What’s Your Favorite?

Posted by BJ Proverts on November 7, 2013as , , , , ,

What's Your Favorite






We all know there are many positions that are used by someone during sex. Some may seem impossible to get into or at the very least to stay in once gotten into. A few are the ones that seem to be used more often than others.

Missionary of course at one time was the top used position. Missionary allows for eye to eye contact, as well as more complete contact.

Some women love cow-girl, being on top can allow for deeper penetration as well as let the woman take more of the lead. For some women though this position can cause problems for legs and hips if those issues are part of the woman’s life.

Doggy- style… not much for eye contact at all. Offers little for skin contact, however the man can still stimulate her clit and breasts. Also allows for deep penetration, as well as using toys for further stimulation.

Spooning… Entrance from behind while laying on sides. Penetration can be deep or can be more difficult. Allows the man to stimulate breasts and clit. No eye to eye contact.

Standing. Man holding woman at his waist. Woman off floor… Difficult to maintain position. The man must be physically able to “carry” his woman. Easier to maintain against a wall. Allows for the woman to have more control of the speed of fucking.

Both standing with woman bent at waist… Perfect position. Allows deep penetration, can have breast and clit stimulation. Also speed variations as well as toy use.

There are many, many more positions. What are your favorite positions???

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