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Becoming an Elf Mommy

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Sexy Santa




Late the second night, one of the elves climbed onto my stomach. He wrapped one foot into the chain attached to my clit. He took the other two parts that were connected to my nipples and used them like the reins on a horse. He was riding my stomach while pulling all three “reins”. Other elves kept with the licking of my clit and pussy and nipples. It was a weird yet pleasant feeling. I was on overdrive and needed to cum, I needed to cum now damn it!


All of a sudden I saw light again. Someone walked into the room but I was far too involved with these elves to notice who had come in. Whoever it was hadn’t shut the door because someone else was standing in the doorway watching everything. I didn’t have to wait long to see who had come over to the bed. When Santa sat down next to me the little elf rider on my stomach let go of the reins and jumped down.


The elves all scurried from the room and the person at the door came in and closed the door behind them. Soon Mrs. Claus was sitting next to my other side. It was Santa that spoke to me this time.

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The Naughty List

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Sexy Santa




The day started wonderfully. I showered and went downstairs to rummage the kitchen for something to eat. I was famished and needed food. As I came downstairs I smelled hot coffee and something wonderful. I walked into the dining room to see the table had a huge breakfast spread out across it. I wondered how this had happened when a lady walked through the doorway from the kitchen.


“Good morning madam, we weren’t sure what you preferred for your breakfast so we made a variety of things. Oh by the way I am the maid here and I also am the private assistant that Mr. Mitch hired to help you in any way you need. Please have a seat and enjoy your meal.”


She hurried from the room before I even had a chance to ask her name. This was going to take some getting used to. I had never had anyone wait on me hand and foot. Except of course when I was young and mom had done these same things for me. I would have to be sure to thank Mitch again for letting me stay here.

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Before the Naughty List

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              Most of my friends had stopped believing in Santa when we were seven. I was a bit of a late one, I stopped believing when I was nine. I remember that year as if were yesterday instead of twelve years ago. It was 1988 and I wanted more […]