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Ghost or Intruder Sex Part 2.

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  With the tech’s assurance that the cameras would now record, Alexis hoped that her mystery lover would arrive to pleasure her soon. The day had been a long one so she wanted to settle into bed early that night. She took the new novel she had been wanting to read to bed with her. […]

Ghost or Intruder Sex?

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My eyes fluttered as they strained to open. I knew he was here but where? As my eyes opened I caught a small glimpse of what I thought was him. Maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. I knew he had been here it couldn’t just be my imagination.  I let one […]

Mike’s Fantasy Finally Came Pt. 2

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Tina was very good when giving blowjob’s. She knew just the right combination of moves to make any man cum when she wanted him to. While she was just beginning, she would take it deep and fast. As her mouth began to tire, she would slow down just enough to tease his cock head. That […]

Mike’s Fantasy Finally Came Pt. 1

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If the day’s events were any clue, the night’s activities were going to wear Mike and Stacy both out. Man they were both going to be getting off time and time again if all went as planned. Mike had called Tina while he was out running his errands. If one had been listening into the […]

The Day Of Mike’s Fantasy

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  Stacy woke with the first beams of light shining through the open blinds covering the windows. She was still pretty tired from the night before, it had taken her forever to fall asleep after Mike had gotten her to bed. While he had taken his shower she had to take care of herself to […]

Mike’s Fantasy Was Next

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Stacy is a woman that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for just that. She and Mike had been together for a little over a year when they started really discussing their fantasies with each other. Why had they not talked about them before that? It was quite simple in Stacy’s eyes. […]

My Gang-Bang Pt. 2

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  With a man at my head and one between my legs, I wondered how long this could go on. Was there any way that heaven could be any better? I mean come on, having a man pounding your pussy and being able to suck another man was freaking hot! This procession of men went […]