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First Time Gang-Bang Set-Up

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Two to Tango: Fourteen to Party

After the night of the party, Sally and I kept having lots of fun. She was always asking me if it was my turn yet for a party. Most of my thoughts were about that night of her party. Since then I had went with her to one of her smaller less intense parties.

Let me tell you, the smaller party seemed like more my style than that large party had. Having ten to fifteen men to deal with just seemed like it was a better idea than fifty. I had no idea how Sally just seemed to be able to handle so many people pounding into her for hour after hour. She sure wasn’t shy when it came to what she wanted at the parties. Telling a man to fuck every hole didn’t seem to make her cringe.

Sally was really wanting me to try a party. She kept saying over and over how much fun it was and how empowering as a woman that it was to have a man do what she told him to do. She often asked me to just try it after she had me climbing the walls. No matter what anyone would say about Sally, she had a very talented tongue, she wasn’t afraid to use it either. That woman could make you see the insides of your eyelids. She never failed to make me cum at least 5 times with her proven talent.

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