The Day Of Mike’s Fantasy

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Stacy woke with the first beams of light shining through the open blinds covering the windows. She was still pretty tired from the night before, it had taken her forever to fall asleep after Mike had gotten her to bed. While he had taken his shower she had to take care of herself to release some tension. Tina had looked so damn good the night before. She had looked so good Stacy had wanted to just eat her pussy right there in the sauna.

The only reason she hadn’t attempted to lick Tina’s hot pink lips, was because they were planning tonight’s big surprise for the guys. Lying in bed right now, Stacy was feeling wet between her thighs with her thoughts of Tina’s pussy. Was she as wet as she thought she was? She slid her hand to her pussy and slid a finger between her lips. She was damn near as wet as she always got from Mike fucking her. She laid there thinking about how great it would have been to have Tina’s nipples in her mouth. As she laid there daydreaming she let her hand play with her pussy.

That electricity feeling was running in lines from her neck down to each breast, it continued further down her stomach to the top of her slit. She could feel little electric volts through her clit. Stacy decided there was no way she could get anything accomplished through the day unless she let herself cum as much as she needed to. She reached over to her toy drawer in the nightstand by the bed.

She felt around until she found the perfect toy for this occasion, it was her blue and white high powered massager. It only had two settings on it but even on low it would make your clit shake in anticipation. Stacy turned it on and listened to the hum it was making as she thought about what was going to happen tonight. Mike’s fantasy was to see her being fucked by another man while he watched the action. Even Stacy had to admit to herself that the thought of being pounded into while her loving man watched, turned her on.

She also couldn’t wait to watch the other part of the night’s fantasy that Mike had no idea was going to be put into play on the same night. She was going to be able to watch Mike and Tina fucking too. She had to admit she was a little uncomfortable with the idea, but her pussy couldn’t lie. She was getting super wet thinking about it all.

Mike had gotten out of the shower after jacking off the night before rather content. He had laid in bed thinking about how the ladies had chatted between themselves all night. He also couldn’t help but remember what Tina had said about Shay wanting to fuck Stacy. He had gotten hard all over again with the images of Tina and Stacy eating each others pussies. Tina had said she wanted to fuck Stacy before Shay had the chance. Mike had tried to be really still but he couldn’t help how hot he had gotten. All those images of Tina with Stacy and then those of Shay fucking Stacy had been too much for Mike. He grabbed the towel he had thrown on the floor by the bed after his shower. He let his mind carry him to orgasm along with help from his hand.

Stacy had laid there knowing that Mike was jacking off that night. She didn’t let on to him that she was awake because she too was in her own little fantasy land at the time. She had kept thinking of Tina’s pussy and her beautiful pair of tits. She had let her fingers play while she lay there. Before long Stacy had three fingers in her own pussy and was wildly fucking herself. She bucked her hips over and over. She could only hope that Mike was so busy with his own orgasm that he wouldn’t notice that Stacy was moaning and finger fucking on the other side of the bed.

Mike couldn’t let Stacy know that he had noticed her bringing herself off. He didn’t want to spoil whatever it was that was making Stacy so damn hot. He laid there listening to her moaning and the sounds of her fingers slamming into her pussy. Those sounds were helping him to get closer to his own orgasm. He didn’t know what had gotten them both so worked up, but whatever it was he hoped that it continued. After they had both reached their orgasms they each rolled over and went to sleep.

This morning Stacy was fucking herself with her favorite toy while Mike was sleeping next to her. She had her eyes closed watching the pictures of Mike and Tina play through her mind. She didn’t notice that Mike was awake and had propped himself up on his elbow. He was laying there smiling while he watched this beautiful woman get closer and closer to cumming hard. He decided to make her cum even harder than it looked like she was going to. He positioned himself between her legs very carefully so as not to disturb her yet.

Stacy had no clue that Mike was awake, she was far too involved with trying to reach her orgasm. She had turned her toy on the highest setting because she knew she was getting closer to her orgasm. She had several small ones but she wasn’t ready to stop reaching for that earth shattering orgasm that she knew was close. She let her mind drift back to Tina, she could see Tina between her legs. She could feel Tina’s smooth tongue darting in and out of her hot pussy. She could feel Tina licking her clit, she could even hear Tina telling her to cum all over her face.

Stacy bucked her hips even harder and started yelling, “oh God, I’m going to cum all over you. I’m going to cum all over your tongue! Don’t you dare fucking stop, ohh yeah oh God yeah… eat me damn you!! Stick your tongue all the way in my hot pussy!!”

Mike wasn’t going to interfere yet but how could he not with her begging? He waited just a few moments longer to see if she was going to cum yet. While he waited Stacy screamed out, “fuckkkkk… oh my god Tina I am going to cover your face with my cum… shove your hand inside me… lick my clit… fuck me hard!!!”

Mike looked at Stacy with a huge smile and decided that now was the time for him to help her get off. He started licking her clit, soft then harder and harder. As she bucked against his face he took her toy from her and shoved it as far as he could into that pink hole he loved so much. He used that toy to fuck her as deep as he could with the position they were in. Stacy grabbed Mike by his cheeks and pressed his face against her pussy.

“Oh God that feels fucking amazing… fuck me Tina… yeah God do it… FUCK ME!!”

Mike was enjoying Stacy’s uninhibited fucking. He was a little shocked that she was having such a hot fucking dream about a woman though. She had never said she wanted to fuck a woman before. Well if that was making her this damn hot, she was going to get fucked even better that night. He decided right then that he was going to tell Tina that she could have her fantasy of fucking Stacy. He would let Tina and Stacy go at it as hot and heavy as they wanted before he would have Shay fill Stacy’s pussy full of cock.

Mike shoved the toy in her pussy a little deeper and bit down lightly on her clit. That sent Stacy over the top and she started shaking violently from the orgasm that hit her. He watched as she shot cum from her pussy straight into his face. He licked his lips so he could taste that sweet love juice he loved. She must have been really hot and it must have been one hell of an orgasm because she was still squirting cum. Mike moved the toy out of her hole and replaced it with his tongue. He licked and licked, scooping up all her cum that he could. Finally the juice stopped flowing, and Stacy lay still.

He scooted back up the bed and ran his fingers lightly over her stomach. Stacy started shaking again from his touch, she swatted his hand away. “Oh please stop. I can’t take anymore right now”, she said as she opened her eyes. She turned her head and realized that Mike was there smiling and licking his lips! Oh my God was it Mike all along that had just eaten her the way she had thought Tina had done? Was he there when she was yelling for Tina to fuck her?

“Good morning baby! I hope that my tongue did as well as what Tina’s was doing for you before I started. Did you enjoy your dream?”

Dear lord, it had been Mike! What was she supposed to say to him now? She was totally busted! How was she supposed to tell Mike that the thought of another woman fucking her was extremely hot?

“Mike, I…I don’t… look I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. After seeing Tina last night in the sauna with nothing on, I got turned on. I wanted to slip to the floor in front of her. I wanted to shove my tongue into that perfect pink triangle. I wanted to taste her cum. I wanted to feel her cum all over my tongue. I don’t know what came over me. I just know that I would give damn near anything to feel her eating my pussy. I’m sorry I know you are probably mad at me right now and I can’t blame you for that.” Stacy looked away from Mike and started to cry quietly.

Mike reached over and turned Stacy’s face toward his. “You listen to me here. I am not mad at you at all. In fact, I got so damn turned on watching you fuck yourself with your toy and hearing you yelling at Tina to fuck you. I made a huge mess on the sheet between your legs. I fucking came all over the damn place. You know, some day I want to see you with another woman. You know why? Because the whole thing obviously turns you on, and I love seeing you orgasm the way you just did. It is pretty clear that your sexual fantasies are taking turns that you weren’t comfortable with at one time. You are reaching a new level to your needs. That is completely okay! Matter of fact, I wish we could make that little scene happen really soon!”

The two laid there talking for a few minutes before they each needed to get up and get things done before tonight’s play time. Stacy had a house to get clean and Mike had a few errands to run. They kissed each other bye as Mike headed out the door. Stacy got to work cleaning the family room first. As she was running the vacuum those images started playing through her mind again. She could feel the moisture starting to form between her legs again. She turned off the cleaner. Not wanting to get cum all over her panties or her clothes she stripped down to nothing.

Stacy was bent over the oven cleaning and listening to the stereo that was playing loudly when Mike got home. He walked into the kitchen in time to see Stacy shaking her ass to the song that was playing. He stood there watching her since it was clear that she had no clue that he was back home. He watched as her ass swayed from side to side and she did knee bends while her head was still in the oven.

He couldn’t take much more, he pulled off his jeans and boxers. He walked up behind Stacy and pulled her ass apart. She hit her head on the inside top of the oven when he startled her. He asked if she was ok, then he shoved his erect cock straight into her ass. He loved fucking her this way. They didn’t do it like this often enough. She was still tight as hell in her ass. Just barely moving could make him shoot his load into her ass.

Stacy braced herself on the top corners of the stove and slammed her ass against Mike’s crotch. She loved it when he fucked her ass like this. Sure it was uncomfortable when he would first start to feed his cock into her ass. Once he got it in though and thrusted in a couple times, she would beg him to fuck her in the ass. She loved it! Mike was the only man that she had ever let fuck her that way. In her past she always refused ass fucking.

Mike was shoving in and out to slow for Stacy’s liking. She grabbed him behind each knee, making her chest rest on the stovetop. She lightly dug her nails into the sensitive skin behind his knees and pulled him into her further. He knew what she wanted, he wouldn’t give in to her unless she was begging him.

“Tell me what you want! Tell me what you have to have! Tell me what you want me to do to you!” Mike grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back. He leaned forward just enough to see her eyes. “Do you like when I fuck you in your asshole? Do you like it when my cock stretches your ass wide open?”

Stacy knew what Mike was doing. He loved talking to her that way when he wanted her to talk the same way. He only did that when he knew he couldn’t last too long. All of a sudden Mike got really still. She knew that meant he was going to cum and he didn’t want to just yet. She was in no hurry for him to shoot his load. She wanted to feel him fucking her as long as she could possibly stand it. Her pussy was still dripping from her earlier movie that had played in her mind. She reached down to run a finger into the juices. She scooped up a little cum and licked it from her fingers. “Mmmmm…Mmmmm”

Mike grunted at her, he loved to see her eating her own cum like that. She reached back down to her pussy and scooped up more cum. This time she offered the cum on her fingers to Mike, which he gladly licked from her hand. That did it! Mike needed to cum hard now. Stacy was having none of it yet though. Each inward thrust he tried to make, Stacy pulled forward so he wasn’t bottoming out. She wanted him to fuck her harder than he was.

“Damn you Mike! If you shoot your cum in my ass right now… I…I won’t party tonight! I want you to fuck my ass as hard as you can move. You know I love it when you are spreading my ass wide open with your cock like this! I want you to pound my ass like you fuck my pussy! Shove that cock of yours deep into my stomach… damn it! Don’t you dare cum yet! I’m not there… I’m not even close! Fuck me like the slut I am damn it!”

Mike knew what she needed. He reached his hand around to her pussy. He rubbed until he found her clit, he rubbed even more once he had! Each thrust he made into her ass, she met him. Each thrust into her ass he rubbed that clit. For every pull out he made, he tweaked her clit between his thumb and forefinger. He would squeeze her clit then rub it, over and over again. Before long Stacy was slamming backward on his cock.

“Oh fuck yeah babe… twist my clit… fuck my ass… fuck me like a one night stand!”

Mike knew that Stacy was damn near ready now. He sped up his thrusts and his rubbing and twisting of her clit. What he wouldn’t give right now to have her pussy draped over his mouth! He loved it when her cum ran out straight into his mouth in that position. He loved being able to hold her thighs to keep her from being able to go anywhere. He was about to blow his load of cum.

“Do you want it in your ass or all over your ass? I’m going to cum loads and loads!”

“Both! Cum in my ass and before you are done cover my ass in your hot fucking cum baby! Oh God… Rub my clit harder baby… twist it! I’m going to cum with you baby! Fuck me faster… fuck my ass like the dirty little slut I am…I’m your slut… oh yeah oh Mike… I’m cum…ming…”

They both shouted and grunted and hit their orgasms together. Mike pulled out after the first stream of cum and pumped the rest of his cum out on her ass and lower back. One stream even landed half way up her back! Stacy pulled her nipples and twisted them hard. Mike shoved three fingers into her pussy and fucked her by hand. As she slammed her ass against his hand, he shoved a fourth finger into her hole. He used the thumb of that hand to rub her clit hard.

“Oh god yes… that’s it you fucker… fuck me like the whore I am… make me shoot cum all over this damn kitchen.”

Mike reached into the drawer next to them with his free hand. He pulled out the rubber basting brush, he used it to smack Stacy’s clit over and over again. He knew that having her clit smacked that way would push her over the top and she would squirt cum everywhere.

In just a few more smacks of the brush, Stacy had cum shooting from her pussy like it was a man’s cock. That woman could sure cum like no other. Mike was fascinated that a woman could cum that way. He loved to watch it and loved it even more when he was laying under that pussy and drinking from her pussy like a fountain.

When Stacy was stable again, they both pulled themselves together and went to shower. If this day was anything like tonight was going to be, they were both in for the time of their lives!



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