Soul Mates?

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So you met that person that makes every fiber of your soul burn with desire.


Is it love? Or maybe it may just be lust. How do you know when its more than just purely physical? Is his body such a turn on that all you can think about is being in bed feeling every hard inch of him against you? Has your relationship already went farther than only a booty call? Maybe you have been with them for a few years now. Is that fire for them still there? Has the everyday life things burned that spark out? So you want to know how to get that passion back?  There are so many things that can make that initial fire come back that you would be surprised how easy it can be.


If 50 Shades Of Grey has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that women do want more of a sexual relationship than what we are given credit for. We want to try new things and explore our “slutty” side. We want to be the women that our men want in their beds.  Some women may feel too shy and intimidated to explore the kinky side of sex. Guess what? There is still hope. Sometimes it takes taking things slow and bringing things up a few times before some women are game to try them. There may be some things that no matter how many times you bring them up the answer will always be no. If that is the case try something else. The clue here is to never give up on getting more out of your sex lives together.

Everyone knows that men think about sex all the time… what most don’t realize is that women think about sex a lot too. When is it that sex is all that is on a woman’s mind? Each woman is different as will be how much she thinks about sex. Likewise, what your woman may be willing to try and do in the sack may be different from what your buddy’s woman is willing to do.  Just like each man is different in what he likes and wants in bed, so is every woman.  That is what makes sex such an amazing experience!  We need variety in how we have sex and what we do during sex.


Ladies, if you have never talked dirty to your man… give it a try! Most men love to hear how much we love that their cock reaches places you never knew existed.  Don’t be afraid to tell your man that you love what he is doing in that particular moment.  Tell him how much you love feeling his tongue inside you. Or how hot it makes you when he bites your nipples. Do you love it when he pulls your hair? Tell him! Don’t be afraid to experiment. For those of you that refuse to try anal, just remember that at one time we also thought that our pussy would never have a cock in them. Anal can be fun, take your time and make sure your man knows that he must go at your speed for a while as you get used to the adjustment.

Guys, there are a lot of women that will absolutely never agree to anal sex because they feel that it is an exit only area. However there are also a lot of women out there that if you just get her used to having that area played with will change their minds. The trick is to always go slowly until she lets you know she is ready. Also contrary to porn videos, not all women like having a mouth full of cum. Let your women decide what they are willing to do. You are more likely to have your  own slut to play with if you let her tell or show you what she will do.

Both people in the relationship should be willing to try new things. Oh and another thing for both of you. If something is okay for one to do… make damn sure that it goes both ways. If it’s okay for a man to watch porn or to play with other women… it has to be okay for a woman to watch porn or play as well. Relationships don’t work if the sex play is one sided only. What I am saying here is that if you have talked about your man being allowed to have play dates with other females, he has to understand that you must be allowed that same leeway with another man or woman. Men if you can’t handle the idea of your woman playing with another man, then don’t even think about playing with another woman. Fair is fair after all.

Make sure that you are both making your other half feel special no matter what. Men need their ego boosted and women need to hear and feel that we are just as sexy as the  women you are ogling in town. Make her feel special or she will be less likely to make you feel wanted. If she doesn’t feel special and wanted she may just go  looking elsewhere. If he isn’t feeling wanted he may very well go to get that feeling somewhere else as well.

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