to buck her hips harder against Tim’s hand. She held his mouth against her clit with one hand while her other hand was pinching the nipple that Tammy wasn’t sucking on. Tanya was getting very close to a strong orgasm. She needed to feel that release before she could go on to have a great time for the rest of the night.

Tammy stood up and squatted above Tanya’s mouth. She wanted to feel Tanya’s tongue eating her again. She wanted to cum too and the only chance of that happening was going to be to get Tanya to eat her out. Tanya understood and went right to work on Tammy’s pussy. Tanya left her nipple be and shoved three fingers inside of Tammy’s hole as she licked her clit and nipped it a bit too.

Tim was getting closer to needing to cum. He was completely enjoying eating Tanya, he was enjoying it so much he was as hard as a brick. His cock began to hurt but he wasn’t about to stop pleasing Tanya. He could tell that she was on the verge of having one hell of an orgasm. She was bucking against his hand and shoving his tongue further to her clit. He knew it was going to be a short amount of time before she would cum all over his fingers. He wanted her to cum all over his tongue instead.

He tried to pull his head from her clit, she must have thought he was trying to stop. She shoved his head to her even harder than she had been. Well, maybe it would be okay that she came on his hand. He was sure he would have a chance to taste her cum later in the night. He knew he wouldn’t leave there without being able to taste her juices.

Oh that’s it beautiful. Cum for me now. I wanna taste that sweet juice you are going to give me. I want to feel the heat of your cum on my tongue. Then I want to shove my cock in this perfect pussy you have and make you scream. When you think you can take no more, I want to feel your ass wrapped around my cock when I let my cum explode inside of you. Watching you eat Tammy’s pussy is pretty fucking hot! Feeling your pussy squeeze my fingers is awesome and I want to feel that around this cock of mine.

Tanya smiled the best she could with Tammy’s pussy in her face. Tanya relaxed her hold on his head so that he could pull it away from her clit. He took her cue and let his tongue replace his fingers inside her pussy. With the first push in of his tongue Tanya was ready to scream his name. Tammy changed positions so she could also eat Tanya’s pussy at the same time as Tanya’s ate her’s. Tim was in heaven tasting the sweet juices of Tanya’s pussy. The ladies were thoroughly enjoying having their pussies eaten. Tim ate Tanya’s hole with a passion he had never felt before. Tanya wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer before she came all over his tongue. With her hole being eaten and her clit being licked by Tammy, Tanya was on the verge of a massive orgasm. She could feel the electricity starting in the pit of her stomach. Her breathing got faster and her hips were bucking as fast as they could go without throwing both people from their current places.

The pressure in her pussy was getting stronger by the second. It was just a matter of seconds before her orgasm would rock her harder than she had felt in a very long time. She felt the tell-tale sign of the impeding orgasm. Her hands locked around Tammy’s hips while her own hips thrusted forward once before becoming rigid. She felt her pussy spray and Tim’s tongue didn’t let up even for a second. Tanya rode the wave of the orgasm to the hilt and came to an end.

Tammy climbed off of Tanya and slipped to the floor beside her. Tammy had accomplished a smaller orgasm than Tanya had. Tanya was spent, she felt like she had no energy at all left in her. She wasn’t ready to call the night over with though. She used what small amount of energy she had left to crawl over to Tim at the other end of the sofa. She lifted his cock from against his stomach and slipped it into her waiting mouth. She had wanted to do that all evening long.

Tammy sat and watched as Tanya worked to bring Tim to orgasm. As she sat and watched she rubbed her own pussy. Tammy had always gotten off easier if she was bringing herself off. She had no problem with having to let herself cum, who knew her body better than her after all? She kept watching the way Tanya sucked on the cock before her. Tanya circled the head of Tim’s cock with her tongue before she would attack his cock with lust in her eyes.

Tim had let his head sink back against the arm of the sofa. He watched as Tanya’s mouth danced up and down the length of his hard cock. She was very good at what she was doing to him. She let his cock slide to the back of her throat and hummed just a little before she would pull up to the head of his cock. Once at the head she would let her tongue run all around it then stop long enough to look into Tim’s eyes before taking all of it back into her throat again.

Tammy was getting a good view of the action in front of her. She was also getting much closer to her own orgasm. She was pinching a nipple as she had three fingers in her pussy. Her fingers slid in and out of her pussy as fast as she could jam them back in.

Tanya was getting Tim just to the edge of his own orgasm. Just as she felt him getting to close she would clasp her hand around the base of his shaft. She wanted him to cum for her but she didn’t want him to cum to soon. She wanted to make sure that he enjoyed what she was doing. He had made sure that she had the best orgasm possible and she wanted to return that favor to him. She kept bobbing her head up and down on his shaft as fast as she could while still making his orgasm hold off.

Tammy couldn’t hold off any longer, she had to cum. She had been watching the action Tanya was showing off on and it was too much for Tammy. She let out a small scream as her orgasm over took her. She shook with so much force that she pushed the ottoman backward from behind her head.

Tim heard Tammy’s orgasm push her over the edge and that was the last thing that he could handle. He tried to pull out of Tanya’s mouth not wanting to cum in her mouth. Tanya held onto his shaft and took his full length into her mouth. She knew he was about to cum, and she wanted to take as much of his seed as she could into her mouth. She wanted to feel his hot cum sliding down her throat. She kept sucking him as hard as she could and was rewarded with the first of several streams of cum. After the third smaller stream she had to pull off of his cock. He shot so much cum that she couldn’t take all of it down her throat. The last two streams of his cum landed on his chest.

Tanya licked her lips after pulling off of his cock. She trailed kisses up along his stomach to his chest. She licked the two small streams of cum from his chest before she leaned up to kiss him. She was surprised when he happily held her close and kissed her with a deep passion. He didn’t seem to mind the fact that she still had the last of his cum in her mouth. Tanya was able to still taste her own juice in his mouth as they kissed.

After all the excitement so far that evening, all three of them were tired. Tanya got up to get drinks for everyone. When she came back into the room Tammy was already dressed. Tanya had assumed that both Tammy and Tim would be staying the night there with her. She didn’t want the fun to end just yet. She still wanted to get fucked and she was afraid that if Tammy left that Tim would too.

“Tammy are you leaving? I thought you would stay the night. I hoped that we could play together some more. Are you upset about something?”

Tammy smiled, “No I am not upset. I just need to get home. Thank you for inviting me over and thank you for the fun. I really had a great time! I hope we can do this again sometime. Tonight though, I need to go home to my boyfriend.”

The girls said their goodbyes at the door. When Tanya made it back into the living room she expected to see Tim also dressed and ready to leave. She was very happy when he proved her wrong. He was laying on the floor in front of the fire. He patted the floor next to him and grinned. Tanya filled that spot next to him and curled into his arms.

This is what I am talking about. This is heaven right here. Holding a beautiful woman in my arms, laying peacefully together just enjoying being together. Making love to a woman is beyond fucking fantastic, but loving a woman is even better. Wow did I really just say love? What the hell, I just met her?

Tanya smiled to herself as she listened to Tim’s thoughts. She didn’t know how she felt about the “L” word being used on a first date. It seemed a little fast to her, but she did enjoy his company. She had enjoyed spending the time at the bar with him. She had enjoyed the way he had made her feel earlier on the sofa.

She also enjoyed laying there in his arms. For some strange reason she felt really safe in the arms of a man that she had just met that night. It almost seemed like she had known him for years. In fact he even looked like someone she had known many years before. She knew it wasn’t that man though because his name had not been Tim.

Right now she really didn’t care about any of that. All she cared about right that moment was making love with Tim. She leaned her head up to look at Tim. When he felt her move he looked down to gaze into her eyes. She leaned a little further and kissed his cheek. He took that as a good sign, he leaned down and took her lips to his. He didn’t want to rush through the feelings he was having. He took his time tasting every dark location of her mouth with his tongue.

They kissed for a while and then laid there holding one another. Tim was perfectly content in holding this woman all night long. He noticed her breathing started to change, he glanced down and saw a smile on her face. Tanya had her eyes closed with the sweetest smile on her face. She had fallen asleep, he pulled a cover from the arm of the nearby chair and covered her the best he could. He wrapped his arms around her and fell into a sleep he hadn’t experienced before.

When Tanya woke up she felt his warm breath against the skin on her forehead. She didn’t want to wake him but she needed to use the restroom and brush her teeth. She hated morning breath so much that it was always the first thing she did. She slowly slid from Tim’s arms and stood up. She watched to make sure she had not woke him up. When she was sure that he was still asleep she ran to her bedroom to use her bathroom.

She grabbed her toothbrush and paste and began brushing her teeth as she used the restroom. When she finally finished her teeth she went back to the living room. She noticed that Tim was still fast asleep so she decided to make breakfast and coffee. She had a hunger that wasn’t normal for her in the mornings. She quietly started preparing food for two. She had gotten hash browns and sausage finished and was working on the eggs and pancakes when Tim walked up behind her. He slid his arms through her’s and wrapped them around her. He leaned in and kissed her neck.

I could wake up every morning to this gorgeous woman! She even knows what my favorite breakfast is! Then again I would forget all about breakfast if I could take her to the bedroom and make love to her.

Tanya looked back at him and smiled. “Tim now you go sit down and let me finish getting our breakfast ready. We can go to the bedroom when we are done eating. I need food first then your cock!”

Tim looked shocked that she had just said those things. He was about to ask her what the hell, when the doorbell rang. Tanya ran off to get the door before Tim could ask her how she knew what he had been thinking. Tanya didn’t even wait to grab clothes, she went straight to the door wearing just Tim’s shirt. His shirt barely covered mid-way down her ass. She didn’t even care at all.

When Tanya opened the door there were two guys standing there wearing some type of uniform. She glanced at the company name on the shirt of one of the guys. She realized that they were the delivery guys that were bringing her fucking machine today. She had forgotten all about ordering it after all the fun last night. She let the guys in and showed them to her bedroom. Tim had not even been into her room yet. These guys were supposed to set up the machine for her and get rid of the box the machine had been sent in.

She left the two men to do what they needed to do. She walked back into the kitchen with a huge smile on her face. Tim looked confused still. He had finished getting the eggs ready and the last pancake was coming out of the skillet when Tanya came back in. Tanya poured them both coffee as Tim fixed both of their plates. They did their work in silence and sat down to start eating. Finally Tim could take no more quietness.

“Tanya, before the doorbell what made you say what you said about after breakfast?”

Tanya laughed a little bit before she answered Tim’s question.

“Tim you silly man, what do you think you are doing here? I picked you last night at the bar to come home with me because you were the only man that looked good that didn’t automatically think about fucking me when I walked in. You see Friday morning I woke up with an umm new ability that I had never had before. I woke up being able to hear other people’s thoughts. When I walked into the bar many of the men there looked up and had some pretty raunchy thoughts about fucking me in strange places. You on the other hand only kept thinking about how you wanted to protect me from those men. I found that interesting to say the least. It was served as a challenge to me. I wanted to see if I could change your mind on what you wanted. I wanted to see if I could get you to want me.

After we got here though, I realized that you were a very sweet man. I knew that yes I still wanted you to fuck me but it wasn’t so much about my ability anymore. It was about the fact that I really wanted you.”

Tim was stunned at what he was listening to. How could she be that way? How could she just want to see if she could bed him then toss him away? Now that she has had her fun with me is she going to throw me out and never see me again? What the hell, I mean here I am falling in love with this woman and all she wanted was sex?

“Tim it’s not like that! Okay so last night yes what I wanted was sex. After you got here with me though, I really did want you. Not because I wanted to try to win you over, but because you had been so sweet to me and I wanted to get to know you more. I ruined that now haven’t I?”

Tim pushed his chair back and stood up. He walked over to the sink with his plate and scrapped it clean and washed it off. He laid the towel on the counter and walked out of the kitchen. As he walked into the living room the two delivery guys were walking out of her bedroom. Tim about punched one of the guys not expecting anyone else to be there.

Tanya ran after Tim trying to get him to hear her out before he just left. He walked past the other guys and walked out the door. Tanya was heartbroken that he was leaving after she tried to explain to him that she no longer cared about what anyone was thinking she just wanted to get to know him better. She had heard his thoughts last night as they laid in front of the fire and again this morning when he first came into the kitchen. Yes it was fun to know what other people were thinking, but now she could see where it was going to be a pain in her ass.

The delivery guys were done and she signed their work order and let them out. When she opened the door she saw that Tim had not left. He was sitting on her front stoop with his eyes red from the tears that he had let escape when he walked out. When the delivery guys pulled away Tanya tried again to talk to Tim.

“Tim I’m sorry. I should have told you last night about the ability. It could be gone just as fast as it came to me. I don’t know how long it will last. I just know that I have never in my life been the kind of a woman that would just go out looking for someone to take to bed. I have never went to a bar to pick anyone up. Until last night I had never picked up a woman to have sex with her either.

This weekend I just wanted to be someone else for a little while. I wanted to be the type of woman that wasn’t shy and could have any man she wanted. Let’s face it, I am not the type of woman that most men go for. I am not petite, I don’t have the face of a model. Men never look at me the way they have been the last two days. I have enjoyed the attention, for that I am not sorry. You know why? Because if it weren’t for this ability to read others thoughts, I would not have been at that bar and I wouldn’t have met you.”

Tim couldn’t even look her in the eye now. He starred off in front of him with tears still in his eyes.

“Damn Tim, if I could give back this damn ability I would in a heartbeat. I can’t though. I never thought that I would start to have feelings for you or anyone that I met from this. But I do, damn it to hell I do care about you. I am sorry I hurt your feelings. There isn’t a thing I can do to change what happened though. If you can’t forgive me for not being upfront with you last night, then maybe you better leave.”

She really has no idea how much I care for her. Look Tanya I know you said you can read my thoughts. So you already know what I was thinking last night as you laid in my arms in front of the fire. You already know that I am falling in love with you. I wish you would have told me last night about all of this. I probably wouldn’t have come over here though, so I am glad you didn’t.

I want you to know something, I want you to know that I want to get to know you more. I want to see if there is anything between us other than sex. Not that I am going to turn down having sex with you. Because right now I want to take you in the bedroom and make love to you for the next few hours. I also want to get to know the real you outside of the bedroom.

What do you say? Can we see where this is going to take us? Before we do that, can I please make love to that beautiful pussy of yours? I missed out on having my cock inside you last night. I don’t want to miss out on that now.

Tanya smiled and leaned into his chest. She kissed him with that same hunger that she had felt last night for him. When she broke the kiss she answered one of his questions.

“Yes Tim let’s see where this takes us.”

She took him by his hand and led him to her bedroom. As they walked into the room he remembered the delivery guys.

“What were those two guys doing in here?”

“Oh they were delivering that machine over in the corner!” Tanya had a wicked look in her eyes. She looked over at the fucking machine and licked her lips. She couldn’t wait to give her new toy a try.



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