Size… Does it Matter???

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Size...Does It Matter???



We are all guilty of it, everyone says that size doesn’t matter when it comes to the size of a man’s cock. We are all liars! Okay maybe not everyone is a liar. I will admit that I however am when it comes to this subject. I have told a few that their size wasn’t important.


Not only is size very important to sensation, it is also very important to the eyes. I mean come on ladies, you won’t have your eyes bugging out if the man you are with has a tiny dick. We are not nearly as visual as men are when it comes to picking our mates.

However we do like to see a big size tool in their jeans. Our eyes get bigger, we lick our lips and we dream right then of what it will be like to feel that huge cock inside of our pussy. When we get that first glimpse of his cock, we are either in awe of the size, or we want to run the other way.

Long is great, and the thicker the better it is for us women. Because let’s face it, when we are on all fours being pounded from behind we want to feel his tool in the upper portions of our stomachs. We want to feel our men hitting our diaphragms.

The best positions for that, that I have enjoyed the most anyway are; on all fours, me lying on my back with him standing and also with my legs above my head. Those are the ones that have proven time and again to get the most impact for me.

Long and thick may not always be ideal though. When you are first starting out with anal, thin and shorter may be better until you are used to being fucked that way. Remember with anal the trick when starting out is to be well lubricated!

I still remember to this day; the day I was able to see my husbands cock for the first time! I was not only in awe, but I may very well have drooled at the sight. I wanted that huge thing right then and there. Even being in the middle of the day in a parked vehicle at a public lake was not enough to deter me from having what I wanted.

I told my now husband later that night, when I see something I want; I go after it full force! That night was no exception. I wanted that cock inside of me, and now years later I still love feeling him inside of me. I don’t much care if he is in my pussy or in my ass, as long as I get to have him pounding into me; I am one very happy camper!

Now I want to hear from you women reading this site. Does size matter to you? Tell the truth! It’s time we stand up and shout out, YES IT MATTERS! We want substance when it comes to our men’s cocks. We want to be able to feel it not just guess when its in!


  • K. C. Cave says:

    Yes, size matters. Too large hurts. I have vaginal orgasms almost every time. My lover’s 5-inch, not-very-thick cock curves up and slams into my G-spot. He treats me like the diva I am, bringing me to orgasm with his fingers and/or mouth, then fucking me with his pencil dick till I’m incoherent. Damn, I’m horny. Where is he?

  • darryl32 says:

    According to my wife, size does matter. My penis isn’t tiny, but it isn’t very big either. Knowing that, the “does size matter?” question has always made me feel insecure…but also kind of aroused. In fact, it led me to start to fantasize about my wife cuckolding me with a man of superior endowment.

    Long story short, my fantasy is now a reality. My wife has had 3 lovers over the last 4 years, and her current one is considerably bigger than me. According to a website we consulted, he is in the 92nd percentile for penis size, and I am in the 53rd percentile.

    Throughout our marriage, my wife has never had vaginal orgasms. I’m able to give her good orgasms with my fingers, my tongue, and with toys, but not via intercourse. She always thought that she was only capable of clitoral orgasms, so that was no big deal. However, with her lover, who fills her up in a way that I can’t, she has discovered that she can have multiple orgasms from intercourse.

    This, of course, is very humbling for me, but that’s okay because I am aroused by that. And it makes me happy and turns me on to know that my wife is able to experience all the pleasure a sexy woman deserves.

    • BJ Proverts says:

      It is great that you two have found a way that she is able to be fulfilled by you and by vaginal orgasms. I love a good clit orgasm but there is nothing better than being able to achieve an orgasm with my man’s cock inside me!

      Thank you Darryl for commenting here. It is always nice to have a man’s perspective on some of these issues.

  • Well, stats say that over 70% of women can’t come through intercourse alone so really, all of this talk about size seems geared more from the male perspective of sex which, unfortunately, is what pervades popular media, porn and just about everything else. Sex typically means intercourse, and while that’s all great and wonderful and hot I’m with the other commenter who said, give me a guy with good tongue and fingers. As for the size? To me, it’s a guy who knows what to do with his dick. Sadly, many don’t understand that a woman wants/needs more than pounding. In my opinion, the perfect dick would be able to vibrate. (Oh, imagine the day!!) All of this talk about size makes me want to yawn. Yeah, I like glancing at men’s pants and wondering what’s inside as much as the next gal but really, judging a guy on size when it’s not in his power to decide what size he’s born with seems kinda petty. Much the way many guys judge women on the size of their breasts. Breasts and dicks don’t make great sex. Good communication and open minds and being inventive and curious is what makes really hot sex. And I’d rather have really hot sex with a guy who knows what really hot sex is all about instead of the guy with the big dick. In my experience (and trust me, I’ve had a lot), most guys with big dicks have no idea what to do with it. They think size alone is the key, poor dears.

    • BJ Proverts says:

      Thank you for the comment cinthia. I totally get what you are saying and yes a man that knows how to use what he has is the most important thing. I have also been one of the very unlucky ones that was married to a man that had a very small dick. I mean very small. And although he certainly knew what he was doing if you still can’t feel it, it matters. Being able to feel his hips instead of what you should be feeling, by no means lets one enjoy sex.

      Being with someone larger now and him knowing how to use what he has, makes for great hot sex. Size alone isn’t all that matters, and some think it is. Then again I would never again go back to being with someone super small either.

  • Sure, size matters. Too long and the guy’s hitting my cervix and that’s damned uncomfortable. Sure, thick is better than thin, but its the difference between ‘okay, that’s kinda nice’ and ‘are you even in?’ I don’t get much from a dick. Vaginal is kind of nice, but nothing to write home about, and anal’s like flan, really sweet and good once in a while, but not what I want everyday.

    Give me a guy who knows what to do with his fingers and tongue, and I don’t give a damn what size dick he has.

  • Sara says:

    My husband left your site up…I was furious at first, but as I read your piece I began to think about the size of men’s thingy’s. I HATE small cocks. I will not go out with a guy with a small thing. Thick is the best…at least 7″ in length. I love anal but with thick dick it really hurts. give me a 8″ slim dick…mmmmm Great page, thanks for the article..hope you are feeling better.

    • BJ Proverts says:

      Sara I am happy to have gotten your input here. Let me first apologize if you were at first upset. My site here is geared more from the woman’s point of view when it comes to all things sex related. At least that is what I strive to make this site. I am happy however that you put that fury behind you and read the article.

      I also really HATE small tools in my man’s jeans. I am right there with you on the sizes I like. Great to have your thoughts on the subject!

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