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Ghost or Intruder Sex Part 2.

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With the tech’s assurance that the cameras would now record, Alexis hoped that her mystery lover would arrive to pleasure her soon. The day had been a long one so she wanted to settle into bed early that night. She took the new novel she had been wanting to read to bed with her. She undressed and slid beneath the sheet to read.

As she started reading she realized why the book had been deemed an erotica. When she reached page three of the story the steamiest sex scene was beginning. The female in the book had gone to a club to have a couple of drinks to unwind from her day. The mystery man in the book had watched her from afar all evening. When the female went to leave and reached her car, the man had walked behind her. He grabbed her from behind and instructed her not to try to look at him.

He raised the female characters skirt over her perfectly rounded ass cheeks. She must be a very naughty lady Alexis thought because the lady was not wearing any panties in the story. The lady could hear the man’s zipper being pulled down she begged him not to hurt her. He told her to hush and promised her that he would make sure that she would enjoy every second of it. He told her he wasn’t trying to take advantage of her and he wasn’t going to rape her.

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Stacy’s Fantasy

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Everyone has a fantasy…


Stacy had been especially busy all day. Her boss Mr. Greg Ashton was a tough cookie. He had her working on not one or two but three houses all during the course of a week. She had to get colors picked out and shop for three; four bedroom houses. Everything had to be in place in each room, staged perfectly before the open houses that were all scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

She had been working with the contractors at house one all day Monday. It was a nice house but not exactly the style that Stacy usually liked. The layout was closed off, there was a doorway to each room. In this house the bedrooms were all on the second floor. The first floor had the kitchen and dining room along with one bath. The main family room was actually in the basement. It was nice but the main floor lacked a gathering area unless one was to use the kitchen.


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