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Ghost or Intruder Sex Part 3– Finally Revealed

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  The tech had no idea what to do about what he had seen. If he told the lady she would be furious for him spying on her. If he went to the cops, he would surely go to jail for something. If he did nothing and this woman was hurt, could he live with […]

Ghost or Intruder Sex Part 2.

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  With the tech’s assurance that the cameras would now record, Alexis hoped that her mystery lover would arrive to pleasure her soon. The day had been a long one so she wanted to settle into bed early that night. She took the new novel she had been wanting to read to bed with her. […]

Ghost or Intruder Sex?

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My eyes fluttered as they strained to open. I knew he was here but where? As my eyes opened I caught a small glimpse of what I thought was him. Maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. I knew he had been here it couldn’t just be my imagination.  I let one […]

What’s Your Favorite?

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        Positions… We all know there are many positions that are used by someone during sex. Some may seem impossible to get into or at the very least to stay in once gotten into. A few are the ones that seem to be used more often than others. Missionary of course at […]

What’s Your Fantasies?

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  We all have fantasies, some of the fantasies people have are posted here on this site. A lot of people have fantasies of fucking in front of others, or even being fucked by others as their partners watch. Fantasies come in different forms for all of us. We fulfill some fantasies while others we […]

Anal or Wrong?

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Let’s have a serious discussion here. I would like to hear from the ladies that are here reading this. Do you enjoy anal sex? Have you ever even tried anal? If you haven’t yet had anal sex, what is keeping your from it?   From the men here reading this I’d like to know, do you […]

Putting on a show!

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Is there anything hotter than, being fucked by your man in front of his best friend?