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Heard Not Spoken Part 2

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Heard Not Spoken





The rest of the afternoon was all work. Tanya needed to get a couple of other contracts ready for meetings with other shows. Those contracts all needed to be ready for Monday morning, since it was Friday she didn’t want to have to work on them over the weekend.

Tanya lost all track of time and before she knew it Sheela was sticking her head in the office letting her know that it was 5 pm. Tanya hadn’t noticed it was getting so late. She had to hurry to get out of there to get to dinner with Lyle. She couldn’t afford to lose that account because she was late to a meeting.

Tanya walked into Lough’s with Lyle by her side. She had never been into Lyle much but there was something different about him that night. He looked much different out of the office. He also seemed to be very much the gentleman. He was opening doors for her and he pulled out her seat when they were shown to their table.

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Mike’s Fantasy Finally Came Pt. 2

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Tina was very good when giving blowjob’s. She knew just the right combination of moves to make any man cum when she wanted him to. While she was just beginning, she would take it deep and fast. As her mouth began to tire, she would slow down just enough to tease his cock head. That teasing would usually make the man lean on that edge of a huge orgasm.

Shay loved the way that Tina ate his cock down her throat. She had a way of teasing just around the head of his shaft. As he thought he would explode just from that small tongue action, she would swallow his cock to ball deep. Tonight was no different, she had him to his balls in her throat. He was ready to blow his load. Every time she felt him ready to explode, she would squeeze the base of his shaft.

He needed to cum and he was ready to burst! He raised his hips the best he could being strapped down. His sudden movement about made Tina gag. She knew that his moving was meant as a signal to her that he needed to be allowed to shoot his load now. She was used to his signals.


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Mike’s Fantasy Finally Came Pt. 1

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If the day’s events were any clue, the night’s activities were going to wear Mike and Stacy both out. Man they were both going to be getting off time and time again if all went as planned. Mike had called Tina while he was out running his errands. If one had been listening into the […]

My Gang-Bang Pt. 1

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This was first published on my Blogger page by me @     There I was sitting in the back of the limo, nervous to the point my heart was racing. Would the driver turn around and take me home instead of to the party house? My mind was playing tricks with me, one […]

First Time Gang-Bang Set-Up

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This post was first published by me @   Two to Tango: Fourteen to Party After the night of the party, Sally and I kept having lots of fun. She was always asking me if it was my turn yet for a party. Most of my thoughts were about that night of her party. […]