Soul Dance

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Feeling the way he touches my soul keeps me burning with desire. Just the way his deep blue eyes seem to search deep within me to find that inner part of me. His hands roaming every inch to find something he seems to have lost. His lips search out mine and begins a hungry search. What is it that he is looking for? Slowly he slides his long hot member into me.

When he reaches as deeply as he is able, he lets out a long sigh. At last he has found what it was he has been searching for. Slowly to begin he dances with my soul. With every slow glide in, he murmurs how he has missed the depths of the soul he needs. He slowly slides partially out, it’s almost as though he can’t stand the thought of not being buried even if just for a moment. As quickly as he can he enters fully as he waits for those sounds that let him know my soul is ready to dance.

Gazing into his bluest of blue eyes, I let myself get lost in him and the way he makes me feel. Long slow breaths from me is his signal to keep the dance slow. Every loving inward stroke rises me higher. I wrap myself around him tighter lacing my legs around his neck.

He dips his head lower and takes my left nipple into his mouth. A soft nibble, then tracing the nipple with his tongue. Just as I start to arch my back from the wonderful sensation he bites down to send a shockwave of pain through me. My nails dig into his back as I slide my hands from his shoulders to his hips.

He alternates between my breasts and kissing me passionately. Each time he clamps down on my nipples I return the pain with my nails. He can tell by the way I am responding to his every thrust that I am getting closer to the breathing that he wants to hear. This is the cue he uses to know when to make his next move. He slides one hand down my side over my hip and pushes backward from me. He allows his hand to make contact with that sweet spot that makes me climb the walls.

He starts to rub my clit knowing that at any moment I will start bucking against him. The more I meet his thrusts the harder he rubs my love button. I intertwine my fingers through his hair and pull his head hard to mine. I kiss him long and deep to stifle my screams as I fall over that cliff of pure bliss. As we break the kiss I buck into him as hard as I can.

Now he knows, I  am ready for the dance of souls. Now we turn from making love to that hard no holds barred fuck session. He moves away from me just enough to turn me onto my knees. Then in one swift move, he is back inside of me and pounding away at my pussy as hard and deep as he can. He reaches around me with one hand and tweaks my clit and rolled it between his thumb and fore-finger.

In no time at all he has me screaming; begging him to fuck me harder. I slam backward against him over and over to meet his thrusts. Harder and harder he pumps while still assaulting my clit. He uses his other hand to wrap into my hair. This is what I love, he pulls my hair which makes me let my head fall backward.

We continue this way until we have both exploded as many times as we can. He collapses on top of me as I collapse to the bed.

I turn to kiss him and thank him for making the night so hot. He gives me a kiss; tells me I am welcome, and promises to wake me in the morning for round two.


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