Mike’s Fantasy Finally Came Pt. 1

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If the day’s events were any clue, the night’s activities were going to wear Mike and Stacy

both out. Man they were both going to be getting off time and time again if all went as


Mike had called Tina while he was out running his errands. If one had been listening into the

conversation, this is the way they would have heard it going down.

“Hey Tina this is Mike. Do you have a few minutes to spare so I can talk to you about something

really important?”

“Hey Mike, yeah I am free. What’s up, other than my husband’s cock after seeing your sexy

Stacy last night all natural?”

Mike chuckled before he answered her.

“I wanted to know how serious you were last night about Shay wanting to fuck my girl? I also

was curious if you meant what you said last night about being pissed if Shay got to fuck her

before you?”

Tina wasted absolutely no time in responding to both questions.

“Are you fucking kidding me! I wanted to eat her pussy last night so bad. All Shay could talk

about after you all left was how bad he wanted to have his cock buried in her tight holes. He

fucked me harder for a lot longer than he has in years last night. Shay isn’t one for foreplay

much, usually he will kiss me then shove straight into me. Last night though he ate me


“Well I was wondering if the two of you might be up for meeting us later tonight at the club.

I figure Stacy would rather fulfill my fantasy of watching her fuck another guy, with someone

that she knows. Not to mention I thought at the same time another fantasy of mine could be

marked off the list too.”

“What fantasy would that be?”

“To watch my girl with another woman. I mean that is like every man’s dream. For me though it

would be right up there with watching her getting fucked by another man. Let’s be real here,

two women getting hot and heavy with each other is unbelievably hot! Besides after the morning

that Stacy and I had, I think it is one of her fantasies too. In fact, she was dreaming about

the two of you this morning. She was so into it in her sleep that she grabbed a sex toy and

fucked herself off to many orgasms. Before yelling your name while I ate her out.”

“Damn! Hell yeah we are interested in tonight! I will let Shay in on the plan. What time and

where should we meet you guys?”

Mike and Tina talked over the plan a few more minutes before Mike had headed home. Once home

he had found Stacy in the kitchen nude cleaning the oven. He wasn’t really sure how he was

going to be able to wait until the evening to cum again. The thoughts of Stacy and Tina

together and Stacy being pounded by Shay was almost too much for him to keep his load where it


Stacy fixed a light dinner salad for the two of them before they were to head out for the

night. The plan was that they would take separate cars to the club. Once Stacy had picked up a

man of her choosing she and the guy would head back to the house. Mike would show at the bar a

few moments after Stacy and would find a woman to take home with him. Once all four adults

were at the house, Mike would pour the drinks while Stacy put on a dance show.

Mike had no idea what the women had planned out the night before. He was not aware that Stacy

had been setting it up with Tina to get fucked by Mike. She wanted Tina to seduce Mike while

she was fucking Shay. If all went according to the girls plan, all four of them would be

getting fucked and having a hell of a time with it in the process.

Stacy had no clue that Mike had set it up with Tina for her to finally have her own fantasy of

being with a woman taken care of the same night. While Mike had been gone on errands, one of

the things Stacy had done was to install a camera system in the bedroom they would be using

tonight. Shay had come over and helped her get the right camera angles and made sure that at

least part of the cameras would give very close up views of the action. All the parties had to

do was make sure they got in the right positions.

Stacy wanted this night to be one of the best fantasy nights they could ever have. She thought

that having the camera’s would add to it because her and Mike would be able to re-watch the

action time and again. She had promised Shay that she would be sure to give he and Tina a copy

of the disc. All parties had to agree that the video would not be shown to any one else

without the permission of everyone on the disc.

Once dinner was out of the way and Stacy had cleaned up she went to the family room to set the

music on the player for later that night. Mike came in and told her that they needed to start

getting ready. The time was closing in on when they should get to the club. They headed

upstairs to the bedroom to get ready.

“Stacy let me ask you something. I want an honest answer on this, ok? Are you sure that you

are comfortable with the plan for tonight? I mean are you certain that you are ok getting

fucked by another man while I watch? I don’t want you to do anything that you are not 100% in


Stacy walked over to Mike and ran her hand down to his crotch, gave a squeeze. “Mike oh Mike,

if this is something that you want to see. I am okay with it as long as you are sure that you

will be able to handle it. I mean I would hate for this to cause any problems between us. I

don’t want you feeling like I have betrayed our relationship. I am willing to do this to make

you happy.”

“Stacy babe we have been together long enough that I am certain this will not hurt us. It will

not hurt our relationship. I know that you are only going through with this, for me. I want

you to know that I love you very much. I love that you love me enough to do this. Right now I

am so fucking ready to burst just thinking about what’s going to happen in this room later

tonight. If we had more time I would bend you over this bed right now.”

Stacy smiled knowing everything that she had set-up in the room. The camera’s were just the

beginning. She had gotten all new toys for tonight too. She had picked up a few things that

she and Mike had talked about introducing before but had never done. There was the under the

mattress bed restraint system, and the new cat-o-nine tails. Tonight would be interesting to

say the least.

Stacy dressed in a light blue sundress. She left the under clothes drawer closed opting to go

without them for the night. She tussled her hair and let it be. Not wanting to worry about a

ton of make-up removal, she decided to just use her powder base. She slid on a pair of her

most loved six inch heels. With that she was ready to go. She ran into the on suite bathroom

and asked Mike if she looked okay to go out in.

“Babe you look good enough to eat, but if I do that we will be late. I need five more minutes

then I will be ready to walk out the door. You should go ahead and leave so that you get to

the club before I do. Sit at the bar and look bored to death. I am sure you will get plenty of

attention to keep you busy until I get there. Oh by the way, I love you sexy.”

Stacy kissed Mike then ran out to grab her car. She slid into the seat of her Charger and

raced to the club. She wanted to get there before Shay showed up. She hoped that Tina had

remembered to get there first. She wanted to have a chance to go over what the plan was before

the men showed up.

Pulling into the parking lot Stacy saw Tina’s car. Good she was there, hopefully Shay wasn’t

yet. Stacy walked in and scanned the place for Tina. There was a group of maybe seven or eight

guys standing around a barstool and Stacy heard Tina’s laugh. She walked over and pushed her

way into the group of men. She leaned over to Tina’s ear and whispered something to her. Tina

smiled really big and Stacy grabbed Tina’s tit. The guys mouths dropped open wide. The two

ladies walked away from the group and found a quiet place to talk.

Shay walked in a few minutes after Stacy had walked to the bar and found a seat. Tina was

sitting in a booth at the other side of the club. She was watching the door waiting on Mike to

show up. Shay saw Stacy at the bar and walked over to chat with her.

“Stacy? How are you? I love your dress, it shows just the right amount of curve. I wonder

though, does it show more when you want it to?”

Stacy gave a little giggle and leaned over. Shay must have enjoyed what he saw. Stacy was at

eye level with his crotch and she was enjoying the fact that he could fill out a pair of jeans

in all the right places. She looked up at Shay and licked her lips. He leaned down and ran his

thumb over her now wet lips. He stepped closer to Stacy which put his crotch damn near against

her chin.

Tina saw the goings on at the bar but her mind was on watching for Mike. When she finally saw

him enter she flagged him over. He kissed her cheek and sat next to her in the booth. Tina

pointed over to the bar at Stacy and Shay. Stacy had sat back up and Shay was standing between

her knees. They were talking and laughing quite a bit. Mike knew that laugh of Stacy’s, she

was enjoying teasing Shay. Mike was enjoying the show and was stiffening up a bit. He shifted

to rearrange the hardness in his jeans.

Stacy whispered something in Shay’s ear. The look on his face was a touch of confusion.

“What do you mean Stacy? I thought tonight was about you and I fucking. Tina didn’t say

anything to me about Mike getting to fuck my wife. I don’t know if I am okay with that. I mean

I am the only man she has been with since we married. I just don’t know if I can handle

watching another man porking my wife.”

“Shay listen please. It is a fantasy of Mike’s to watch me getting pounded by another man. It

is my fantasy to watch him slamming his hot rod in and out of another woman. I don’t know that

I could handle watching that with two people I don’t know. At least with you and Tina I know

that there is no possibility of any of us deciding we want to be with the one we partied with

tonight. I don’t want to ruin tonight, I am looking forward to having your cock buried in my

pussy. I am also looking forward to watching Mike fucking Tina. I love looking at her body,

her pussy looks like heaven and I know Mike will enjoy being buried in it.”

Shay gave it some thought. He really didn’t want to ruin the night either. He had been harder

than hell since last night when Tina told him that he was going to be able to fuck Stacy! He

had wanted to be inside that woman’s pussy since he met her. He gave it some thought and

finally told Stacy.

“Okay, here’s the deal. I will go through with this, but if I feel like I can’t handle Mike

being with Tina everything stops. If every one agrees then you and I will still fuck.”

Stacy laughed and agreed to Shay that she would make sure that everything stopped if he

couldn’t handle watching his wife with another man. She reached over and grabbed Shay’s

hardening member and asked if he were about ready to go home with her.

Shay and Stacy headed for the door with Tina and Mike right behind them. The two couples for

the nights action got into the cars and headed to Mike and Stacy’s house. Tina and Mike talked

all the way to the house. Mike was asking Tina if she knew how she was going to start the

action up with Stacy. He also went over where he had placed different things for her use in

the family room.

Stacy and Shay had gotten to the house a couple of minutes before Mike and Tina. Shay was

sitting on the sofa and Tina was on the floor in front of him. They were only talking but they

had already gotten comfortable. When Mike and Tina got there the first thing they noticed was

that the others were sitting there talking completely nude! Mike noticed that Stacy’s nipples

were already erect which meant that she was certainly in the mood for sex.

Tina and Mike both undressed quickly and joined Stacy and Shay. Mike decided to get drinks for

everyone to help settle everyone’s nerves. He asked Shay to help him at the bar. Tina sat next

to Stacy and complimented her on her great figure. Mike asked Shay if he was ready to be able

to fuck the hell out of Stacy.

“Hell yeah man! That is on fine woman. Let me ask you something though. I thought you two were

serious. Why would you want another man to fuck her? Hell I would kill the first guy that even

thought about taking my wife to bed. Tina is one hell of a sexy woman and I would understand

the guy’s reasoning. That doesn’t mean I would want him to fuck her though. I sure in the hell

wouldn’t be wanting to watch either!”

The guys walked back over to the sofa. “So ladies, having fun?” Tina smacked Shay’s leg

playfully, “Enjoying ourselves yes. Having fun? Not yet! We’ve been waiting on you slow men to

bring our drinks over.”

Shay handed Stacy her drink and ran his thumb across her nipple. “Sorry I couldn’t resist. You

look to damn good sitting there.”

Stacy just laughed and thanked him for the kind words. Tina looked at Shay and told him that

he did it wrong.

“You Shay one day you are going to learn how to get a woman in the mood. You don’t brush a

nipple and then walk or turn away. Here let me demonstrate. Stacy, do you mind if I teach this

man of mine the correct way?”

Stacy shook her head telling Tina it was fine. Tina brushed a thumb against Stacy’s nipple

then pinched it between her thumb and forefinger. For good measure she rolled the nipple as

she turned to talk to Shay.

“This is the correct way to turn a woman on just by touching her nipples. This will lead to

the next part of getting into her pants, or in this case into that sweet pussy that you want

so badly.”

Tina leaned closer to Stacy’s tit’s and took the nipple she wasn’t playing with into her

mouth. She licked and bit until Stacy was starting to get into it. Once Stacy had started to

enjoy what Tina was doing, Tina stopped and looked back at Shay.

“See, now at this point Stacy is almost ready for stage two. She is enjoying have her tit’s

feasted on, which means she is just starting to get wet. Stacy may I check to see if you are

getting wet?”

Stacy was really enjoying Tina’s touch and nodded yes. Tina moved one hand slowly down Stacy’s

chest to her stomach. Tracing the tips of her fingers across the taut skin, she drew small

circles down Stacy’s stomach. As she inched closer to her mark, Stacy was anticipating the

first touch of her pussy. She started to bite her lip and was withering about.

Tina smiled over to Shay, “See this is what you always seem to miss. The subtle little clues

that women give off without even thinking about them. In this case you will notice how Stacy

is biting her lip. She is also raising her hips just a bit. I haven’t even touched that tasty

looking pussy yet, and she wants it bad. Don’t you Stacy?”

“Damn you Tina! Stop playing around, eat me damn it!” Stacy wanted to feel someone’s tongue all

over her, she wanted to finally get to have Tina eating her pussy. She wanted Tina to fuck her

NOW! Stacy had been turned on all damn day long. Mike had stifled her horniness for a little

while this afternoon. Throughout the evening her slutty side was coming back. Teasing Shay had

been fun at the club, but now she needed a massive release.

Tina just laughed at Stacy’s being so blunt about it. She looked at Shay and said, “well you

heard the lady. No more talking I have a lady to get off. Pay close attention love, I expect

you to follow my lead later.”

Shay couldn’t believe that his wife was doing all of these things. She had never been with a

woman that he knew of. He was about to be able to watch his wife’s tongue buried inside

another woman’s pussy. Fuck! What a turn on this night was turning into. His cock was growing

more by the second. As he watched his wife’s tongue make contact with Stacy’s clit he thought

he was going to blow his load right then and there.

Shay looked at Mike and whispered to him, “did you know this was going to happen? Would it be

okay if I joined them and had your girl blow me? I am going to blow soon and I would much

rather her sweet mouth take it than to get it all over your floor.”

Mike just shook his head yes, that was all the permission that Shay was waiting for.

Shay moved from the sofa and positioned himself in front of Stacy’s face. Since Stacy was

still on the floor he was almost able to sit on the edge of the loveseat to be level enough

for her to take him into her mouth.

Stacy was more than ready to comply with Shay’s needs. She reached to grab for his hard shaft

and slowly started to trace the length with her tongue. Once she had him nice and wet, she dove

right into giving him the best blowjob ever. She took him as far in as she could just yet. The

deeper she got the more she moaned, which has a way of vibrating a man’s cock.

Tina was still enjoying her snack of Stacy’s pussy, so Stacy’s moaning was not just for the

benefit of Shay. She had wanted to feel Tina’s tongue working it’s magic, and now she was.

There was something about a woman’s tongue that was softer yet more erotic too. Stacy was

being very well tended to, Mike came over and added to the mix by feasting on her breasts.

Three people all contributing to Stacy’s pleasure.

Tina was enjoying herself quite nicely but she wanted something more. She motioned to Shay to

trade places with her. Shay moved down to shove his cock into Stacy’s pussy, and Tina

straddled Stacy’s face. Tina wanted Stacy to eat her for awhile.

Stacy was game! She went to town eating that amazing pussy that Tina had presented to her.

Mike sat back and enjoyed the view of his girl being fucked on one end and eating another

woman’s snatch. Mike picked up the handheld camera that he had stashed under the sofa. He

wanted this on disc so he could relive the experience time and again.

Mike concentrated on getting extreme close-ups of Shay thrusting in and out of Stacy’s pussy.

He also got really good close-ups of Stacy’s tongue darting in and out of Tina’s pussy. This

was going to be a night to remember and one to enjoy over and over for a long time to come.

Speaking of which, Stacy was about to have an earth shattering orgasm. Shay picked up his

pounding pace because he too was close. Tina was also about to have a major orgasm.

Mike managed to get all three orgasms on video. Stacy yelled out into Tina’s pussy and Shay

stiffened and groaned loudly. Tina’s orgasm hit her hard, she shook and convulsed while Stacy

kept licking up the juices. Stacy was completely enjoying tasting a woman’s juices. She loved

the way Tina felt on her lips. Tina finally had enough and collapsed forward off of Stacy’s


Shay pulled out of Stacy and laid next to Tina. He kissed her deeply enjoying the taste of

Stacy’s pussy that was still part of Tina’s lips. Stacy laid there lightly rubbing her pussy.

Mike got Stacy on video while the others recuperated. Stacy was doing as she usually did after

sex, keeping the excitement going.

She knew how to keep herself in the mood. She was also thinking about how much action they had

missed getting on video since they weren’t in the bedroom where she and Shay had set up all

the camera’s. She wanted to get everyone moved in there before any more action got started.

“Hey what do you all say we go relax in the bedroom? There is plenty of room for all of us on

the bed. It would be more comfortable and would all around be better when we are ready for

scene two of the night.” Stacy laughed about the scene two part, and Shay winked at her.

Mike wanted them all to stay in the family room since he had toys scattered throughout the

room and he could film better with the lighting in there. Tina was game for the bedroom saying

that it would be better on everyone’s knees. Mike was out voted three to one, bedroom it would


They all agreed that food sounded good before any more play time though. So the ladies headed

off to the kitchen to get some snacks for everyone. Once the men were alone Shay started


“Man that was fucking hot! Your girl is one hot and sexy woman. I thought I was going to

explode watching Tina eating her pussy like that man. Damn I never knew that Stacy was into

that kinda thing. I gotta know, was watching your girl being fucked as hot as you hoped it

would be?”

Mike didn’t wait a second before answering. “Are you kidding me? I thought I was gonna blow

watching your cock sliding in and out of Stacy like that. I knew it would be fucking awesome

but holy hell man, that was better than I thought it would be.”

Stacy and Tina were having their own conversation in the kitchen.

“Stacy, I hope that I wasn’t being too forward by what I did in there. It’s just after last

night and seeing your beautiful tits and that shimmering pussy in the sauna, I could help but

dive right in. I hope that I didn’t offend you in any way. I never know how a woman will react

to having another woman enjoying her.”

Stacy laughed out a short laugh. “Tina let me fill you in on something. This morning I had a

dream about you and that pussy of yours. I even dreamed about you eating my pussy. I came

harder than I think I have ever came before. Just now in the other room, you made my morning

dream come to reality. I thank you for that. It was hotter than hell and I hope before our

play time is over, that we get to do that again just the two of us.”

The ladies joined the men back in the family room, laughing together as they walked in. The

men looked up and stopped their conversation. Mike spoke up first, “what’s up ladies? Plotting

our demise?” Shay chuckled at Mike’s choice of words.

The ladies just looked at each other and burst out laughing. Tina was the one to answer, “not

your demise. We were planning our next moves though. Do you two have any idea how much of

tonight we planned out last night? Some of you thought you had planned the night, but in all

reality Stacy and I planned this out last night in the sauna.”

Mike looked shocked a second. “But Tina, I thought we planned today that you were going to

fuck Stacy first before Shay had a chance to have her?”

Shay looked disappointed at that announcement and poked out his bottom lip to pout. “Here I

thought I was special being able to fuck that sweet pussy. Then I find out my wife set me up

to be second? Oh hell who cares! That was the finest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of

fucking, next to my wife’s that is.”

Stacy looked pleased, “well thank you for that Shay. Actually Tina and I did discuss most of

tonight’s activities. Although I have to admit I had no idea Mike set me up to have Tina

eating my pussy like that. I have to say, Tina was the best pussy licker I think I have ever

been with. Sorry babe, I love you and all but Tina is a woman that knows how to make a woman

enjoy having her pussy licked hard.”

The guys broke out in laughter and they all enjoyed their snacks. Mike got them all refills of

their drinks. Each took their drink to the bedroom. Shay and Stacy entered the room first and

Shay pressed record on the laptop he had set up to video the nights activities. Stacy lay on

the bed playing with her nipples when Mike and Tina walked in the room.

“Ohh look what I see, there on the bed is a woman that is ready to get the cum fucked right

out of her! Ok Shay see that chair over on the other side of the bed? Go sit in it please.

Mike would you please sit in the chair over by the bathroom door. Stacy… Stacy hun… I hate

to interrupt your enjoyment of pleasuring yourself there, but could you please take care of

Shay for me while I take care of your man?”

Tina was one for giving instructions when she knew what she wanted. Stacy climbed off the bed

pouting like a school girl. She walked over to Shay and bent in front of him, “sorry lover,

this time is not for men.” She pulled the restraints from the bottom of the chair and

fastened Shay into them. She made sure not only were the hands restrained, but so were his


Tina was doing the same thing to Mike, only he was protesting a bit. “Wait Tina I want to be

able to record the action. How am I going to do that if you have me tied down? Besides how are

Shay and I going to be able to jack off while watching you two if we have our hands strapped


Tina laughed and told the guys, “this is where you both have to learn how to prolong your

orgasms. We ladies want to play and you two are going to watch. Stacy here wants to be able to

play with me by ourselves with no interference from you men. See it’s the first time I have

gotten to fuck her and she has already chosen me as the one she wants to be able to have

fucking her. That should tell you men something else, she likes having a woman take her cum

from her!”

Stacy was back on the bed playing with her pussy. “Tina would you stop talking to them, I need

your attention now. Come over here and join me. I want to eat that lovely pussy of yours

again. Tina come and fuck me, show these men what they are missing out on.”

Tina walked over to the bed and grabbed the strap at the left top of the mattress. She lifted

Stacy’s arm and placed her wrist into the cuff. Once that hand was secure Tina did the same to

Stacy’s left ankle. When that side was finished she walked around the bed to the right side.

She walked past Mike and over to Shay. She bent down and gave his cock a pat, then licked it

once before walking to the strap at the head of the bed. She placed Stacy’s wrist into it and

moved to the foot of the bed to do the same with her remaining ankle.

After securing Stacy, Tina walked over to Mike and gave his cock the same treatment she had

given to Shay’s. She did however spend a little more time on Mike’s sliding his whole length

into her mouth at one time. She let her tongue swirl around the purple head. She pulled his

cock out of her mouth and looked very closely at it, before diving back onto it again.

Stacy started complaining that she was being mistreated by not being invited to the party.

Tina stopped sucking on Mike’s cock and walked over to the bed. She bent down and reached for

something under the bed. The men were stunned at what she pulled back up with her. There in

her hand was a ball-gag. She held it for the men to see better, before placing it onto Stacy.

That was better now Stacy couldn’t complain that she was being neglected anymore.

Tina walked back over to Mike’s cock. She whispered something to him that the others couldn’t hear. Mike just nodded his head in agreement. Shay was wondering what the two of them were up to now. He

didn’t need to wait long to find out. Tina walked over to Shay and whispered something to him as well. shay also nodded in agreement, he wondered if he had been asked the same thing Mike had whispered to him.

Tina laughed at Shay’s obvious approval of her question. “So Stacy, both men agree. I should

leave you strapped down while I service both of them. What do you think sexy? Should I take

care of their needs first?”

Stacy was pissed, she wanted to be fucked and she wanted it right then! Tina knew damn good

and well that Stacy couldn’t answer her. So Stacy shook her head no instead. Tina again

chuckled and told the men they had been very bad boys for wanting to leave Stacy all by

herself tied up that way.

Tina went back to the bed, she took one of the nipples starring up at her into her mouth. She

licked all around that taut nipple and then gave it a nibble. Stacy tried to move in pleasure

and found that she couldn’t move much. Tina bit down a little harder then stood up. She looked

Stacy straight in the eye.

“If you try to move again, I will go give my attention to the men while you have to lay here.

Do you understand me a little now?”

Stacy shook her head yes and Tina smiled at her acceptance. Tina wanted to explore what she

would have at her disposal, so she went around the room looking at all the toys in the places

that Stacy had stashed them. Oh this night was going to be lots of fun. There were paddles,

and vibrators, there were blindfolds too. Stacy had even placed a swing inside the bathroom

behind the door.

That would be for later in the evening when the men were allowed to play again. There was a

list also in the bathroom of things that Tina would be allowed to use that she would need to

bring into the room if she wanted to use them. On the list was an assortment of foods from the

fridge. She looked over the list of foods to see if any of them tickled her fancy right then.

Ohh Tina ran from the room, when she came back she had the special container that Stacy had

put in the freezer. She walked over to the bed and placed to container into the small fridge’s

freezer compartment that was by the bed. She took one item from the container. When she pulled

it from the container and showed it to the men, Stacy started getting wet between her opened


Stacy had frozen some special ice cubes. These cubes were inside a very thin cock shaped metal

container. The metal could prove to stick to one’s skin if the outside of the metal wasn’t

kept wet enough. With the metal full of frozen ice water, the metal would be extremely cold


Tina went to work quickly with her new favorite toy, the ice. She licked Stacy’s clit a few

times making sure to leave enough saliva that the metal wouldn’t stick to her sensitive area.

This new ice toy was as bog around as most cock’s were. This was going to be fun. Once Stacy’s

clit was nice and wet Tina ran the metal cock over her clit several times. Stacy shivered from

the new sensation.

Tina wasn’t about to stop there with that kind of response. She started licking just inside of

Stacy’s pussy lips. She was just teasing Stacy of course, she pointed her tongue and dove in.

She wanted to taste the beginning of the sweet juices that would soon be flowing freely. She

made sure she left plenty of moisture, and replaced her tongue with the new toy.

She used that metal cock to slide in and out of the sweet looking pussy that was before her.

She watched in amazement as the cold cock moved into the warm hole in front of her. It seemed

as if that warm pussy was pulling that ice cold cock deeper and deeper on its own accord. She

let go of the cock in her hand to let her hand warm up. She watched in utter amusement as that

cock did move in and out on its own.

Stacy was enjoying the cold yet warm feeling of this icy toy. Tina was starting to tingle

between her own legs so she went to the little bedside fridge and got her own toy cock out.

She jumped back up on the bed next to Stacy. Tina, licked her fingers leaving saliva on them

and rubbed her pussy. She wasted no time to let it dry, she shoved that ice cold prick into her

warm wet folds.

Tina  took hold of their cocks and fucked them both to their first orgasms since entering the

bedroom. Ohh how wonderful it felt having those icy metal shafts buried in their warm pussies.

After Tina came down from her massive orgasm, she put the icy pleasure wands back into the

container in the freezer. She made a mental note to use those again later.

She took the ball-gag from Stacy’s mouth and kissed her hard. “Thank you for letting me play

with those! That was fucking amazing. Who knew that the cold would feel so cold yet warm at

the same time. The longer it was inside my pussy the hotter it felt! Did it feel that way to


Stacy was still breathing rough and ragged, her pussy was on fire and she needed to cum again.

“Yes Tina now fuck me hard. I need a cock in me, I want a cock tearing me up… now!”

Tina laughed and found that really big black rubber cock that Stacy had stashed under the

other pillow. That thing was huge! It had to be twelve inches long and a good three and a half

inches in diameter. It had all the right vein markings all over it and the head of that damn

cock looked like a mountain.

Tina looked at Mike and his eyes were wide open, his cock was standing straight at attention.

It looked like he was uncomfortable with the humongous cock pointing straight at the bed.

Tina jumped off the bed and went to Mike. She sucked his cock into her mouth and worked it

with her hand at the same time. She worked at that cock for about ten minutes before she felt

him stiffen up.

There was no way Tina was going to stop now, she wanted to feel that hot cum shooting down her

throat. Stacy was again complaining about being left hot and bothered. Tina didn’t care at

that moment. She worked on the cock in her mouth even harder. Another couple of deep throating

moves and Mike screamed out in complete bliss. He shot stream after stream of hot cum into the

back of Tina’s throat. He couldn’t believe that she was taking it all.

Tina finished by cleaning Mike’s cock back up then jumped back onto the bed with Stacy. She

reached for the paddle under the edge of the mattress and smacked Stacy’s hip area with it. “I

told you not to complain. I should leave you up here horny as hell while I go service my

husband’s cock. What do you think guys? Should I ease Shay’s cock pain first? Or should I fuck

the hell outta Stacy’s pussy with this big black cock?”

Mike nodded over to Shay and Shay begged for some relief. “Watching you two with those metal

ice cock’s in your pussies has me ready to shoot now. Please babe if you love me at all,

please come and suck me off baby!”

Stacy knew she was about to be left laying there strapped down with a pussy that was on fire.

“Tina before you go suck your husband’s cock off, please unstrap me. I need to get off! I need

to cum bad. Let me have one hand free so I can fuck myself off please. I will shove this huge

black shaft all the way inside my pussy and I will fuck it like I have never fucked before.”

Mike laughed at how hot Stacy seemed to be. So he asked Tina, “Tina how about you undo me so I

can help my sexy lady get off? I will leave her strapped down for you. I will just use that

black cock she seems to want so badly, to fuck her harder than she has been fucked yet


Tina thought about both requests before she made up her mind. She left both of them strapped

where they were. She wanted to taste her husband’s cum before she did any more fucking Stacy.

Stacy laid there moaning as she watched Shay’s shaft disappear time and again into Tina’s

mouth. She watched the purple head come and go inside that warm mouth. Damn Stacy wanted to

cum. It was really hot watching Tina with Mike and Shay.

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