Mike’s Fantasy Finally Came Pt. 2

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Tina was very good when giving blowjob’s. She knew just the right combination of moves to make any man cum when she wanted him to. While she was just beginning, she would take it deep and fast. As her mouth began to tire, she would slow down just enough to tease his cock head. That teasing would usually make the man lean on that edge of a huge orgasm.

Shay loved the way that Tina ate his cock down her throat. She had a way of teasing just around the head of his shaft. As he thought he would explode just from that small tongue action, she would swallow his cock to ball deep. Tonight was no different, she had him to his balls in her throat. He was ready to blow his load. Every time she felt him ready to explode, she would squeeze the base of his shaft.

He needed to cum and he was ready to burst! He raised his hips the best he could being strapped down. His sudden movement about made Tina gag. She knew that his moving was meant as a signal to her that he needed to be allowed to shoot his load now. She was used to his signals.


Tina decided to let Shay have his orgasm because she wanted the next scene in the movie they were making to be even better. She worked the cock in her mouth as hard and deep as she could take it. When Shay’s cock started getting harder in her throat she let him have what he needed. He shot his cum down the back of her throat. Tina felt that warming lotion running past her throat into her chest and into her stomach. Once his last stream was swallowed, she licked him clean.

Stacy was still moaning on the bed that she had been neglected. Mike was hard again already after watching the blowjob that Shay had just gotten. Tina and Shay looked at each other laughing. Tina undid the straps holding Shay to the chair. He in turn went to unstrap Mike. Poor Stacy had to stay there strapped to the bed.

Mike, Shay and Tina stood at the foot of the bed discussing who was going to take care of Stacy. Tina said she needed nourishment before she would be up for going again. Shay agreed with his wife that food was in order before the next play time. That left Mike standing there with his erection pointing straight at Stacy on the bed.

Mike climbed onto the bed between Stacy’s wide open legs. He smacked her pussy with his hand and he licked his lips. He wanted to shove his cock straight into her because he was hotter than hell. He knew though that she had been made to lay there with no attention and she needed to be treated like a slut.

He loved that woman more than he ever thought was possible. Her agreement to his fantasy made him love her that much more. He knew there wasn’t much he could ask of her that she wouldn’t agree to because she loved him just as much.

He grabbed the cat of nine tails from below the bed. He told her she had been a bad girl for not listening to Tina before. He raised her hip just enough to give her two quick lashes with the cat o nines. She moaned out that she was bad and asked him to punish her. Mike threw what was in his hand to the floor. He picked up the paddle that had been tossed on the bed. He smacked first one breast then the other.

“Tell me! Tell me you like it! Tell me what you want… beg me for it. You know you are a dirty little slut! You have let a woman eat your pussy and you even let another man fuck your pussy tonight. You are a slut… my slut. After tonight you will do anything and everything that I tell you to do! Do you understand me slut?”

Stacy loved it when Mike talked to her in that way. “Yes sir I understand. I am a little slut… I let people use me… I let others fuck me… I love it when I am being fucked by other people. I love it when you punish me for being bad. Fuck me… fuck me hard please!”

Mike loved hearing Stacy being so dirty. He knew that the only reason she fucked any one other than him, was because he wanted it. Later would be fun. For now though, Mike wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around his cock. He was finished playing for now. He shoved deep inside her pussy in one thrust. He wanted to feel her cum all over his hot rod.

As he shoved in and out of her hot box, he rubbed her clit. He knew that she would be ready to cum soon at the rate he was hammering into her. As they both got closer Mike decided to stop the action for a few moments. He wanted to give them both time to settle back from the edge. He also wanted her unstrapped. He love fucking her this way but he loved fucking her from behind even more.

He took the straps off of her. He told her to roll onto her hands and knees. After she settled into position he lined up with her pussy with his cock. He also leaned over and got one of the metal ice cocks from the freezer. He lubed it up and slid his cock into her pussy. Once he got her back into the rhythm of being fucked in her pussy, he inserted the metal ice cock into her ass. He fucked the metal cock in and out of her ass as hard as he was hammering her pussy with his.

They were both getting closer to the end goal when Shay and Tina walked back in. Shay went over and slid his upper torso under Stacy. He wanted to be able to suck those tits as they shook back and forth to the motion of the couples fuck session. Tina moved over to the bed as well and slid her hand between Stacy’s thighs. Tina rubbed Stacy’s clit as Mike hammered his and the ice cock harder.

Before long Mike and Stacy were both screaming to the heaven’s with the best orgasms they ever had. Shay and Tina moved out of the way and embarked on their own journeys to bliss. Mike removed the ice cock first and finished his shooting orgasm. He shot stream after stream into Stacy’s pussy as she too came all over Mike.

They collapsed onto the bed with Mike on top of her before rolling over to watch Tina and Shay enjoying one another. Stacy got up from the bed to use the on-suite. When she came back into the room, Mike had his once again hard cock buried in Tina’s ass. Tina was screaming at Mike to fuck her harder. Stacy sat in one of the chairs and watched. Before long Stacy was again getting hotter than hell.

Shay must have noticed that Stacy had pulled out a purple vibrator and was picking up the pace fucking herself with it. Shay came over to her and ask if she would rather have the real thing. Stacy turned in her chair to overlook the back of it. She wasn’t taking the vibrator out of her pussy it felt too damn good there.

Shay got her hint and shoved his cock into her ass. While shoving in and out he smacked her ass cheek with his bare hand. Stacy let out a yelp then shoved back onto his cock again. He took that as her sign that it was okay, so he smacked her ass again. He pumped her harder and she fucked him back as hard as she could. She wanted his cum right then. He was about to give her what she wanted. He grabbed both tits and squeezed as he let out a loud groan as he stiffened. Stacy began to shake as her orgasm hit her.

They finished as Mike was still fucking Tina’s ass. Tina kept yelling at Mike to fuck her harder. Mike was plunging in and out of her ass as fast as he could. Mike grabbed a handful of Tina’s hair and yanked it back toward him. She let out a small scream and Stacy could see cum streaming from Tina’s pussy.

Both couple’s were worn out for the time being and decided to call it a night. Stacy turned off the video equipment and curled into bed next to the others. All four slept in the same bed next to one another. Shay and Tina were laying together, with Shay also laying next to Stacy who had Mike on her other side. They all drifted off to sleep.

When the first hint of light began to seep into the room, Shay woke to find Stacy stroking his cock. Mike was propped on one elbow tracing the curve of Stacy’s hip. The three of them lay there enjoying together the touch of the other. Stacy wanted to feel one of the men inside her this morning, and Shay wanted to give her that. He didn’t want to overstep his bounds so he just laid there until Mike nodded his head at him.

Shay had Stacy mount Mike’s hard shaft. Mike pulled Stacy onto his cock and waited for Shay. Shay mounted Stacy’s ass from behind and the two men fucked Stacy. Stacy was in pure heaven having both men stroking in and out of her at the same time. She moaned in pure ecstasy which caused Tina to wake up. Tina turned on the video device. She wanted to make sure that they captured all of the hot morning action.

Tina laid on the bed next to the trio and watched the action as she took the big black fake cock to her pussy. Tina needed a new angle and rolled over to her knees and sat on that black cock. She rode it until she was shaking through her orgasm. Then she continued watching the others.

Shay was pumping his purple head in and out of Stacy’s ass as hard as he could. Mike didn’t need to move much as the rocking of Shay’s cock was enough to let him thrust in and out at the same time. Stacy was rocking lightly against Shay and Mike both. The three reached the edge together and fell over it. Stacy was jello kneed by the time the morning had come to a close.

Shay and Tina needed to get home. They had things they needed to get done before the work week began again. They asked Mike to please make sure that they got a copy of the video. They all said their goodbyes to each other and promised that this would not be a one time play date. After Shay and Tina had left, Mike and Stacy rushed inside to begin editing the video. Before editing you have to view to make sure what needs to be edited.

It was about to become a fun filled day after all!
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