Work In Progress!!!

Well I figured it was time to let a very few details out about my work in progress (WIP).

Of course the first point I want you to know ( and you should know if you read this blog) is that it is an Erotica Book!

Secondly the book is featured around the main characters (one male and one female) enjoying fulfilling the females sex wishes. She is a show off by nature, and a exhibitionist by desire. Her husband (the main character) can’t get enough of making his wife’s sexual dreams come true. From showing off here or there, to letting his best friend enjoy her pussy.

Into the story further, they enjoy letting the FMC (female main character) explore her wild side. The MMC (male main character) sets up the play dates for he and his wife. The play dates are all about letting his wife let loose and enjoy her sexuality.

More info on this WIP coming soon!

Works In Progress!

This is where we will be announcing books that are in progress. From time to time we will post a tiny snippet of information on a project we are working on. When we are ready to unveil new cover art for an upcoming book, we will post that cover here first!

Also, when we have a new idea come to us for another book; we’ll post that information here to get YOUR feedback on the idea ! Your feedback is essential to what we want to publish!

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