Stacy’s Fantasy

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Everyone has a fantasy…


Stacy had been especially busy all day. Her boss Mr. Greg Ashton was a tough cookie. He had her working on not one or two but three houses all during the course of a week. She had to get colors picked out and shop for three; four bedroom houses. Everything had to be in place in each room, staged perfectly before the open houses that were all scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

She had been working with the contractors at house one all day Monday. It was a nice house but not exactly the style that Stacy usually liked. The layout was closed off, there was a doorway to each room. In this house the bedrooms were all on the second floor. The first floor had the kitchen and dining room along with one bath. The main family room was actually in the basement. It was nice but the main floor lacked a gathering area unless one was to use the kitchen.


The day had stretched out to be very long. The colors for the paint had finally been picked and she had shopped for the bedroom furnishings. The appliances had already been purchased for the kitchen. All she had left to shop for was the dining table as well as the sofa set for the family area downstairs. She would head over to that new shop as soon as she was finished taking the measurements at the house.

Going about what she had to get done that night before finally being able to head home, she had not heard the front door of the house open. Stacy was in the basement taking the measurements as the intruder walked with a purpose into the home wearing a mask. The one thing that Stacy did love about this house was the extra room that the contractor had added into the basement. Off in the far northeast corner was a room that as the contractor had explained he saw as being a play room.

Stacy had at first just assumed he meant for children so she had planned to decorate it as such. That was until the contractor Mike laughed at her and explained he hadn’t meant that type of play room. Stacy looked at him confused until he raised his eyebrows and gave her “that” look. She had been able to feel herself blushing at the look in his eyes. He was practically growling at her with that look.

Mike loved making Stacy blush that way, she had this glow of fire to her face. He loved doing that when there was others around them rather those people were paying attention to them or not. There was something about the possibility of others hearing them that made making Stacy flush thrilling for Mike. He had a major lust going on for this woman that he worked with. There was nothing that he wouldn’t do to make her happy.

She knew that Mike wanted her as much as she wanted him. The problem though was that they shouldn’t be involved since they worked together. It made for some embarrassing times at work.

Stacy finished up the last of the measurements and was standing in the doorway to the play room when the intruder rushed her from behind and shoved her into the room. Stacy’s heart began to race. She was about to scream when the person behind her placed their hand over her mouth. He removed something from his pants pocket and she heard a click. Then she heard a recorded voice.

“If you scream I will kill you, do you understand?”

Stacy was terrified but knew well enough to do exactly what this person told her to do. She needed to calmly try to get this person out of this house. She needed to keep her head about her if she were going to survive. How did he get in and what the hell does he want?

“What do you want? There is nothing here, the house isn’t even finished yet. Please just go!” Stacy had managed to say as soon as he had uncovered her mouth. She damn near had a heart attack when he gave her the answer she had asked him for. He ran his hand down her leg then back up over the curve of her ass. He had trailed his other hand over her breasts. He wasn’t going to wait around for her to fight him.

He shoved Stacy forward onto the workers table that had been set up in the room. There were still all the tools that the workers had left laying there. The paint brushes were there ready to be used the next day. Paint cans had been sitting all around the table until Stacy lost her balance and kicked them over as she fell onto the table. In one swift step the man was behind her again.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked it hard. With his free hand he grabbed the front of her shirt and ripped it open. Buttons went flying everywhere, the sound of the fabric made Stacy shake out of pure terror. Stacy closed her eyes to the pain and the thoughts of what he was about to do to her. She had already decided in her mind that she wouldn’t fight him she was going to survive this ordeal.

The intruder grabbed her medium length skirt with both hands and ripped it from the slit all the way up to the waist. Stacy was bent over that table with just her bra and panties left intact once he finished ripping the skirt from her waist. The man bent down and bite her on her ass cheek. Stacy let out a scream of pain. He reached up with one hand and grabbed his handful of her hair again. He yanked her head back using her hair and she knew she had just fucked up. He was going to kill her for screaming.

Whatever he planned to do to her she just wanted him to get it over with. She felt her legs giving out with the horror that this man was inflicting on her. She knew that if she were still going to make it out alive she would have to let herself drift off to a place that she felt no pain. That was hard to do when this man was causing her so much pain.

He kept that grasp on her hair and bit down on her other ass cheek. He looked up from his biting her to see that he had left a nice set of teeth impressions on her ass and he smiled at his work. With his hand still entwined in her hair, he worked quickly to pull his sweat pants off. He had come prepared for this, he was nude under those sweats. Once his pants were around his ankles he shoved his hand into Stacy’s warm pussy.

He smiled knowing that she was enjoying what he was doing to her. He shoved his whole hand inside of her and fucked her that way until he knew he wouldn’t be able to wait much longer. Stacy was quite and not moving an inch. There were tears streaming down her face. Yet he knew that she wanted this as much as he did. He knew that she wanted to be fucked hard just the way he was about to fuck her. That is what all women want.

Time and again he shoved his hand in and out of her. He used every muscle he had to make sure he was pumping his hand into her as hard as he felt that she could take it. Finally, he could wait no longer. He heard Stacy whimpering and could hear the tears in her voice. He took his hand out of her pussy and replaced it with his hard thick cock. He still had his hand wrapped in her hair and he placed the other around her throat and squeezed gently on her throat.

The hand in her hair was pulling her head up off the table and gave him more access to her throat. She slammed his cock into her as hard as he could. Over and over again he pounded into her. At this rate it wasn’t going to take long before he was ready to blow his load of hot cum. Where was he going to cum though? He hadn’t thought this all the way through. Although it was always hot to cum in a woman, it was just as hot seeing his cum shoot all over a woman’s body too. He finally decided that he would pull out as he came and finish shooting it all over her ass.

Stacy felt this man pull his cock out of her and she hoped he was finally done. She felt the hot sticky mess hitting her ass cheeks and run down her crack. She heard this man groan in pleasure as he pumped the last few streams of cum on her body. She couldn’t help it now she let the tears roll. The man pulled his hand from her throat and her hair and stepped away from this beautiful woman.

God he loved her… he just hoped that she still felt the same for him. He pulled the mask off of his face just as she turned toward him. The tears were still pouring from her and she could barely move. There wasn’t anything to say to this man that had just raped her. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. She barely managed to say to him, “you really do love me. Thank you for what you just did for me.”

With that Stacy collapsed into Mike’s arms and wondered what they would do next to fulfill a fantasy.

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