Red Room of Fun?

Posted by BJ Proverts on November 10, 2013as ,

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A couple of years ago my husband took me to pick out a vibrator for the first time since we had been together. He was about to be deployed overseas and the toy was to be my saving grace with sex until he was able to come home to me. I picked out a couple of others while he was deployed to add to my toy bag.

Today I have a small selection of toys, some I love more than others. Some we use together. There are still many types of toys that I have not included in the toy chest though. Some I would love to get, others I have stayed away from for various reasons.

The whole 50 Shades thing got me thinking though. What would I have done in Anastasia’s place? Would I have been that ready and willing to jump right into BDSM? I don’t know that I would have been up for that.

He taught me though to enjoy things I had never tried, even though I had tried a lot of things in my life. My husband was my first anal partner and I have loved him even more because of it. Never had I thought in my life that anal could be so much fun and so enjoyable. My amazing husband proved me wrong. Now days I enjoy anal sex very much.

So I got to thinking a while back, what else could be a new first for us. With that question in mind I realized there were many types of toys that we could introduce to our play chest. That reminded of some of the things that were in 50 Shades, which brings me to this post.

Do any of you have a play room? Not a room for either of you to sleep in. Just a room where you go to play and enjoy being extra naughty and wild. I have started to realize that it would be awesome to have a separate play room for a couple of reasons. First what happens in the play room would stay in the play room. There one could give total control over to the other without being expected to in the bedroom itself. The play room could be used to push the edge of the limits yet still respect the limit.

Sometimes a woman just wants to turn over all control to her man while at play. Sometimes we just want to have our man take that control and make us enjoy every single second of it. Of course we don’t want to always turn over control of our sex lives, so keeping a play room makes sense to me.

What about you? Do you have a separate play room? Have either of you turned over complete control of your play time to the other?

Let’s talk about it!

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