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Heard Not Spoken- Final Part 5.

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“Tanya what is that machine? It takes up the whole corner of the room. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Tanya wanted to answer his question, but she would much rather show him instead. She was worried though that he would be grossed out by what she showed him. She was afraid that he would leave never to return again. How could she explain to him that she had found a new love with sex? How could she tell him that after her whole adult life to that point, that she was finally able to enjoy sex?

“Tim, it’s a machine that let’s women enjoy sex more. As you saw for yourself it just got here today so I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. The lady at the store where I ordered it said a lot of women that are exploring their sexual wants more love the machines. I thought I would give one a try. Then I met you last night so I kind of feel silly for having this thing. It’s also a turn on too because what a better way to explore a hotter sex life than with someone that turns me on like this.”

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Heard Not Spoken Part 2

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Heard Not Spoken





The rest of the afternoon was all work. Tanya needed to get a couple of other contracts ready for meetings with other shows. Those contracts all needed to be ready for Monday morning, since it was Friday she didn’t want to have to work on them over the weekend.

Tanya lost all track of time and before she knew it Sheela was sticking her head in the office letting her know that it was 5 pm. Tanya hadn’t noticed it was getting so late. She had to hurry to get out of there to get to dinner with Lyle. She couldn’t afford to lose that account because she was late to a meeting.

Tanya walked into Lough’s with Lyle by her side. She had never been into Lyle much but there was something different about him that night. He looked much different out of the office. He also seemed to be very much the gentleman. He was opening doors for her and he pulled out her seat when they were shown to their table.

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Size… Does it Matter???

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    We are all guilty of it, everyone says that size doesn’t matter when it comes to the size of a man’s cock. We are all liars! Okay maybe not everyone is a liar. I will admit that I however am when it comes to this subject. I have told a few that their […]

Anal or Wrong?

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Let’s have a serious discussion here. I would like to hear from the ladies that are here reading this. Do you enjoy anal sex? Have you ever even tried anal? If you haven’t yet had anal sex, what is keeping your from it?   From the men here reading this I’d like to know, do you […]

Soul Mates?

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I first published this on my Blogger Page @   So you met that person that makes every fiber of your soul burn with desire.   Is it love? Or maybe it may just be lust. How do you know when its more than just purely physical? Is his body such a turn on […]