The Game

Posted by BJ Proverts on September 11, 2014as , , ,

Some days you just want to be fucked and fucked hard. Some days you want to be held and loved on before your man makes love to you. Other days you just want him to leave you alone. Still there are other days when you know that you could get yourself off better than your man could if just left to yourself.

So how is a guy to know what day is what? How should he know when you want to be fucked hard or when you need more lovin from him? Let’s face it ladies, our men cannot read us as well as we can read them. Sure every now and then he may guess our moods right. There are many more days that he will get us totally wrong though.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way for him to know our needs or wants every time? Hell yeah it would be nice. Oh but guess what? There is a way for him to know exactly what we need! It’s called communication! If we don’t tell our men outright what we need from them, they will only be playing a guessing game that they will lose. When they lose that game, we are the big losers.

Before you can start to have such an important talk with your lover, you need to know for yourself what it is that you need. Do you need more foreplay? Do you need less of it? Do you need your man to hold you close in his arms and kiss and cuddle before you are ready to make love? Do you need him to stop with the foreplay and be rough with you as he shoves his cock in and out of you? You have to know exactly what you need and when you need it before your man can come closer to knowing.

Once you know what it is that you need from your man, the next thing is to tell him what it is you need. How do you go about telling him without sounding like you are putting his love making skills down? Do not say things to him like, “When you do this I don’t like it very much”. That is a surefire way of putting him on the defensive. Whatever it is you are trying to get across will just shut him down from there out.

A man needs his ego stroked much like you stroke his cock. Soft and gentle until it’s time to get more energetic. “Honey you know how you do such and such when you are about to explode? I love it the way you do that.” Things of that nature are going to make his ears perk up and listen a little more. So if you love having his hands wrapped around your throat as he gets ready to shoot you full of that warm sticky sweetness, tell him so! “Honey you know how you cum for me with your hands wrapped around my neck? I love it when you do that and want you to do that more often!”

Whatever the case may be, do not be afraid of talking to your man about what you like, don’t like, or that you love. Some people are great when it comes to sex, but lousy talkers about it. Find a way to get your needs across to your loved one. Talk, write a note or email. Whatever it takes to make your sex life all that it can be should be your goal. You love sex or you wouldn’t be here reading this website. Make sure he knows you love sex with him!

 Then and only then will you both win The Game!

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