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Heard Not Spoken Part 2

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Heard Not Spoken





The rest of the afternoon was all work. Tanya needed to get a couple of other contracts ready for meetings with other shows. Those contracts all needed to be ready for Monday morning, since it was Friday she didn’t want to have to work on them over the weekend.

Tanya lost all track of time and before she knew it Sheela was sticking her head in the office letting her know that it was 5 pm. Tanya hadn’t noticed it was getting so late. She had to hurry to get out of there to get to dinner with Lyle. She couldn’t afford to lose that account because she was late to a meeting.

Tanya walked into Lough’s with Lyle by her side. She had never been into Lyle much but there was something different about him that night. He looked much different out of the office. He also seemed to be very much the gentleman. He was opening doors for her and he pulled out her seat when they were shown to their table.

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Heard Not Spoken- Upcoming story!

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Hello sweet readers,

I have been frantically working on another story to post before Christmas. I will have the new story Heard Not Spoken posted by 12-20-13. I hope that you will visit often, please leave comments for me on each story you read. That way I can see which stories are getting read and the types of stories that you my readers want to read.

I would also like to take a moment to wish each and every one of my readers a very Merry Christmas. I hope that the holidays bring you much happiness.

The upcoming Heard Not Spoken story will be the last story of the year here at Proverted Publishing. We will be back in full swing with the New Year beginning on January 3rd, 2014. 2014 will hopefully also see our first Published Story! Help us celebrate once we post the good news of our first published short story!


May the New Year bring you all you desire. Until Friday, be well…


Your Opinion and Info on WIP!

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        Work In Progress!!!   Well I figured it was time to let a very few details out about my work in progress (WIP). Of course the first point I want you to know ( and you should know if you read this blog) is that it is an Erotica Book! Secondly […]