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Sexy Santa




The day started wonderfully. I showered and went downstairs to rummage the kitchen for something to eat. I was famished and needed food. As I came downstairs I smelled hot coffee and something wonderful. I walked into the dining room to see the table had a huge breakfast spread out across it. I wondered how this had happened when a lady walked through the doorway from the kitchen.


“Good morning madam, we weren’t sure what you preferred for your breakfast so we made a variety of things. Oh by the way I am the maid here and I also am the private assistant that Mr. Mitch hired to help you in any way you need. Please have a seat and enjoy your meal.”


She hurried from the room before I even had a chance to ask her name. This was going to take some getting used to. I had never had anyone wait on me hand and foot. Except of course when I was young and mom had done these same things for me. I would have to be sure to thank Mitch again for letting me stay here.

Late morning the front doorbell rang and before I could get to it I heard voices in the entry. As I walked into the family room a man in uniform appeared and announced that the decorator had arrived. He showed her into the room where I was standing. The decorator was a very slim woman that must have been in her late forties. She rushed over to me and took me in her arms for the tightest hug I had ever had.


“My name is Rosemary, I do the decorating for Mr. Mitch, and you must be Crystal. Mr. Mitch told me you would be here today. How are you liking the house? Oh okay, well I am here to work on spicing this place up with some Christmas cheer. Don’t mind me as I work to get everything finished today.”


I didn’t even get a chance to say anything to her at all before she disappeared up the stairs. I hurried upstairs to find her. Door after door I pulled opened hoping she was in one of the rooms. I finally came to the door of the room with no decorations. I opened the door to find the decorator standing in the middle of the room staring at the fireplace.


“Excuse me please, I was wanting to find out about this room. Why is this the only room in the house that is so plain? Since you are getting it ready for the holidays, could you add a huge Christmas tree in the center of the room for me?”


The decorator looked at me oddly then shook her head in agreement. She turned without saying a word and headed off in search of another room. I made my way to the bedroom I had slept in, only to find the maid there when I walked in.


“Oh I am sorry I wasn’t expecting anyone in here. I didn’t catch your name earlier in the dining room.”


The maid smiled, “I’m sorry sometimes we forget here that not everyone knows us in the beginning. Silly me, my name sweet Crystal is Mary. Is there anything I can help you with?”


I told her of my plan to drive the city to get to know the area. I asked her if there was a car here that I could use. Her answer still shocks me even now.


“There are six cars in the garage that you can use if you want to drive yourself. If you prefer to be driven the limo is a phone call away day or night.”


Mary left the room after she finish about the cars. I dressed for what I was used to the weather being in Jersey then headed to the garage. When I opened the door that lead to the car room I was once again shocked. Mary was not kidding about six cars, she hadn’t told me they were all sports cars.


There were cars of green, white and red then one strangely different in gold. I slid behind the wheel of the gold one and backed out of the garage. I drove all around the city for hours that day. I watched as the city started putting up the yearly Christmas decorations. By the time I realized how late it was getting, it was already after eight in the evening. I pulled into the garage with the maid standing there with a worried look on her face.


“Madam are you all right? I was so worried about you. You must be hungry after your travels today. I will get dinner to the table quickly.”


I thanked her then explained that I was indeed hungry but only required a quick lite dinner. Mary had a nice salad sitting on the table for me by the time I made it to the table. The salad was perfect and just what I needed. I had not realized how tired I really was, and I was a bit light headed after eating. I left the table for bed.




When I woke it was very dark in the room. I wasn’t laying down, it seemed like I was sitting up in a chair. My arms ached and I tried to move them to get the pain to stop. I figured out pretty fast that my arms wouldn’t move, they were being held by something behind my back. I couldn’t figure out where I was, there wasn’t any light in the room to help me see.


A few minutes went by when I heard the door opening. The farther the door opened the more light was let into the room. When the door opened all the way, there was a figure standing in the light. Who was that? Who was there with me? I had a weird feeling, I was scared of who this was, but not scared of whoever it was.


I could hear bells faintly as he moved from the light of the door. He closed the door as he talked toward me. The closer he got the more I could smell sugar cookies in the air. The person walked in front of me and sat down in the chair in front of me. I could finally see who was in the room. I couldn’t believe my eyes.


I had been kidnapped by Santa! When my eyes grew wider he gave a deep belly laugh.


“Before you leave you will be the newest Ho Ho Ho here!”


Santa sat there in front of me and explained why I was there. I was stunned at what he told me and then I got scared of this Santa that sat in front of me.


“In order for Christmas to continue as all children in the world expect, we must have elves. The elves that have been here with me for centuries are getting older and need to stop working in the toy shop. So each year one thing I must do is get new elves. Elves are magical beings that can only be made by another magical being.


Two magical beings cannot make a new elf. One being needs to be magical while the other must be a normal human being. So each year I bring six normal beings here to the North Pole. Those normal beings are always women since only women can bear children. Elves cannot make new elves, elves are not reproductive beings. After all they are hundreds and in some cases thousands of years old.


The task of making new elves therefore lies with me. I am the only magical being that holds the right magic to be able to create elves. I chose you as one of the six women I brought here this year for a reason. You stopped believing in me rather young, you are living in a new city with no one the wiser as to where you have gone. You also live in a home with e special portal for me to come into.”


I couldn’t believe what this Santa person was saying, he seemed to really think he was THE Santa. Whatever made him think I would be an elf mommy must have been part of his mental instability.


“Listen here, I am not playing into your fantasy of being Santa Claus. I will not give birth to an elf, and I demand that you take me home now!”


“Ho Ho Ho little lady, you act as though I am giving you a choice. In a way I guess I am giving you a choice. You can either deliver an elf this year or you will stay here until you do! Not having an elf is not a choice you get to make. You may not do it this year, however I will keep you here until you help the elf population.”


With that being said this Santa left the room and me in total darkness. I cried and screamed out so much my throat began to ache. Finally the door opened again. The shadow that stood in the doorway was smaller than the Santa shadow had been.


Mrs. Santa or what seemed to think she was, was now standing in front of me. In her hand she held a glass of what looked like milk. She spoke quietly and softly.


“Open your mouth and I will give you a tablet that will make the pain in your throat disappear. You can wash the pill down with this milk, then we will talk a few minutes.”


My mouth was very dry and sore so I did as she told me to do. I opened my mouth and she placed a small pill on the tip of my tongue. She then held the glass to my lips for me to drink from. She waited a minute for me to get enough to drink and the pill to start to work.


“Now I will let your arms loose if you do not try to leave this room. I know it can be painful sitting this way for long. Will you sit still and be good?”


I nodded my head yes so Mrs. Santa untied my arms. Once she had finished she was only holding a piece of tinsel. I couldn’t believe that tinsel was holding me so tightly in place. This lady stood in front of me looking at me closely. She must have known that whatever pill she had given me was beginning to work already. She took the seat that the Santa had sat in just a while ago.


“Now Crystal let me talk to you about what Santa has already talked with you about. If we don’t get more elves every year, we will be without many elves for the next season. Each year you lose more than ten elves. They are not only our friends but they are also our family. Each loss breaks our hearts. Thankfully every year Santa is able to bring women here that will help us grow more friends and family members.


Elves are of course magical beings, they age rapidly until they are one year old in your time. That makes them one hundred years old in elf years. Most of the women that come here are young like you, not settled down with a family yet. Most of them without any plans on settling down anytime soon. They have all understood the need to keep our elf population up. Each one of those ladies have given us at least two new elves when they help us.


Now each lady is only able to give birth one time to an elf or elves. The magic only works on a normal woman one time. Crystal, I need you to agree to be an elf mommy. Once the elf or elves are born you will be allowed to return home with no further contact with us here. Being pregnant with elves is much different than being pregnant with a normal bay. The elf is born faster which lets you get home sooner.


Crystal will you be an elf mommy?”


I was too out of it from the pill this crazy lady had given me to understand everything she was saying to me. I felt high, and I wasn’t really that aware of what was going on around me. As Mrs. Santa was talking the door to my room here had opened several times, never far enough wide to see who was coming or going from the room.


I was helped from the chair I had been placed in when I was brought here. I was taken to a bed that I was laid back onto. Before I knew what was going on there was hands all over my body taking pieces of my clothing off. When the last piece was removed I was feeling pretty embarrassed to be lying there completely naked.


“Crystal, will you become a mommy to an elf or elves for us this year? Will you let Santa work his magic with you to grow our elf family?”


I was so out of it I must have shaken my head yes. Mrs. Claus turned to the elves in the room and told them something quietly. After she finished she turned her attention to me one last time before leaving the room.


“The magic Santa uses to make new elves won’t be available to use for three days. Before he can use that magic on any normal woman, her body has to be prepared. These elves and several others will be with you here in this room for the next three preparing your body for the magic Santa will bring to you. Behave with them or you will be tied to the bed for the remainder of the preparations. I will see you in four days.”


The moment the door had closed all the way I could feel hands all over my body again. This time those hands weren’t removing clothing, they were instead rubbing and touching me everywhere. I felt elves climbing on top of me rubbing my breasts, then there were elves rubbing all across my stomach. There were small elf hands rubbing my pussy too.


I was still very out of it from that pill whatever it had been. I wasn’t so out of it that I couldn’t feel at all. If anything, the pill had made those touches seem that much more intense. I could feel their pointed ears poking my body. One elf was kissing one of my inner thighs as his pointed ear poked the other inner thigh. I could feel the pointed tips poking at my cheeks as the elf by my face licked my neck.


There were elves on each breast licking and biting. Other elves squeezed each breast as the others were busy licking and biting them. I felt elf hands moving each leg away from the other leg. An elf climbed on top of each leg rubbing the length of my legs. An elf crawled onto the bed and lay between my very open thighs.


I heard a very strange noise that took me by surprise. Who would have thought that elves had vibrators? At least I hoped that was what that strange sound was. Before I knew what the sound had been, I felt the elf at my pussy breathing into the wet area. I felt his mouth inch closer and heard that strange noise again.


As soon as I figured out what the noise was, I felt it. The elf had been blowing raspberries against my pussy. I felt his lips spreading my pussy lips apart as he did raspberry after sweet raspberry. The vibration of that simple move he was doing felt tremendous. I was starting to feel wonderful electricity in the pit of my stomach when the door came open again.


Santa appeared at the side of the bed with his rosy cheeks rosier than they had been earlier when he talked with me. He said something that I didn’t quite catch. Whatever it was each of the elves caught it as soon as it was said. They all scrambled off the bed and opened the door on their way out. Santa sat on the edge of the bed.


“Ho Ho Ho thank you Crystal for agreeing to be one of my special helpers this year. Over the next three days the elves will make sure you stay prepared for me and my magic. If you need anything you just have to wish it, Mrs. Claus will be right in with whatever it is you wish. May I try something before I take my leave and call in the next set of elves?”


I nodded my head yes again, at this point I would have cried out to fuck me but how would that have gone over with Santa Claus? Santa leaned down and touched my perked nipple. He gave a squeeze to the nipple and then twitched his nose. I felt a quick twinge of pain before feeling a warm feeling pass from the nipple all the way to my pussy.


“Ho Ho Ho very nice Crystal. May I try one more thing?” Santa didn’t wait this time for an answer. He reached down and ran his fingers over my pussy. Just that smallest of touches felt incredible. Santa took my clit between his thumb and first finger, he squeezed my nub then twitched his nose again. The soaring pain was almost too much. Santa leaned over and licked my clit with the tip of his tongue. That seemed to make all the pain go away.


Santa left the room, in his place all the elves were back at my sides. Their tiny hands touched me all over. One of the elves climbed between my open legs, he just stared at my waiting pussy. The elf said something to a couple of the others which made those ones also look intently at my open pussy. One of them said something else and the elf that was laying between my open legs started to lick my clit.


I looked down to see the elf licking me. It was then that I saw why my nipples had hurt when Santa twitched his nose before. He had pierced my nipples with just a twitch! I wondered if that was what had made my clit hurt too. I wanted to see it for myself but the elf was doing too wonderful to try to get him to stop.




The second day had gone pretty much the same way. The elves kept me in a state of hyper arousal. Every time that I came close to coming they would stop and look at me. They waited until the need to cum subsided. Once I was no longer in danger of squirting all over the place they would start in again. Hands and mouths were all over me from the time they had laid me on the bed the first day.


Around midday of the second day I had a visitor come in. Mrs. Claus came in to see how the elves were doing at getting me prepared for Santa’s magic. She came to the bed and bent over me. She had a pretty silver chain in her hands. It was rather short but was more than seven inches. She asked if she could give me something, when I nodded in agreement there was again pain.


She attached one end to one of my nipples, that end was split in two and she attached the other part of the split to my other nipple. The elf at my breast flicked each nipple, they were both already hard. Mrs. Claus ran her hand down the length of the chain stretching the chain out as she went. When the chain stopped at the top of the triangle above my pussy I wondered what she had planned.


That was when the pain really kicked into gear. She pulled on that chain which cause my nipples to be pulled out and down. She attached the end of the chain in her hand to the piercing in my clit. That chain was connected to both nipples and my clit and pulled tight. Mrs. Claus bent down and gave my left nipple a lick before she left the room.


The elves were entranced at the sight of the chain. They took turns pulling the ends attached to my nipples. There was an elf pulling the chain at my pussy too. That elf was getting a lot of pleasure at what he was doing. Each time he pulled on the chain a small scream escaped from my lips. A second elf joined the first playing with my pussy. The second one kept licking my clit and licking my pussy. His tongue would snake a little way into my pussy and the first one would pull on the chain on my clit.


It was pure torture, there was pain and pleasure all at one time. They alternated between pulling on the chain parts and licking my pussy and nipples. I had never felt so fucking awesome in my life.



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