Mike’s Fantasy Was Next

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Stacy is a woman that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for just that. She and Mike had been together for a little over a year when they started really discussing their fantasies with each other. Why had they not talked about them before that? It was quite simple in Stacy’s eyes. In the past she had told men she had dated what she liked and what thoughts turned her on. It never ended well after telling them what type of fantasies she had.

When she and Mike had started dating, she worried that telling him would also end in heartbreak for her. She finally decided about a month into the relationship that she wouldn’t tell him anything about her wildest dreams unless or until she felt they were really stable together. It had been five years since she discovered that she liked the wild and strange when it came to sex.

One of her most favorite fantasies was of a forced sex scenario. Of course it would be a planned thing between her and whoever finally agreed to help her fulfill the fantasy. She had known that she wanted to know that day or night it would happen but she didn’t know when in that twenty four hour time that it would go down. Once Stacy finally decided she and Mike were stable together she hinted around at first about fantasies. She asked him what he fantasied about. When he asked her what some of her fantasies were, she shied away from telling him the rape fantasy.

She still wasn’t sure that he would be able to handle the fact that his girlfriend wanted him to surprise attack her and “force” her to have sex. After all what woman in her right mind would want that? They talked about it for over a month before he agreed to give it a try. They had a safe word chosen just in case it was too much for either one of them.

The night that Mike fulfilled her rape fantasy was the best night that Stacy had ever had. Why? It was pretty simple yet completely complex at the same time. For her it was hotter than hot knowing that he wanted her badly enough to make her fantasy come true. It was also about the trust that they shared together. He had to trust that she would use the safe word if it was too much for her. She had to trust him not to hurt her and that he would stop if she needed him to.

Even with that though there was a much harder side to explain. Stacy couldn’t put into words how scary it was to feel like she had zero say over what her “rapist” did to her that night. Although it was scary as hell and she had almost called it off, there was also the other part that made her realize that she could overcome that fear.

After Mike had fulfilled that dream for her, he wanted to know what her next fantasy was. Stacy though wanted to make one of his fantasies come true for him. They decided that they would each right down the fantasy that was next on their list in their minds. After writing them down they would exchange the sheets of paper and together choose one to fulfill. The other one would happen the following weekend.

They gave each other five minutes alone to decide what fantasy each wanted to try next. Mike found it rather easy to write down his fantasy. He had always found it a major turn on to watch a video where the woman was married but would fuck another man while her husband was in the room watching. That fantasy had never failed to turn him on. He was always able to jack off to that one. So that was what he wrote down that night.

Stacy had a bit of a harder time deciding which of her fantasies she wanted to see happen next in line. There were so many things that she had thought about in the past yet had never had the chance to act on. Truth be told some of her fantasies scared her. Why would any woman want to have a man fuck her while her husband or boyfriend watched? Why would any woman want to be fucked by two men at once? Then again the main one that worried her was both she and her guy swapping with another couple while in the same room. What normal woman would think of any of those things?

Finally Stacy too had written down a fantasy but she was nervous as to which paper would be chosen. She wanted her fantasy to be picked yet she needed time for her nerves to settle before putting it into action. As she walked into the dining room to meet back with Mike she was going over in her mind what she would say if her paper was picked. How would she want the scenario to go down?

Mike looked up to see the look on Stacy’s face as she came into the room. “Stacy babe, are you sure you want to do this? We don’t have to at all if you aren’t sure about it.” Stacy thought about calling it all off for about a minute then heard herself saying, “No I am sure about it I just really want to fulfill one of yours before doing another of mine. After all you went out of your comfort zone to make my fantasy come true last time. I just wouldn’t feel right doing another of mine so soon.”

Mike looked at her and smiled. “Ok I’ll tell you what, if it means that much to you we can do mine first and then yours next weekend. If we are going to do it that way, we still have to trade papers and see what each other wrote tonight.”

Stacy smiled and handed her paper over to Mike as he handed her his paper. They counted to three and opened the papers in front of them. They each looked up to the other and burst out laughing. They had one week to plan to make each other’s fantasy come true. They decided that since they shared the same fantasy, they would plan most of it together.

Once they had decided on the location for the first act, then it was a matter of deciding how they would both go about making this happen. By Wednesday they had agreed that Stacy would go the club alone. Mike would already be there sitting at a table away from the bar. When Stacy walked in she was to head straight to the bar. If all went well, they would each be picking up their choice in companions for the nights fun activities that would take place at the rental house Stacy had lined up.

The club they had chosen to use for this fantasy night out was known in town for being a singles hotspot. Hopefully they could find a willing male and female for the nights play time. If not both would be disappointed but they were both content in the relationship that they didn’t have to play outside of them.

By Thursday afternoon Mike was looking forward to the weekend. He couldn’t wait to watch another man pounding into Stacy’s pussy. He knew how tight she was and he knew it would be hard for any man to last very long. He also knew that no man could resist fucking Stacy more than once in a night. There was something about her body that made men want to fuck her all night long even if he couldn’t make one fuck session last that long.

Thursday had Stacy getting wetter and wetter by the hour. She had wanted to watch Mike fuck another woman. She was nervous though. Would it be a one-time thing or would he decide that he wanted the other woman more than he wanted her? She was starting to worry too much, when she got home from work she planned to tell Mike that she wanted to call off the whole thing. She did her best to get through the rest of her day without giving Saturday another thought.

Stacy found herself daydreaming about what was to come though. She knew there weren’t many women out there that wouldn’t fall in love with Mike’s cock. He had the most beautiful cock she had ever seen and she had seen her share of them over the years. There was something about a man with an nine inch shaft that curved upward at the end. It seemed that it curved in just the right spot for hitting a woman’s g-spot every time no matter the position. The thickness of Mike’s rod was something to be admired as well. It had to be a wonderful two inch diameter when relaxed and a diameter of oh my god when erect.

Walking through the front door at home Stacy smelled heaven. Mike was humming from the kitchen. She knew that could only mean one thing, Mike had prepared dinner for her. She slipped up the stairs to the bedroom. She pulled off all of the days pieces of clothing and slipped into the shower. She needed to clear her head and the only thing that helped was the steam of that hot water streaming down her skin. She started rethinking about the weekend. Her mind was playing videos of what could go on. She watch in her mind as Mike as mounting a blonde from behind. She watched as he slide his perfect shaft all the way into this other woman. As the video played Stacy was getting more turned on and slid her hand to that triangle of love.

She let her hands roam as she watched with excitement her boyfriend pounding his cock into that woman. She let her right hand slip in and out from between her legs while her left hand teased and squeezed her nipples. As the tempo in the video picked up Stacy worked the hand in her pussy pump faster. Cock went into the blonde harder and faster. Hand went into her pussy harder, faster. As the video Mike grunted loudly and became still, Stacy let out a squeal and collapsed on the shower floor.

When her breathing came back to normal she stood and finished her shower before grabbing a gown and heading downstairs. As she walked into the kitchen Mike spoke to her. “Was your shower all you had hoped it would be babe?” Stacy knew she must have been loud because of the way he laughed at her after his question.

“Yes thank you it was just what I needed. Dinner smells amazing, what are we having?”

He placed the last of the food on the table and pulled her out a chair. “Steak, potatoes, and salad. For dessert you will just have to wait and see. It all depends on how good you are during dinner.”

Stacy wondered what Mike’s great mood was about, what was he wanting now? She tried asking him a few times during dinner what was going on. Each time he just laughed a bit and told her nothing was up he just wanted to do something nice for her. She still had her doubts about the weekend but seeing Mike in such a romantic mood told her that he was really looking forward to it. She knew that she would go through with it since he had gone through with the last fantasy even though it went against everything he believed.

When they had finished dinner Mike cleared the table as he asked her to go make herself an after dinner drink and relax. Stacy went to the family room to fix that drink and put some music on the stereo. She was zoned out to the relaxing tunes when Mike walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He started nuzzling her neck and moving his groin against her tight ass. So this was what he wanted Stacy thought to herself.

He ground against her until she was pushing back against him and grinding into him. Finally it was all he could handle, and pushed her back onto the sofa. He raised her gown and went straight for his after dinner snack between her legs. She loved it when he shoved his tongue into her tight pussy. She could cum over and over again with just that long thin tongue shoved deep into her hot slit.

In no time Stacy was begging Mike to fuck her. She couldn’t wait any longer she had to feel his cock inside of her right then. Mike not being one to keep a woman waiting gave her what she begged for. In one quick move he was buried balls deep in her pussy. He shoved her legs above her head and pounded her as hard as he could. That position always gave Stacy the best orgasms and this time was no different. In just a few minutes she was panting and screaming for him to fuck her like he had never fucked before. Begging him to shoot her full of that hot cum that he was hiding from her.

Mike held off as long as he could but having her legs above her head meant he was bottomed out and was ready to explode right then. He gave a few more hard thrusts and spilled his seed into the depth of her stomach. Stacy screamed when she felt him blow and fell over that edge of the cliff herself. He always loved being able to squirt everywhere. But to cum all over his cock was even better for her. When they were both exhausted Mike laid next to her and took her into his arms. He looked into her eyes and asked her one last time if she was sure about the weekends play time. She looked back into his eyes and knew that she was absolutely ready for the fun that was about to take place. She told him she was looking forward to it all day.

Friday went super slow all day. By the time work was over Mike and Stacy both needed to unwind. They called up a couple they knew and asked if they had any plans that night. As it turned out that couple; Shay and Tina didn’t have a plan one and asked Mike if he and Stacy would like to come over for after dinner drinks. Mike agreed quickly and said they would be over in an hour.

Stacy enjoyed spending time with Tina. She was a great woman that was much like Stacy. She knew what she wanted and mostly went after it with eyes wide open. Stacy thought that Shay was fairly good looking although she was more attracted to Tina. Tina had the most beautiful blonde hair that wrapped curls around her face. She was a full two inches taller than Stacy with a waist the size of a matchstick. Her chest seemed to be about the same size as Stacy’s though.

Mike and Shay were great friends, had been since they began working together four years earlier. Tina was almost the perfect woman in Mike’s eyes. She had the body that he had fantasied about for many years. He loved that slim waist and he loved all the curls around her face. What he loved even more was the fact that she had legs that seemed to go on for miles. He could see doing her if he and Stacy weren’t together. In fact Tina had been the object of many jack off sessions in the past.

Tina let them in when they arrived an hour later. She was wearing a small bikini that barely covered her breasts. Mike licked his lips when he saw her, and Stacy’s face lit up. She saw Mike’s reaction to seeing Tina. Tina invited them in and asked what she could get them to drink. She and Stacy went to make the drinks while the guys chatted a bit. Mike complimented Shay on how well Tina was looking. Then he got the idea to bring up the next nights activities.

“Hey Shay, let me ask you something. Have you and Tina ever talked about your fantasies with each other?”

“Of course man, we have been together for eight years now. Together we have helped fulfill most fantasies we each have had over the years. Why what’s up?” Shay asked Mike.

“Well Stacy and I are just really starting to talk about ours. We have only made one fantasy come true recently for Stacy. It was a hard one for me to do, but she loved every second of it and it has made our sex life even better than it was before doing it. Tomorrow we are supposed to fulfill the next fantasy, one of mine. Which as it turned out was also one of hers.”

They talked a few more minutes about it before the ladies came back into the room. They both had these huge smiles plastered on their faces. They handed the men their drinks and went to sit over on the sofa. They talked amongst themselves while the men wondered what was going on. It was Tina that suggested taking the party into the pool room as they had a sauna they could use. It was Stacy that popped up and said she had not brought a suit so she would have to pass. Shay giggled and told her she didn’t need one with her body. Mike laughed at that and asked if she wanted to or not.

“Sure why not. But we have to call it an early night because we have that big night planned for tomorrow and I am going to need lots of energy.”

Shay walked over and took Stacy’s hand to lead her to the sauna. That left Mike and Tina standing there together. Tina took the lead and grabbed Mike’s hand. She started to follow behind Shat and Stacy. She whispered to Mike.

“I think that Shay wants to fuck your girl! But I have to say, if I don’t get the first chance to fuck her I will be very upset with you.”

Mike couldn’t believe that Tina was being so blatant. He also couldn’t believe his luck! Maybe he would be able to check off one of his other fantasies, watching Stacy with another woman. How fucking hot would that be? He felt his cock start to rise just thinking about what Tina had said. By the time the two of them got to the sauna, Shay and Stacy were already undressed sitting there talking.

Tina sat down next to Stacy and the two guys made them plenty of room to talk. No man wants to be in the middle of two women talking. They may start out talking about the weather but before you would know it they could be talking about their periods! No man wants in that conversation. That was fine with the women they had plans to make!

By the time Stacy and Mike needed to leave, the ladies had all the plans laid out for the next night’s fun. Mike was going to love the plans and he would be shocked that she had even set it up. Getting home Stacy told Mike she was exhausted and wanted sleep. Mike was bummed because seeing Tina with nothing on had him harder than hell. He wanted to fuck someone and he wanted it bad. He knew that Stacy was right though so he tucked her into bed and went to shower. At least there he could jack off to the memory of Tina.

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