What’s Your Fantasies?

Posted by BJ Proverts on October 31, 2013as , ,



We all have fantasies, some of the fantasies people have are posted here on this site. A lot of people have fantasies of fucking in front of others, or even being fucked by others as their partners watch. Fantasies come in different forms for all of us.

We fulfill some fantasies while others we may not even feel comfortable talking about. Will our partner think we are too far out there? Will our partner be turned off by a fantasy that we share with them? How would we even go about fulfilling a fantasy that we may have had for years?

Share some of your fantasies here with us and let us know which ones you have had fulfilled. Also tell us what holds you back from fulfilling other fantasies that you may have.

Let’s have a discussion about the fantasies that keep us warm at night.

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